NFL Brady & Gronk (Mic'd Up) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Published on: 11 September 2020
  • NFL Brady & Gronk "Mic'd Up" Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Favorite Bible verse: Joshua 1:9
  • Runtime : 2:35


  • Ryan Ybarra
    Ryan Ybarra   3 days ago

    HBO hard knocks shoulda covered this shit.

  • remy grasperge
    remy grasperge   3 days ago

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  • Riley Black
    Riley Black   1 weeks ago

    who’s here after brady and gronk just got their 4th ring together?

  • Lawson Ransom
    Lawson Ransom   1 weeks ago

    I can actually appreciate Brady & Gronk now that they left that City of drunken loudmouth blow hard ;losers Boston. I hope those losers enjoyed watching Tampa Bay win the Super BowL!!!

    ABM HAS WIFI   1 weeks ago

    All that hard work in practice paid off 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  • Roman Ward
    Roman Ward   1 weeks ago

    Gronkowski and Brady is cool for sure...But so is Trumpski...Even the democrats used this word "FIGHT" many times over. President Trump never said to go hurt people or break glass etc!! The democrats are NUTS!

  • william dunlop
    william dunlop   1 weeks ago

    Gronk is like a big kid. one tough dude that likes to have fun

  • AJC1983
    AJC1983   1 weeks ago

    i bet gronk makes gun sounds with his mouth when he's shooting one.

  • whileu slept
    whileu slept   1 weeks ago

    Poor Gronk sounds like hes dyin when hes running

    CAM BONE   1 weeks ago

    Gronk is SERIOUSLY A BEAST he’s like the most legendary NFL player of all time. Next to Brady. And literally they are a team. It’s not even fair. Not to mention they’re on a strong offensive team

  • John Holpp
    John Holpp   1 weeks ago

    His neck is as bid as his head. GRONK

  • Chad Hickey
    Chad Hickey   1 weeks ago

    2 more touchdowns in the Bowl games Gronk!! No one gonna touch those records!

  • Big Javi
    Big Javi   1 weeks ago

    Tom & Rob did it AGAIN.!.!.!!!

  • Holden Afart
    Holden Afart   1 weeks ago

    I never noticed rob sounds like the Cookie Monster when he runs routs

    NUCLEAR BUM   1 weeks ago

    im putting it out there patriots wont win another bowl under belichick ...MIC DROP!!! 2/10/21

  • Quinzie Mayne
    Quinzie Mayne   1 weeks ago

    I don't why people dislike Brady, I'm definitely not on the band wagon, been following this guy since first season of Supernatural.

  • lah lahh
    lah lahh   2 weeks ago

    I bet they're on offseason and back to training already.

  • Nelson Mendes
    Nelson Mendes   2 weeks ago

    I love these two! Brady has stopped time - unreal!

  • [FB] dopewars
    [FB] dopewars   2 weeks ago

    When u have to choose stopping a train or Gronk. 3, 2, 1, GO! Come here train i take my chance with you!

  • noHOPEof
    noHOPEof   2 weeks ago

    - ~ words of Bomani " . . . ( ~Elaire) rushing behind blocking efforts of t h e pie eating contest all -- stars " (there's truth among vaguely unintended hurtful observations) ~ so happy for Gronkowski - ~ ( ).

  • Donald umunawa
    Donald umunawa   2 weeks ago

    Tom Brady: tactical mastermind Gronk: just a big kid

  • Michael Haflich
    Michael Haflich   2 weeks ago

    Bucs receivers: Trying to be serious. Scared if they lose the next game to any team.Gronk: **Unleash inner 9 yr old**

  • Ibuprofen
    Ibuprofen   2 weeks ago

    Gronks "nom nom nom" dodging is hilarious

  • Saintbow
    Saintbow   2 weeks ago

    I just took my pain meds in honor of Gronks pain when he runs...

  • steppe wolf
    steppe wolf   2 weeks ago

    Who is here after the Super Bowl 55?

  • Llednar Odellac
    Llednar Odellac   2 weeks ago

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  • Bobby Linton
    Bobby Linton   2 weeks ago

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  • Devon
    Devon   2 weeks ago

    they won lol

  • Yeltsin 68
    Yeltsin 68   2 weeks ago

    Gronk sounds like a little kid giggling and laughing. Lol