Nessa Barrett - Pain [Official Music Video]

  • Published on: 31 July 2020
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    [VERSE 1]

    You took away my heart and
    Told me we were different
    Beautiful with room to grow

    You left me in the morning
    Softly without warning
    How was I supposed to know?


    Oh I’m trying
    Give me a reason
    To let you go cause
    Right now I can’t

    I’m in pain
    I’m in pain

    [VERSE 2]

    And I feel lost with out you
    Never thought to doubt you
    Oh, who else is there to blame?

    So save your best excuses
    They can’t get me through this
    Maybe time can, maybe space


    Oh I’m trying
    Give me a reason
    To let you go cause
    Right now I can’t

    I’m in pain
    I’m in pain


    Should I say I’m sorry?
    Did I mess it up?
    All that you got from me
    Was it not enough?

    [CHORUS - ALT]

    I’m in pain
    I’m in pain
    You’re to blame
    I’m in pain
  • Runtime : 3:39
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  • Aba
    Aba   3 seconds ago


  • sarah
    sarah   3 minuts ago

    lol sharty 🙈😹😻

  • Natalie Forever
    Natalie Forever   4 minuts ago

    The camera man is really trying to make it like he’s not holding it 😂

  • Da Chosen One
    Da Chosen One   7 minuts ago

    Maddison Beer same movement of her and everything

  • Bella P
    Bella P   14 minuts ago

    Nessa this song brought me to tears it's that good! You are so talented and beautiful! Good job on the song. Even though you get hate, you handle it so maturely and your very kind. You deserve every good thing that's happens to you! Keep up the great work! <3

  • Ridhi Patnaik
    Ridhi Patnaik   18 minuts ago

    Look, I am not a nessa fan but she has been getting hate for literally EVERYTHING andddd you can’t lie, this song is bomb

  • ava mccullum
    ava mccullum   22 minuts ago

    okay tate mcrae voice, madison bear vibes, iM iN, pAInNnnNnN

  • What No
    What No   23 minuts ago

    I’m so confused on what the camera man is doing

  • Kiru
    Kiru   24 minuts ago

    the cameraman was way too shaky it ruins the whole “music video”. it should have been smoother. also she should have done more than just sit down and “sing”.

  • mini swag
    mini swag   25 minuts ago

    The song kinda snaps, but the one who filmed this 💀

  • Avakin loafy
    Avakin loafy   26 minuts ago

    She is good tbh but I dont think I like copycats and nobody likes them so I am sorry but I dont know what to say ..

  • Livia
    Livia   28 minuts ago

    worst camera angle.

  • sortTECH
    sortTECH   34 minuts ago

    I really love this song,its so heart touching .I can'teven imagine how people can be so harsh to a teen.I'm muslim too and girl too.God order us that the forgivness is miracle that nobody have the white soul to make.Don't act like you are perfect and who are you to judge others peoples lives?? Just stop the hate spread positivity because everyone live once and the chance to live life in peace gives once.Thanks for reading <3

  • Delia Cojocaru
    Delia Cojocaru   39 minuts ago

    You would've been actually a great and loved singer if you weren't been in all that tik tok drama

  • Jalicia's Tiktok Compilation

    First of this is nothing like Madison beer selfish just because it has rain Madison did not make up the so called rain and people are making nessa feel bad this song is literally about her and pain and y'all still come for her like chill

  • Manomaly
    Manomaly   46 minuts ago

    Why does every young emo singer these days sound like Billie Eilish, Lorde and Lana Del Rey??

  • Lucero Salvador
    Lucero Salvador   49 minuts ago

    Don't date Chase because he love charli now and not u

  • Monica Landis
    Monica Landis   53 minuts ago

    Y’all gotta realize that this is bout josh

  • Olivia Adebiyi
    Olivia Adebiyi   1 hours ago


  • Team 7 Channel
    Team 7 Channel   1 hours ago

    My dog could be a better cameraman then this nut job lol

  • Fajer Isk
    Fajer Isk   1 hours ago

    Omg why do people act like they never in there life farted like hello we all fart so don’t act y’all never farted so stop acting like kids grow up “KIDDO”🙄 Jezz

  • Jayme Smith
    Jayme Smith   1 hours ago

    tbh she can sing but she should’ve chose a diff camera man😂

  • Shreks Ex
    Shreks Ex   1 hours ago