The Holographic Universe Explained

  • Published on: 10 April 2019
  • We live in a universe with 3 dimensions of space and one of time. Up, down, left, right, forward, back, past, future. 3+1 dimensions. Or so our primitive Pleistocene-evolved brains find it useful to believe. And we cling to this intuition, even as physics shows us that this view of reality may be only a very narrow perception. One of the most startling possibilities is that our 3+1 dimensional universe may better described as resulting from a spacetime one dimension lower – like a hologram projected from a surface infinitely far away.

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    Hosted by Matt O'Dowd
    Written by Matt O'Dowd
    Graphics by Aaron Halevy
    Directing by Andrew Kornhaber

    The holographic principle emerged from many subtle clues – clues discovered over decades of theoretical exploration of the universe. Over the past several months on Space Time, we’ve seen those close clues, and we’ve built a the foundations needed to glimpse the true meaning of the holographic principle. We’ve moved from quantum field theory to black hole thermodynamics to string theory. We’ve made a background playlist if you want to start from scratch, and I especially recommend catching last week’s episode. But this is tough material, so let’s do a review.

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  • Runtime : 18:24
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  • John Donnelly
    John Donnelly   2 hours ago

    lordy thats alot of assimilate, which will never happen.

  • Ez D
    Ez D   6 hours ago

    I fought so long to grasp this

  • Andrew M.
    Andrew M.   18 hours ago

    This has a lot of similarities with ancient gnosticism.

  • The Mała Mi Strikes Again

    Too much too fast. I lost with explanation and I lost a core clip. But I'm still learning. Mayby a list of the subjects you should know before you start watching would be helpful.

  • Damian Officialll
    Damian Officialll   2 days ago

    He could be talking so much bullshit/false info...and yet we staring like :👁👄👁

  • Pablo Agsutín Nava Vieyra

    Very interesting episode, but I don't get the persistance of saying how the 2D space surface at the edge of the universe would be more real than the interior 3D space we live in.

  • Ag Agios
    Ag Agios   3 days ago

    The black hole is the first gate to the second heaven, the proportion is like a ring in the sea. There are six more heavens with the same proportion to the next.

  • mykaela chamberlain
    mykaela chamberlain   4 days ago

    I just need a dummy version of everything he explained because it’s 2020, the CIA is releasing documents about this and I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t sleep. Help 🙃

  • Gangus Khan
    Gangus Khan   1 weeks ago

    Obviously he's been on an 'ACD TRIP' since Scientific Theories like BIG BANG, STRING THEORY and BLACK HOLES were all the Rage as Theories! Since then, Big Bang Theory Imploded! String Theory got Strung Out on Fentanyl and we now have Pictures of Black Holes that are Older than our Universe! ALL R Replaced w/Back to BIG BOUNCE THEORY! ...that's right folks BACK to INFINITY of ALPHA & OMEGA as ALL ONE! BIG BOUNCE, it has always BEEN never had a Beginning & Never an END of BOUNCING FOREVER ALWAYS BOUNCING FOREVER as ENERGY! What's a QUARK in Our Universe is a Universe in some other Universe Bouncing in FUTURE PAST! Answer to Everything is 42!

  • no 1
    no 1   1 weeks ago

    This guy should read zodiac signs, because he cant answer the question and doesn't question why himself

  • Nick The Toycollector

    What does this all mean though at the end of the day? The more we try to explain something, the more questions arise and take its place. What are we supposed to actually do with all of this information to begin with? Our very existence is finite, we will go extinct soon enough. Seems pointless in the grand scheme of things.

  • Daniel Alexander
    Daniel Alexander   1 weeks ago

    Nonsense! If the information projected from a holographic surface that is "infinitely far away" then it can never reach us.

  • Mufaro Mandaza
    Mufaro Mandaza   1 weeks ago

    I’m starting to think that this guy intentionally confuses people

  • WayneJordan
    WayneJordan   1 weeks ago

    I saw the projector when I was on dmt it’s crazy how the universe even lets you know these things

  • the self taught musician

    I am fascinated about fractals, is there a relationship between fractal geometry and string theory or can we decode string theory into fractals and decode things both in micro and macroscopic structures, kind-of reverse engineering the particle sine and coexistence points

  • Lilac Vodka
    Lilac Vodka   1 weeks ago

    What is with the ridiculous background music!? It is impossible to hear the narration! Thumbs down!!

  • The Scavengers
    The Scavengers   2 weeks ago

    You remember that quote from a former CIA director, now deceased for many years, about how they cia will know their programs are working? He said they will know they have succeeded when they American people's beliefs are all false. In other words we will think what and how they want us to. We will be cut off from free thought and reality. This stuff and they alien stuff are all designed to separate you from reality. It is meant to circumvent your own thoughts and what you can see and feel for yourself in the real world. This world isn't real, ok then that means that you aren't real. What does that thought do to your brain and your world view? Another effective lie is that there is no Creator, but rather we were engineered by some advanced space people.etc,ect. Anything that alters reality whether it's a drug, or a mental disorder, or it's an outlandish unproveable theory anointed with the mantle of science like this nonsense should be handled with care.

  • Count Rufus
    Count Rufus   2 weeks ago

    Universe is. Fart gone wrong.Cosmis diarrhea

  • icanatrix
    icanatrix   2 weeks ago

    Jeez a minute into the video I was lost...then came to comments and realised it’s not just me then.

  • Albert615
    Albert615   2 weeks ago

    The background music is getting intense and eerie

  • I am not Mr Sparkles
    I am not Mr Sparkles   2 weeks ago

    1D is an infinitely thin line. 2D is an infinite amount of 1D lines put next to each other. For example a 2 x 4 cm square would require an infinite amount of 2cm long 1D lines put next to each other. 3D would need infinite 2D spaces put together for example if you take that 2x4 square it is still in 3D because our perception of the universe is 3D its just the 2D squares third dimensional line is infinitely thin again. Following this 4D would mean infinite 3D spaces and we cannot percieve this but every 3D space must also have an infinitely thin line in the next dimension. (1D) hence the 3+1 universe dimension thing. Sooooooooo I think there are infinite dimensions and it can't be a cycle since it will just be a circle with no beginning so the universe must be a hologram of some sort and the fifth dimension is connected to the 4th (our universe) via a black hole which makes an infinitely thin x infinitely thin x infinitely thin x infinitely thin singularity point where we would percieve as time stopping when in reality it is still going just infinitely slow.

  • musicisbrilliant
    musicisbrilliant   2 weeks ago

    Dont get me wrong, I LOVE this channel! The space related facts and physics. But venturing into this realm of thought feels like a mistake. How could anyone know what the universe really is either way. And Elon Musk saying its a 'one in a billion chance we arent living in a simulation' simply because we would someday be able to create one thats indistinguishable from reality is NONSENNNNNNNNNNSE. WHY would I ever CHOOSE to put myself in this crappy simulation? I wouldnt! Boom, disproved your theory.

  • IVAN Drago
    IVAN Drago   2 weeks ago

    hi im what's colloquially known as dumb, is this saying that gravity itself is a by product of the interaction between dimensions?

  • StochasticsLeo
    StochasticsLeo   3 weeks ago

    Whelp.... I don’t understand any of this. But it’s fun to watch