Tom Brady Breaks Out Rob Gronkowski Impression When Sharing Epic Story

  • Published on: 31 December 2020
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady breaks out an incredible Rob Gronkowski impression when sharing an epic story about the tight end. For more:
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  • Runtime : 1:19
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  • Kara Dieni
    Kara Dieni   1 days ago

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  • Kasper
    Kasper   3 days ago

    So...I guess it would help if I knew what the other dude sounded like, huh? 🤔

  • bigbaba1111
    bigbaba1111   4 days ago

    That's something gronk would say.😂

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin   6 days ago

    Tom and Gronkowski are classy awesome insights.

  • i 2017
    i 2017   1 weeks ago

    You look happy Mr Brady!! Enjoy your last few years’s; RELAX. throw a SB MPV trophy, get drunk, do what ever you want ( within the law lol) and take all this in. You appear to deserve it all 👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 congrats

  • Branimir Kolarek
    Branimir Kolarek   1 weeks ago

    This guy is good ball thrower, but not so good storyteller 🙃

  • dash4800
    dash4800   1 weeks ago

    Never mind the impression. Would any other qb drop everything to go throw passes when a teammate calls on a random rainy day in April?

  • Louis Streb
    Louis Streb   1 weeks ago

    That’s such a great story! Who knew Tom could deliver a story so well? I guess what else is a quarterback really other than a storyteller!

  • D. Nutsrtoasty
    D. Nutsrtoasty   1 weeks ago

    I've always thought he was a stuck up player, now I'm realising it was probably just the shitty atmosphere in New England.

  • Quantum Potential
    Quantum Potential   1 weeks ago

    Why is Kevin Bacon talking football. He should make a sequel to Flatliners or Footloose. Eat some twinkies Kevin, you're looking skinny there.

  • Ben Slater
    Ben Slater   1 weeks ago

    That was great - I posted this before the superbowl and thought I'd share to the world.I've only been wrong about 2 things in life. Lady gaga, and Tom Brady. I thought gaga was a synthetic auto tuned fraud when she first hit, but she is an insane singer and talent. I spent years hating Brady and Belicheck, mostly cause they beat my beloved Iggles in 2004.... and Belicheck is an arrogant, cheating, dirtball... which is true, and not likely to be reversed. I lumped Tom in with Belicheck, as he was a bit icy and aloof, and being a good looking quarterback married to a supermodel, you just assume he's like Stan Gabel in revenge of the nerds... its also easy to assume he's a sore loser if he doesn't seek out a handshake after a loss, or assume that he's a cheater, for "deflate gate" or the mere fact that he wins so much. But the reality of the situation is that he is insanely focused and disciplined and those are qualities that lead to success in any endeavor. He is also well spoken , polite and remarkably humble, given his life situation. As the Dad in "Dirty dancing" said... "when I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong" and I'll be rooting for the 43 year old in the Bowl

  • Deesolo
    Deesolo   1 weeks ago

    Damn, TB with the Buccs is a whole vibe

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard   1 weeks ago

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  • Lettuce Carrots
    Lettuce Carrots   1 weeks ago

    I’m sure glad that Tom Brady didn’t break out an Aaron Hernandez impersonation and start shooting people.

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips   1 weeks ago

    Bro imagine pulling up to a random baseball field and seeing Brady and gronk just running routes

  • Ken Smith
    Ken Smith   1 weeks ago

    I thought his first name was Gronk.

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez   1 weeks ago

    Football will never be the same when there is no more Tom Brady.

  • iLoveLamp with Ron Waffle

    “We didn’t drop one pass”Not sure why but I love that, Brady recognizing part of teamwork is holding yourself accountable.

  • tonyel99
    tonyel99   1 weeks ago

    Just realized why Brady went to Tampa! The Tampa Bay team has the same initials as his!

  • paul tiberi
    paul tiberi   1 weeks ago

    Pats fan here! Although its tough losing Tom, if theres an upside its seeing all previous Brady haters now appreciating him with the Bucs and him proving that it wasnt all Belichick and cheating and Deflated balls. No y' all it was the G.O.A.T. All the time and still balling. See you next year.

  • Michael Mercure
    Michael Mercure   1 weeks ago

    It is so weird, as a Broncos fan how I do not hate this guy anymore.

  • moviefan85
    moviefan85   1 weeks ago

    I dunno about an "epic" story, but amusing? Yeah

  • Brian Hume
    Brian Hume   1 weeks ago

    Being 36 now.. I watched Brady since Michigan and never cared for the guy like all non patriot fans... but this year I gotta say he's finally grown on me...

  • Andy Bradford
    Andy Bradford   1 weeks ago

    Gronk is the most bro dude that has ever bro'd before.

  • John May
    John May   1 weeks ago

    Tom, could you tell that guy, king james, to quit with the comparisons. There are none at all!!!!!!!!!+

  • ruru
    ruru   1 weeks ago

    Who is here after Tom Brady won superbowl again 😁🏈🇺🇸

  • D.S.
    D.S.   1 weeks ago

    ...and then they both took a big, steaming dump on New England

  • MrBigsexy8
    MrBigsexy8   1 weeks ago

    Brady is a self absorbed lying cheater.

  • Justin G
    Justin G   1 weeks ago

    Its funny how the NFL has such shitty live streaming capabilities when IRL streamers on Twitch have crystal clear 1080p

  • AMP C
    AMP C   1 weeks ago

    #Shredded the best.

  • MarkSmith Productions

    Yeah, he was so awesome at catching passes in practice that you targeted Brate for like three weeks in the playoffs brah...and then decided to fit all of his points into the SB.

  • We Know
    We Know   2 weeks ago

    Lol pretty damn good.

  • Ted Freitag
    Ted Freitag   2 weeks ago

    You gotta love this guy. New England really screwed up when they tried going cheap on him. All they had to do was take proper care of their#1 guy. But, nope. Mr. know-it-all Bill Belichick thinks he can see the future and got rid of Tom based on things that were relevant thirty years ago regarding how players would drop off as they aged. I bet he’s changing how he deals with aging players after this slap in the face. Good for you, Tom. Keep killin’ it!

  • Bunny Wabbit
    Bunny Wabbit   2 weeks ago

    It's like a long vacation for Tom playing in Tampa Florida. You can see it in his face.