BFDIA 5d: It's a Monster

  • Published on: 02 July 2013
  • All music in this video:
    "Hitman": 2:07-2:52
    ISRC: USUAN1300013
    "Brittle Rille": 3:45-5:13
    ISRC: USUAN1200047
    "Who Likes to Party": 5:20-5:40, 6:04-6:20, 6:49-7:46, 7:49-9:03
    ISRC: USUAN1200075
    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    Featuring the voices of Graham Taylor (Gelatin) and AnimationEpic (Nickel).
  • Runtime : 10:37
  • battle for dream island again bfdi bfdia cartoon competition snow van supervan


  • Guivi99Druid
    Guivi99Druid   2 hours ago

    Only real ogs remember the Cranking Saga

  • BlueButDapper
    BlueButDapper   7 hours ago

    5:33 you can see announcer in the background and the cactuses look like a middle finger

  • Victor Isaac Babia
    Victor Isaac Babia   15 hours ago

    5:33 I think I’m the only one that discovered that announcer is there

  • Shark HopE
    Shark HopE   1 days ago

    The newest first comments of this perfectly represent r/young people YouTube

  • Alex Shrady
    Alex Shrady   1 days ago


  • Robotic Prophet
    Robotic Prophet   1 days ago

    Them driving through the canyon was surprisingly dark my god

  • mj and honic
    mj and honic   1 days ago

    7:29 look on top of the mini fridge, it says:“Mini Fridge of Doom”“Warning: It is of doom.”

  • mj and honic
    mj and honic   1 days ago

    5:35 she turned the ac temperature to cold to cold LOL

  • jdgar
    jdgar   1 days ago

    Wait day 69 haha these numbers keep on apering

  • JayGames
    JayGames   1 days ago

    At 1:36 book says "Yay! 99% done! That means only 9 hours left." but it fast forwards a day, which is 24 hours so you get the point.

  • zoe war
    zoe war   2 days ago

    how is match still alive

  • Isaac Guo
    Isaac Guo   2 days ago

    I think match needs to get eliminated in TPOT she’s so annoying this episode(even though this is old)

  • Dylan badbitch
    Dylan badbitch   2 days ago

    Lets bring bubble back!Letters: TSLThat definitely spells bubble!

  • Bold Wood
    Bold Wood   3 days ago