Is Alien ‘Life’ Weirder Than We Imagine: Who Is Out There?

  • Published on: 23 February 2019
  • If we want to discover alien life out there in the universe, we first need to figure out where to look—and what we're even looking for. Will it be biological like us? Could it be artificial, or take some other form we haven't yet considered? And how do we find something so fundamentally different from ourselves? In this program, scientists devise plans for searching for beings beyond Earth while they grapple with the very definition of life.

    PARTICIPANTS: Lisa Kaltenegger, Caleb Scharf, Susan Schneider, Sara Walker

    MODERATOR: Nicole Stott


    This program is part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made possible with support from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

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    - Film about the imaginative search for alien life 00:05
    - Introduction to the program by astronaut Nicole Stott 04:45
    - Introduction of participants 05:50
    - What is the definition of life? 07:09
    - How will we find signs of life elsewhere in the universe? 16:21
    - What are the parameters for looking for life on other planets? 19:36
    - What should the probes on Mars be looking for to find life? 24:58
    - The Fermi Paradox, where is everybody? 30:56
    - Have aliens avoided humans because we're too boring? 34:41
    - Can we use information theory to look for life in the universe? 39:13
    - Why is looking for alien life important to humankind? 44:13
    - Will life in the future be AI, should we be looking for other AI in space? 46:02
    - The "Great Filter" 48:52
    - Is artificial intelligence alive? 50:28
    - Is evolution the strongest force in the universe, how will it shape the future? 52:13
    - What lessons could humankind learn from the successes and failures of other alien species in the universe? 56:58
    - Why should we care about finding life elsewhere in the universe? 57:58


    - Produced by John Plummer
    - Associate Produced by Laura Dattaro
    - Opening film written / produced by John Plummer, animation by Derek Breur
    - Music provided by APM
    - Additional images and footage provided by: Getty Images, Shutterstock, Videoblocks

    This program was recorded live at the 2018 World Science Festival and has been edited and condensed for YouTube.
  • Runtime : 59:56
  • Search for Alien Life Astrobiology artificial intellegence exoplanets synthetic life space planets Mars stars James Webb telescope Lisa Kaltenegger Caleb Scharf Susan Schneider Sara Walker Nicole Stott World Science Festival 2018 Big Ideas New York City NASA aliens biological life universe Milky Way galaxy probe space exploration Drake Equation Fermi Paradox Carl Sagan Moon Earth evolution Great Filter atmospheric chemistry astronomy


  • ronnieC
    ronnieC   3 days ago

    Alien life is a known and proven fact. So conversations of "what if" are a waste of time and energy.

  • jdicari
    jdicari   4 days ago

    imagine a field trip to a planet were we have found different kind of life

  • Jose Valdez
    Jose Valdez   4 days ago

    I came to realize that in order for us to get pushed into space exploration even further the planet has to become nearly inhabitable, or else we will never feel the need to discover what lies beyond our reality. Us killing the planet will push the need to stay alive as a species, or else we get too comfortable here without the need to search. Its sad but until our species is at the brink of extinction, we will keep looking up wondering what is out there instead of actually leaving to discoverWe humans are motivated by the need to survive, its been that way since the start of manWe need to keep sucking out all the life from earth until she's no longer enough to keep our species aliveThen we'll take the leap and explore for more

  • Barbara Choux
    Barbara Choux   5 days ago

    It’s only weird because we’ve been told we were the only ones in the Universe but today we can see ufos and can even communicate with galactic beings so it gets less weird than it was not so long ago.

  • Micknife
    Micknife   5 days ago

    Esta es una vision femenina de lo que se cree que puede ser, me hubiera gustado que llevaran mas panelistas masculinos y no un 80% en mujeres xq eso no lo hace balanciado, parece mas un chismorreo de chicas.

  • Byrom Taylor
    Byrom Taylor   5 days ago

    I know 2 thigs ...1 They are already here & 2 If you dont already believe this you are stupid

  • Patti London
    Patti London   1 weeks ago

    Alien life is here, aliens called The Greys, The Reptilian, The Nordic, and numerous other species. There are many witnesses and they are not easy to blame everything on lies. Also much info on the web.

  • David Hanby
    David Hanby   1 weeks ago

    The Earth 🌎 is incredible and the life on it is divinely complex. I'm not hearing anything about the Creator..aka God. I guess that's not important to scientists who wish to create life in a lab and "Play God" . Kinda like children playing dress up. Scientists cannot create anything as complex as a blade of grass.

  • James McDonald
    James McDonald   1 weeks ago

    Try this on for size, is ultimately relative. As such one recognizes the other., and as a thinking form of life, myself, i categorically refuse without reservation that a computer generated electonic impulse, even self directed in its directional liner experience, is a life form of any conciquence that i would ever recognize as an't life man. I feel that i can trust my human instinct to know in my heart of hearts that a electronic generated life matter how complex in its maseinations, can ever become so wonderful as to be able to

  • richard than myself
    richard than myself   1 weeks ago

    I believe the older an intelligent species is the more likely it is to be more intelligent, not because of the time factor but because of the fact that they would know what the physics of the universe was like closer to the bang, as well as be able to see "more" of the universe since everything would've been closer to them and they would be able to study a lot more than we would and they would have understood much earlier that there's more out there, so even if they were the same age as us, they would be smarter than us almost assuredly IF they had a much earlier start

  • Jadi B Draws
    Jadi B Draws   2 weeks ago

    I think we've already come in contact with something maybe not aliens but some left over technology at least. I just think about how long human existed without technology then all of a sudden like a second in human existence all this advanced technology and also because we are still really at the very early stages of advanced technology maybe what we have is not good or advanced enough to detect other forms of life. And I notice the scientific community talking heads at the moment seems to be embracing skeptism over being objective. Which I think if you are a scientist and a truth seeker you need to be more open minded to different possibilities rather than writing them off from the start without even trying to test it out.

  • Paul Fallon
    Paul Fallon   2 weeks ago

    One interesting and depressing fact, is that our first ever radio transmissions have only made it a mere 120-130 light years from Earth....a relative penny circumference in the galaxy lol

  • Martin Collins
    Martin Collins   2 weeks ago

    Weird isnt the word i would use to describe them, the ones i met are and i quote "fucking scary" especially when they smile.

  • Percy Glasper
    Percy Glasper   3 weeks ago

    If I ever go to another life first thing I am gonna say take me to your dealer 😁 💯

  • GabiN64
    GabiN64   3 weeks ago

    Evolution itself as a great filter is an interesting thought

  • O K
    O K   3 weeks ago

    Carl Sagan

  • Jimmy Demello
    Jimmy Demello   3 weeks ago

    Deprovincialize - wow, learned a new word today - thanks Carl. My favorite scifi movie - Robinson Crusoe on Mars.

  • Dave Mattia
    Dave Mattia   3 weeks ago

    The Drake Equation is silly - and - people like Carl Sagan are no different from the great and learned men of science who drained blood from George Washington to rid his body of "Bad Vapors" - IN other words, they know nothing. They were, and still are, ignorant. Today, after 80 years of contact with "alien" beings, physical scientists have thrown in the towel. They, and the aliens to some extent, have come to the conclusion that there is no way for either of them to establish any kind of meaningful communication. They can't instruct and we cannot learn. Despite their technological superiority, aliens cannot speak to us much in the same way humans cannot speak to caterpillars or mice. Now, as far as world governments are concerned, we can only admit that these creatures exist. The only people who haven't given up are psychologists and sociologists who are dealing with the bigger problem of how to reveal the existence of superior beings and how to tell the world what they know without causing mass hysteria and societal collapse. Currently, we are at the "grainy UFO photo" stage, when in fact there is extensive film and video footage of crafts and beings at close range, That will come out gradually....if ever.

  • martha sargent
    martha sargent   3 weeks ago

    How about: Life is constantly changing. It certainly never stays the same, and the hardest thing about life is being PRESENT. Not in the past, not in the future, in LIFE.

  • B Sway
    B Sway   3 weeks ago

    What a load of old shit

  • Michael Cuni
    Michael Cuni   3 weeks ago

    Oi can anybody tell me what's the music playing in the background at the beginning?

  • Elgin Winston
    Elgin Winston   1 months ago

    All this yap and praddle. The only disease on earth is humans. Primitive and bound to destroy its 1 and only habitat.. Earth.. no way in hell should man be allowed to inhabit other planets.. destruction follows in every way

  • Jesse Garcia
    Jesse Garcia   1 months ago

    I consider Life anything you can apply heat and it feel some sort of pain and when I say pain I'm talking about brain induced not programed

  • Vodou Lou
    Vodou Lou   1 months ago

    She keeps saying she's a philosopher as if it's a profession. Wait...a woman gets paid to existentially use her brain? What a world

  • Vodou Lou
    Vodou Lou   1 months ago

    "I'm a philosopher heeehhhhehh"'re a woman. Now let the men talk

  • hercules jimenez
    hercules jimenez   1 months ago

    Yes thats right stop looking for stereotypes alien form of life. Like we does

  • Jg235
    Jg235   1 months ago

    Difficult for any alien life out there to be weirder or more evil than us.

  • John Pavon
    John Pavon   1 months ago

    Check out my new -(STTV-2) Second Time Travel Vessel-The Whirl Wind Man

  • Mike
    Mike   1 months ago

    The rest of the video was probably good, but the two minutes of circus music was too much to continue.

  • eesa ahmad
    eesa ahmad   1 months ago

    As astrophysics and quantum mechanics point out reality has many possibilities, so why do we think that life can only exist in the form of another animal?!

  • Ringa Bell
    Ringa Bell   1 months ago

    I am. Fully, in love. With Sarah Walker right now. Fully.

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent   2 months ago

    Yes, and they live on earth & so do giants.

  • brookestephen
    brookestephen   2 months ago

    Um... humans are the 'aliens' on every planet & moon we visit, even in orbit around our own planet. Humans Are Aliens Now.

  • B Young
    B Young   2 months ago

    I'm a "God exists" leaning person and I think God knows that sharing everything with us would spoil our potential.