Stupid Inspirational Sayings!

  • Published on: 05 August 2017
  • A tribute to all those people who post those beautiful inspirational sayings everyday...
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  • Runtime : 11:19
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    SEOUNG EUN PARK   9 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that the suitcase is the one Ryan drilled a whole in in the Flat earth video! Lol 🤣🤣

  • Rocky Wang
    Rocky Wang   1 days ago

    1:50 "you miss 100% of the buses you don't take"... Genius!

  • Steve Harvey Cat
    Steve Harvey Cat   2 days ago

    The Suitcase at 8:20 has a hole in it, probably the same suitcase from "Proving The Earth Is Flat"

  • ChessyPasta_ _
    ChessyPasta_ _   2 days ago

    Money is not the root of all evil, the love of money is.

  • Yashwitha Shetty
    Yashwitha Shetty   3 days ago

    Few chore ...fuck I died laughingEdit: Okay okay I died a second time at the gender equality part at the end

  • Snowii
    Snowii   3 days ago

    "money doesn't buy happiness"Your pet dog: "am I a joke to you??? "

  • Xor_cistx
    Xor_cistx   3 days ago

    Read the shoot for the moon back wards

  • Phil Nua
    Phil Nua   4 days ago

    Cool, everyone in the comments jump into badwagons easily, nice.

  • Turah Anom
    Turah Anom   4 days ago

    i'd rather say that "Money doesn't buy you happiness,but money can buy you something to get you happiness"

  • Your Grandma
    Your Grandma   4 days ago

    If Life Gives You Lemon Sugar And Water,Then Make Lemonade

  • me pha
    me pha   4 days ago

    They say money can't buy happiness, but poverty can't buy anything.

  • Michael Gawr gura
    Michael Gawr gura   5 days ago

    Greedy Idiots are the root of all evilThere I fixed it, Urwelcome

  • Psycho Pathetic
    Psycho Pathetic   6 days ago

    money wont buy happiness but it will buy painkillers....

  • bod bid
    bod bid   6 days ago

    If you close your eyes. U cannot see..

  • X Ray Studios
    X Ray Studios   1 weeks ago

    The last one is true, money does not buy you happines, you buy happines with it.

  • American Bacon
    American Bacon   1 weeks ago

    Bro “rain helped create the rainbow” sounded like an inspiring quote

  • EnteBoi
    EnteBoi   1 weeks ago

    "live every day like it's your last, learn every day as if you'll live forever" is a better quote. meaning you should be happy as if this day was your last and learn like your life has no end

  • Suraj Chauhan
    Suraj Chauhan   1 weeks ago

    Oh its fine to be inspirational Me : oh yeah

  • Suraj Chauhan
    Suraj Chauhan   1 weeks ago

    Oh its fine to be inspirational Me : oh yeah

  • Jason Tiew
    Jason Tiew   1 weeks ago

    2:13 2017: Asthma!2020: Covid-19!

  • Luke Hibbard
    Luke Hibbard   1 weeks ago

    money is not the root of all evil it is the love of money that is

  • Hajar
    Hajar   1 weeks ago

    The breath quote.

  • Daniaapmqi5wj Waleed
    Daniaapmqi5wj Waleed   1 weeks ago

    it takes more muscles to frown than smileBruh, imma stay blank faced. No muscle moving at all

  • Andre Zamora
    Andre Zamora   1 weeks ago

    how to be holy 101:If you love me share this postholy points +100000

  • V1P3R X
    V1P3R X   1 weeks ago

    "The sea is wet" -Steve Jobs

  • Penguin Shifu
    Penguin Shifu   1 weeks ago

    8:24 it’s the suitcase with the hole from the flat earth theory video lmao

  • Mr Villain
    Mr Villain   1 weeks ago

    "if you read 1 book a week, that means you read 1 book every 7 days""Failure is. . . not successful""If you want to get rich. . . well me too"

  • Mustafa Hassan
    Mustafa Hassan   1 weeks ago

    Bro I wish u start uploading again, I miss the good ol days 😔

  • Sandra Jackson
    Sandra Jackson   1 weeks ago

    I hate the quotes"Stop worrying" (well who the hell would worry if they had a choice and had no good reason to?)"Trust until you have a reason not to" (but by then you are pretty much screwed)everything happens for a reason" (No it does not or at least not for a good reason)"It does not take money to be happy" (The hell it doesn't)"Looks do not matter, It's what's on the inside that counts ( It's what's on the inside and outside that counts)"If it was meant for you then it will happen or it will come back to you" ( It may have been meant for you until you screwed it up)"Karma, what you do to others will come back to you" (Nope! Not all the time so beat their asses right now)"I will pray for you" (If prayer worked no one would be in the crappy situation they find themselves in)

  • Neha kumari
    Neha kumari   1 weeks ago

    Stop sending any kind of nonsense video the enemy

  • Jkumadapharaoh
    Jkumadapharaoh   1 weeks ago

    That music when the quotes come up is cracking me tf up 😂

  • Jkumadapharaoh
    Jkumadapharaoh   1 weeks ago

    No one wants to hire, the guy that just got fired lmaooo