Dave Chappelle Reveals White People's Weakness | Netflix Is A Joke

  • Published on: 13 January 2020
  • Dave Chappelle discusses the trials and tribulations that his ancestors went through and how it took them 400 years to discover white people's true weakness.

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  • Runtime : 3:15
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  • MrSmilesCam
    MrSmilesCam   1 days ago

    Daenerys Targaryen would want you to bend the knee at the Superbowl.

  • The Re-bar Kid
    The Re-bar Kid   3 days ago

    Black people should never stand for the American anthem is they knew the 3rd verse ... look it up.

  • shane lagarde
    shane lagarde   4 days ago

    I jus wish that my brothers really take heed what he is doing...this is how u fight a battle,this how u get understanding , i love white people but i hate how blind they are,blind by ignorance, lack of apathy.

  • bogo kimo
    bogo kimo   6 days ago


  • Block G
    Block G   1 weeks ago

    2:43 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Tony Wats
    Tony Wats   1 weeks ago

    You were sold by your ancestors for guns and liquor and kidnapped by African raiders to sell you

  • Gabriel Roberts
    Gabriel Roberts   1 weeks ago

    👇 this is how many time he looked at the cigarette instead of hitting it

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown   1 weeks ago

    You could escape the nightmare of relentless white oppression by picking up and moving to Ghana or Liberia. Goodbye

  • Ragnar Sims
    Ragnar Sims   1 weeks ago

    Can somebody get this poor oppressed man a cold grape soda? He's earned it after all he's had to endure.

  • Metalisha
    Metalisha   1 weeks ago

    i am so sad that i don't understand the joke, he's delivery is on point and i bet it's funny as hell but what does he mean with the knees

  • Nattan Gustavsson
    Nattan Gustavsson   1 weeks ago

    I thought he said "Something something Simpson... Barack Obama" like about O. J Simpson 😅

  • Francis Marino
    Francis Marino   1 weeks ago

    Some conservatives are really full of hypocrisy. Kneeling down is probably the most respectful way to protest, and they decided to literally cancel him for exercising his constitutional right when they have people in their ranks who chew gum and scratch themselves during the anthem.

  • asturias ialbuz titlis

    excuse my French, but it wasn't the strongest who survived, but the most adaptable.

  • Jeheil Lebron
    Jeheil Lebron   2 weeks ago

    Dave Chappelle get away with shit that most people can’t

  • Dan Witzke
    Dan Witzke   2 weeks ago

    When he's being funny, his words carry laughs, but when he's being serious, his words carry weight. The greatest of all time, a cultural icon.

  • ravepal
    ravepal   2 weeks ago

    #Candice where are you?

  • Jim Duggan
    Jim Duggan   2 weeks ago

    obama did nothing for the common people..............he worked for wallstreet and detroit.............for them he wrote 2 trillion dollars checks...............the poor people he gave nothing but words and poetry!

  • rob buttle
    rob buttle   2 weeks ago

    You got where you are by sukn that hollywierd kosher weiner +Oprah.

  • chrisctlr
    chrisctlr   2 weeks ago

    I wonder if Chappelle would say black people who gets so offended by blackface have a brittle spirit.

  • Find Manny
    Find Manny   2 weeks ago

    Where do you find full video, not on Netflix,

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack   2 weeks ago

    Dis da onely guy who make me laugh

  • The ReCap
    The ReCap   2 weeks ago

    "Took us 400 years as a people, to figure out that white peoples weakness is kneeling during the national anthem"😂 1:43

  • Ann Yes
    Ann Yes   2 weeks ago

    Dave, baby. You are the truth.

  • Twilight Gardens presentations

    They want revenge against us for the crime of living free. They must punish us or we may reach equality. They fear we seek revenge while we cry equality, but this is because their culture is ok with lies. They think everyone lies.

  • Anastasia Green
    Anastasia Green   2 weeks ago

    Somebody please explain what is up with white people kneeling down?

  • Burro B
    Burro B   2 weeks ago

    Actually black kings sold your people out.

  • Nat Turner
    Nat Turner   2 weeks ago

    Come on niggas Wu-Tang bow!! LMAO such a small gesture will forever be my way of showing solidarity.