Firey Discovers Gravity (BFDI TikTok Compilation)

  • Published on: 05 March 2021
  • BFB 30 comes out in April 9!
  • Runtime : 11:29
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  • Celt C
    Celt C   3 hours ago

    all our food KEEPS BLOWING UP*BOOM!!!!!*

  • MineZack2
    MineZack2   7 hours ago

    1:06 I’ve never seen gelatain look so dark...

  • XtooX!
    XtooX!   1 days ago

    Die be like: watches leafy make it

  • LINX_Noob2
    LINX_Noob2   2 days ago

    Four screaming in jail made me laugh so hard

  • o7_mate
    o7_mate   6 days ago

    5:06 translation:UNDERTALE

  • Ed Herrera
    Ed Herrera   6 days ago

    0:19 this might be perfectly cut screams

  • StickerBugger Tree
    StickerBugger Tree   6 days ago

    (Flowery does the licking sound) flowery: hey who's inside here/ small boombox guy: firey/ flowery: friend?/ small boombox guy: yes/ flowery: :o im gonna safe u firey/ (does the fast lick)

  • Microsoft 1.0
    Microsoft 1.0   6 days ago

    The woody plush but I've already got a wood E (people laughs)

  • Microsoft 1.0
    Microsoft 1.0   1 weeks ago

    Flame-thrower? profiles did you feed the bugs flame-thrower drinks

  • Jacob Denato
    Jacob Denato   1 weeks ago

    Congrats to jacknjellify for getting to 1m subscribers

  • Therese Ly
    Therese Ly   1 weeks ago

    leafy was actually the 14th nicest. she's been mean for 3 years and 8 years

    IM A BANANA!   1 weeks ago

    how in the world did the tree didnt burn??????


    Pencil: OH NORocky: hi pencil are you glad i didnt throw up on you?Pencil: wow you can speak again only been the 21 years of silence?Rocky: BLEH!