The US Government's $983 Freeze-Dried Urine

  • Published on: 28 August 2017
  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, sells Standard Reference Materials, or SRMs for short. They're analysed, quantified, and certified substances: everything from metals, to elements, to food items... to, yes, freeze-dried urine.

    More about NIST and SRMs:

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   2 years ago

    In hindsight, the obvious question I should have asked was "whose urine is it?". I regret not asking that question.

  • Nyx Hypnos
    Nyx Hypnos   19 hours ago

    So possibly dumb question, why have we not just done 1 calibration and then saved the results and then every time u need to calibrate you compare it to the original? It would cost less and use less material, i just dont understand why they need to redo the calibration with a new sample.

  • Ana Ng
    Ana Ng   1 days ago

    oh, this is not the title of an onion article

  • Euan McGill
    Euan McGill   2 days ago

    $983 per bottle, at that price they are really taking the piss

  • Bruh
    Bruh   3 days ago

    they found the piss drawer

  • Odyssey 80
    Odyssey 80   1 weeks ago

    "So how did you make your millions?"

  • Clay Kress
    Clay Kress   1 months ago

    The US government will sell me urine laced with cocaine? That is interesting.

  • spuid385
    spuid385   1 months ago

    I’ll take your entire stock!

  • David Daivdson
    David Daivdson   1 months ago

    Meh, people sell their bath water for more these days.

  • oi
    oi   1 months ago

    How do they get the urine with cocaine metabolites cause i think I can give a few donations?

  • saxassoon
    saxassoon   1 months ago

    Use SRMs on the daily for research in our lab. Very useful

  • j
    j   1 months ago

    Today I learned that you can legally buy cocaine urine

  • Far from Irrational
    Far from Irrational   1 months ago

    Organic whale blubber.........nice.....finally a company that isn't growing their whales with pesticides

  • Plyjhny
    Plyjhny   1 months ago

    BOOOOOOOOOO that place profits from the war on drugs

  • Ijon Tichy
    Ijon Tichy   1 months ago

    Europe has a kilogram and meter in Sevres, USA has urine.

  • Joey Lee
    Joey Lee   1 months ago

    So is nobody going to talk about this 3:22 👀

  • Michael Inocente
    Michael Inocente   1 months ago

    The price catalog on their website now lists the freeze dried urine at $1,006.00 for 10 vials.

  • Anson Chan
    Anson Chan   1 months ago

    That's rebranding on the National level!

  • Rushwhq P
    Rushwhq P   1 months ago

    I gonna start to save my poo, and sell it for a 1000 U%D on the next 50 years..

  • Rasta Lion
    Rasta Lion   1 months ago

    What a stupid collection of items with no purpose. This is just a way to waste money, and make it for others. The reason it's the ONLY approved one is because someone has a stake in it. Welcome to America. There is a difference between maintaining accurateness and being a money laundering facility. "Where is all this money?" "We had to buy thousand dollar piss samples!"

  • Em Rv
    Em Rv   1 months ago

    I didn't understand anything

  • O_O
    O_O   1 months ago

    just disgusting.make sperm storage certificates too

  • Nine thirty one
    Nine thirty one   1 months ago

    From today onward I am only eating the certified reference peanut butter on my breakfast sandwich. Just to flex on you all poor asses.

  • Aaron Low
    Aaron Low   1 months ago

    I wonder what machinery they calibrate with cryogenically frozen peanut butter

  • Arty Ivanenko
    Arty Ivanenko   1 months ago

    If they ever need some more of that metabolic cocaine urine, tell them to give me a call

  • Shen G
    Shen G   1 months ago

    Who you gonna call?Test Samples!