Over Wyoming

  • Published on: 12 July 2017
  • WyomingPBS takes cameras aloft to explore the sweeping beauty of the Cowboy State and finds etched on the land, history as vast as its horizons and human stories as intricate as its streams. Narrated by Pete Simpson.
  • Runtime : 58:28
  • Yellowstone Grand Tetons Cheyenne Laramie Wind River Reservation Casper Cody Wyoming WyomingPBS Cowboy State Wyoming geography


  • Linda N
    Linda N   1 days ago

    Funny we think of Wyoming as “Cowboy“ but native Indian were here long before us.

  • William Smidt
    William Smidt   2 days ago

    When I see this I can't help but imagine a tree stump so big from prehistory that petrfied into rock leaving this formation.

  • franl155
    franl155   3 days ago

    Thank you so much for this. I've always had rather a soft spot for Wyoming, ever since I read a Western set there when I was a kid; and that was before I knew about Yellowstone. But there's so much more, and it was beautifully shown.

  • Boybits
    Boybits   3 days ago

    it's good to see that your country is abundant of nature and wilderness, i am a filipino and i love your culture and a way of life, is so natural and the beauty it is.

  • Frank Lucas
    Frank Lucas   4 days ago

    In the thumbnail your telling me that's not a 🌲

  • Chris Defalco
    Chris Defalco   6 days ago

    I love Wyoming, been through there a few times, Cheyenne and Laramie, I love wide open country, I am from Canada and love Alberta, originally from Ottawa, really like the native people and their traditions as well.

  • david hughes
    david hughes   1 weeks ago

    I really love the video keep up the good work man

  • ladeene06
    ladeene06   1 weeks ago

    Absolutely breathtaking and simply majestic! I've struggled to find only one or two adjectives to describe my very unnecessary but genuinely heartfelt opinion. For those who ponder such thoughts...its places just like Wyoming that can restore faith. Accidents and coincidences?😉😂 Hardly.

  • Ken Moats
    Ken Moats   1 weeks ago

    Donation....Think i will pass. YOUR POLITICS stinks.

  • Wanna Wander
    Wanna Wander   1 weeks ago

    I love this documentary style look at this beautiful place 💜💜💜

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen   1 weeks ago

    looks like a petrified giant tree stump.

  • JJs Junction
    JJs Junction   1 weeks ago

    That is just one of many petrified tree stumps , and the coal was formed from the bark sinking to the bottom of the water as the trees were all floating on top of the great Noahs flood waters , not from swamps and marshes lol people are so blind and deceived, go to any swamp today and drill a hole as deep as you wish and you will not find any coal , facts matter !!!!

  • Dreadog
    Dreadog   2 weeks ago

    America is so beautiful

  • Popeye Segar
    Popeye Segar   2 weeks ago

    Far left biased journalism at its finest

  • R.L. HEARN
    R.L. HEARN   2 weeks ago

    100,000,000 years what a bunch of crap.

  • Dave Jarvis
    Dave Jarvis   2 weeks ago

    I love every foot of Wyoming - esp the eastern and south eastern part - where most people say wow this sure isn't pretty like Jackson_and that's why we like it!!! It's beautiful in every corner-and yes I love Cheyenne and if you don't that's wonderful-,please visit our beautiful state leave your money and go back to wherever your from _

  • The Sarge
    The Sarge   2 weeks ago

    Isn’t that the mountain from the movie encounters of the third kind?

  • Daniel Penn
    Daniel Penn   2 weeks ago

    That big tree is a real big tree. Not anything else

    DANIEL RICKEL   2 weeks ago

    Devils tower would be the tallest tree ever if it was actually a tree stump.

  • Brian Freeman
    Brian Freeman   2 weeks ago

    From Britain, I REALLY enjoyed that, particularly the cameos from American Indians, who are, in my view, the greatest nation in modern history.

  • Craig Leibbrand
    Craig Leibbrand   2 weeks ago

    We hunted both Montana and Wyoming. Montana is a hunter friendly state. Wyoming wanted money for tags and licenses. But most of it was private property. Montana $50 a truck load and go back and take as many antelope and white-tailed deer is you want just be careful of the wildlife agent. This was back in the eighties I'm sure things have changed a lot more private property that are Outfitters that charge money.

  • First on turtle island Napi

    Looking for a way over the mountains …… instead they killed humans for their comfort in living on the land …

  • Rose Mike Bossi
    Rose Mike Bossi   2 weeks ago

    I grew up in South Florida my whole life and moved to Wyoming in my 30's. Such a change. So nice to be away from the big city , traffic , bad air. It's peaceful and feels so safe here.

  • Franc Froma
    Franc Froma   2 weeks ago

    Wyoming some of best elk hunting around.....i travel from Delaware.

  • John Swartz
    John Swartz   2 weeks ago

    Under the massive piles of rubble that are around this ancient tree stump will be incredible ruins and remains they just need to dig them up and they could be under, 100-to 200 feet of rubble…To excavate it…I would just start at the flattest point of the area, and dig in and keep looking for remains… Until I was against the ancient tree stump

  • Burnished Brass
    Burnished Brass   2 weeks ago

    America is the Promised Land That is spoken about in the Bible without a shadow of doubt . Everything that happened in the Bible happened in what is now called America Martin Luther king was right we as a people are exiled in our own land .

  • s2 vue
    s2 vue   2 weeks ago

    i thoroughly enjoyed this video as i have travelled many miles in the great state of Wyoming. the narrator made me laugh when he stated the Rocky Mountain Range was very young at only 60 million years. that's such an idiotic statement to make.compared to what, sand in an hour glass? God bless America.

  • OzzO. iron
    OzzO. iron   2 weeks ago

    It's a tree trunk. Stone does not look like that . Look at the red woods .they lie to every one

  • Jo Riome
    Jo Riome   2 weeks ago

    Wonderful doc. Been to , not just through, twice . Have been on the North side of Devils Tower. It is a place that drew me back . For me , from Canada , Wyoming is a cherished destination .