Inter 1-2 Milan | Zlatan Double Seals Derby! | Serie A TIM

  • Published on: 17 October 2020
  • Zlatan Ibrahimović scored twice early to secure a derby day win for Milan, despite Romelu Lukaku’s 29th minute goal for Inter | Serie A TIM

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  • Runtime : 4:14
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    DEE DUBZ   5 hours ago


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  • Anon
    Anon   2 days ago

    Lukaku always does this. Score when under no pressure but soon as the pressure comes he turns to the sh*ttiest footballer

  • OM PRO
    OM PRO   3 days ago

    Kami merindukan scudeto.. semoga ditengah2 pandemi Milan bisa bersinar lagi. IBRA numero uno...

  • Yohana Kiyumbi
    Yohana Kiyumbi   4 days ago

    Congrats Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the great Performance in the Stadium...he always score many goals as he can...bigup bro

  • Yohana Kiyumbi
    Yohana Kiyumbi   4 days ago

    Fantastic goals,,, Colourful results from Ac Milan...This is My Favorite team in Serie A for a long time since 1990's to 2020

  • mesi ab
    mesi ab   1 weeks ago


  • Irakli Samsonia
    Irakli Samsonia   1 weeks ago

    13' Zlatan Ibrahimović (Miss. Pen. Milan); 13' Zlatan Ibrahimović (0-1); 16' Zlatan Ibrahimović (0-2); 29' Romelu Lukaku (1-2)

  • Aldorf Luthanus
    Aldorf Luthanus   2 weeks ago

    BRAVO Milan!!!!!BRAVO Milan!!!!!BRAVO Milan!!!!!BRAVO Milan!!!!!BRAVO Milan!!!!!

  • hen ko
    hen ko   2 weeks ago

    IBRA THE 🐐🔥🔥👌

  • Casaoui
    Casaoui   3 weeks ago

  • tim tubby
    tim tubby   3 weeks ago

    2:35 um that is not offside... howw they can review this and determine is offside.... um Italy, FIFA this is professional league?

  • Joanna
    Joanna   3 weeks ago

    Don‘t search space for aliens!One of them is with us and playing for Milan !Ibrahimovic is not human for sure ❤️

  • Baizo Boy
    Baizo Boy   3 weeks ago

  • Manuel Cuevas
    Manuel Cuevas   3 weeks ago

    Serie A just need Messi to complete best and oldest strikers

  • rico costigliola
    rico costigliola   3 weeks ago

    I am a Inter Milan fan.Yet I am am also a fan of legends of their creed.

  • Dale Bassett
    Dale Bassett   3 weeks ago

    People can say what they want about Zlatan but being a manunited fan I truly believe he’s one of the greatest footballers to have graced a football field age is just a number the guy will always have it until he hangs his boots up top footballer ! I for one was gutted he left us after that long injury he suffered and felt he could have won us the league if he had stayed as he’s proving with ac Milan he can make a huge difference when it matters

    SYURPRIZE MODAFAKA   3 weeks ago

    Let's yelling Ibra ibra ibra ibra ibra ibra ibra ibra..10000000000000x

  • Deepanshu Sharma
    Deepanshu Sharma   3 weeks ago

    man Respect for Zlatan. still carrying his team alone at 39

  • fireball gr
    fireball gr   4 weeks ago

    I am 💪☘PANATHINAIKOS☘💪 but i like MILAN till kid in Italy...

  • AbOmar Syr
    AbOmar Syr   4 weeks ago

    “City divided in a stadium that unites them” Always love watching it

  • Vuvuzela Asesina
    Vuvuzela Asesina   4 weeks ago

    that was a foul but to see zlatan exagerTE IT LIKE THAT IS DISAPPOINTING

  • Sung-yul Park
    Sung-yul Park   4 weeks ago

    Zlatan is not a Milan Lengend. He is the legend of Stado Giuseppe Meazza.

  • HOME
    HOME   4 weeks ago


  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy   4 weeks ago

    Don‘t search space for aliens!One of them is with us and playing for Milan !Ibrahimovic is not human for sure ❤️