We found the CRAZIEST Nether in Minecraft! - Minecraft with Jacksepticeye - Part 3

  • Published on: 13 August 2019
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  • Runtime : 28:42
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  • Cool Stuff 42
    Cool Stuff 42   1 minuts ago

    Is it just me or did i just see diamonds when they play with Doors in The lava

  • McSnowy -_-
    McSnowy -_-   16 hours ago

    why do you hate norwegians pewdiepie???

  • second_snizzle
    second_snizzle   1 days ago

    27:28 that diamond pickaxe a legend cuz how did it survive like that diamond pickaxe has been near lava 2 times but still survived😂

  • Sam Roberts
    Sam Roberts   3 days ago

    I saw this in my recommended , I was thinking like no way can’t believe Pewds uploaded with jack againThen I realised it was a year ago Psi

  • Just Dj
    Just Dj   4 days ago

    Do a video showing all your tattos and what would you like to do more

  • Alice Qi
    Alice Qi   4 days ago

    "what if we put diamond in furnace"NEVER COMES BACK

  • Sh4rk
    Sh4rk   5 days ago

    what is his texture pack

  • The Terdinator
    The Terdinator   1 weeks ago

    The place they came out of the portal from they had already been there as proof of the boat

  • tub yaj
    tub yaj   1 weeks ago

    Both: I Found thisAlso Both: WE found thisAlso also Both: Ok... we shareFRIENDSHIP GOALS

  • Latifa Diyas
    Latifa Diyas   1 weeks ago

    I didn’t say swore I said jod😂😂😂

  • π arch
    π arch   2 weeks ago

    Wats better arabit or chiken

    LAZZI MOBILE GAMING   2 weeks ago

    Love how they accidentally linked upto there original portal , but faked the end 🤣less XP and no portal in background , I see ya :)

  • Saman hasan
    Saman hasan   3 weeks ago

    Pewdipie now doesn’t have enough space for his diamonds

  • Sakura. Grl
    Sakura. Grl   3 weeks ago

    . . . "and the blocky bois" -_- loading . . . proceeds to do happy support dance

  • Andrew Zeitler
    Andrew Zeitler   3 weeks ago

    The soft kimberly clinically repeat because quilt yearly burn upon a truthful christopher. wicked, dusty twine

    KOZEKYTO   1 months ago

    12:55 when Felix laughed the Baby Sheep baa’d so it almost looks/sounds likeFelix make the sheep noise.

  • Maxwell Smith
    Maxwell Smith   1 months ago

    why do they always stand still in the lava you can move or block the lava and at least save some of your stuff

  • Torrential rain
    Torrential rain   1 months ago

    Sean: wow this is a horrible location wow Me after update 1.16: you lucky souls

  • Robin X
    Robin X   1 months ago

    Dlaczego mam u niego polska nazwę filmu?

  • Jesse Boon
    Jesse Boon   1 months ago

    Jack: ''I'm even starting to sneak right now so I don-''Felix: ''WATCH OUT LAVAAA!''

    NIRALI PATEL   1 months ago

    he walk past diamonds that idiot🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • James Sell
    James Sell   1 months ago

    i just realised this was posted on my 12 birthday