Adventures in TIG Brazing

  • Published on: 03 October 2018
  • Never TIG brazed a day in my life; always wanted to try it. Join me as I probably do a ton of stuff wrong!

    Music: "Danzon De Pasion" - Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions
  • Runtime : 18:11
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  • Beaser Hendrix
    Beaser Hendrix   17 hours ago

    I appreciate the Star trek TNG reference! I love your videos and try to share them with everybody I can almost to the point of being annoying, keep up the great content!

  • Dustin Alberico
    Dustin Alberico   1 days ago

    By far the most entertaining educational show ever. I totally dig this channel. I recommend it to all of my mechanically inclined friends. Great job Tony keep 'em coming!

  • Bill Charlebois
    Bill Charlebois   3 days ago

    after watching the beginning and the end i see the setup differently from the automatic rotation of the machine and the very skilled welder, dabbing in and out constantly as well as rhythmically dab, dab, dab like that. now when i look at the welder manually moving the arc along it appears that the welder is skipping the arc like a little frog hopping along in a line. It happens that i’m a welder and i am accustomed to looking through the that window. may i humbly suggest trying , about 100 to 125 depends in your speed and size if the filler rod, and when you position your body so you have free motion in the direction of your weld moving the arc steadily as you go and just like the welder in the video dab, dab, dab like that with an extended amount of filler rod so tou can continue without adjusting the length of the rod i may sound off the wall but it can’t hurt to try. excellent video showing your skills . good luck going forward •••

  • Ituk Uppoo
    Ituk Uppoo   3 days ago

    Show us the white fairy plumes of the gas welding beazing rod when you try tig-ging it.

  • i am
    i am   1 weeks ago

    Thank you for this demonstration! Silicon bronze can be quite the fickle mistress. I work with it on a daily basis at one of America's oldest header companies. We use silicon bronze for butt joints on 18ga. mild steel tubing, as well as joining the tubing to a .375" thick flange.It is difficult to express, to some customers, the strength of the have done so here. Again, thank you!So have you figured out the taper of the tungsten issue...and filler feed angle and direction so that you do not have to brush it??

  • Martoon
    Martoon   2 weeks ago

    I particularly wanted to watch silicon bronze welding. Never done it, all my tig work being ss, cromo and mild steel. I like your videos young Tony. A great balance of humour and the nuts and bolts. Most enjoyable, and I learned much....

  • Jerry A
    Jerry A   1 months ago

    Thinking of trying this when butt welding auto body panels on an upcoming project. I'd be interested to see you attempt that,ergo thinner material. Also thinking I'm gonna use 1/16 filler and track braze. You can't lay down a bead on auto body panels even with sibr. And are you still happy with your htp? I'm in the market and it's one of the units on my list of contenders...thanks

  • Veronika Lugitsch
    Veronika Lugitsch   1 months ago

    Would it make sense to flux before welinge same as with gas?

  • Ed McGuigan
    Ed McGuigan   1 months ago

    How well do you think you will be able to extrapolate what you learned here to different materials sizes ( or by now, were able )?

  • Ed McGuigan
    Ed McGuigan   1 months ago

    Practical and funny. Like your swagger Tony. Other reason for TIG brazing is not compromising the inherent qualities of the materials, like bicycle tubing, by overheating it. Very interesting to observe your process. A lot to be learned about how to go about something like this. What does a TIG rig like that cost?

  • Othoap Proto
    Othoap Proto   1 months ago

    Wasn't "Tig Brazing" a Film Star in the 50s

  • Tixe 100
    Tixe 100   2 months ago I know. (Something I’ll never use. But it’s cool.)

  • Doug
    Doug   2 months ago

    can u tig braze silicon bronze on cast aluminum with dc?

  • sochyvonn nora
    sochyvonn nora   2 months ago

    I still dont know why i subscribed and watched your videos to the end. I dont and will never have a metal workshop.

  • stuarth43
    stuarth43   2 months ago

    a great believer in brazing used to do a great deal of it, amongst other things the electrical fitters at a board mill I worked at were aluss busting motor castings and getting me to braze em up before their boss found out, in the ole day's motorcycle frames were brazed and everyone knows the strength of nickel ally bronze, but i, ve not seen it tigged in before. good job Tony, once i poked a red hot end onto the crook of my elbow, SIZZLE,. Oh fore I forget, do a nick break test in those fillets

  • Dwi17 Yan
    Dwi17 Yan   2 months ago

    What type,,, ac or dc for tig brazing.??Thanks sir 🙏🙏👏👍

  • Darrin Leazer
    Darrin Leazer   2 months ago

    Was wondering if I was going to ever come across a video of silicone brazing. I have done this, but' was using a lead from a stick welder. That's how I learned how to weld this style, and to me, by using it this way, was like tig welding. But' this way is really good to know

  • Uplightered
    Uplightered   2 months ago

    What about brazing Inoy materials ? Thank you for your work / videos .

  • ganjasmoke21
    ganjasmoke21   2 months ago

    We use this stuff on galvanized at my shop, so we don't have to take the zinc off for weldong.

  • DK
    DK   3 months ago

    Wow, discovered your channel. 👍🏽

  • Filby
    Filby   3 months ago

    nice video mate... do u ever use the see thru cups...ive heard ppl say u can see better with them?i have no idea having never tig welded.. but all knowledge is good knowledge huh?

  • M. B.
    M. B.   3 months ago

    When are you going to do a vid on how you get your fingernails that short?Im guessing there will be quite a lot of advance machine tricks involved

  • Gurry l.
    Gurry l.   3 months ago

    Кольца на проходки

  • artur m.
    artur m.   3 months ago

    Tony możesz gadać po polsku? :) byłoby łatwiej dla Twoich polskich fanów! Pozdrowienia

  • Victor Miranda
    Victor Miranda   3 months ago

    Excuse my ignorance, but what the fuck means or is...TOT?. New York, 16/06/2020