Everything Wrong With The Wizard of Oz

  • Published on: 07 December 2019
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  • Runtime : 7:14
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  • Rochelle the Potato god

    me only watching this 6 months later because the lass who plays dorothy died this day nOICe-

  • Hi Chicken
    Hi Chicken   3 weeks ago

    Ur fucking kidding it’s the wizard of oz u bitchy fuck

  • e d
    e d   4 weeks ago

    One of the first movies to feature vertically challenged people of color.

  • Cre Henge
    Cre Henge   1 months ago

    So according to the wizard of OZ your worth is determined by likes?

  • Jono Fancett
    Jono Fancett   1 months ago

    You forgot to sin the fact that the wizard says he will take a trip to the upper stratosphere, when hot air balloons travel in the lower troposphere

  • Aelric Kofoid
    Aelric Kofoid   1 months ago

    In the book the by L.Frank Baum the 4 of them see oz in an individually different form Dorthy Sees him as the head from the movie .The scarecrow sees oz as a cloud of smoke. The tinman sees him as a beautiful girl and the lion sees him as a half bear half tiger animal . There is also a spell on the wicked witches hat that she has to say to summon the winged monkeys and the emerald city being emerald is only an illusion because of glasses they are required to wear. Another difference is that the tin man the scare crow the lion and all received brain heart and courage made from potions by oz.The reason why the scarecrow gets a diploma the lion a medal and the tinman a clock to look like a heart is because there was not the technology to make special effects to have them receive those things in the the movie the same way the characters did in the book.

  • Alice
    Alice   1 months ago

    galinda is actually the worst. look into the pre-lore in wicked :)))

  • Steve the croc hunter
    Steve the croc hunter   1 months ago

    Actually the "scarecrow" and Dorothy did have some behind the scenes history. Dorothy and "hunk" (the scarecrow's human alter ego) had a little thing together in the book.

  • Gene Autry
    Gene Autry   1 months ago

    What great films that era produced. If you like 30’s and 40’s films, you should watch my westerns. They are very beautiful and inspiring films.

  • Gene Autry
    Gene Autry   1 months ago

    Well, I think they said,” Follow the Yellow Brick road”, so many times to add effect. You do have a point though.

  • dpsamu2000
    dpsamu2000   1 months ago

    Faulty good witch bad witch logic again. Bad witches can be pretty but good witches can't be ugly. Moral; Don't be fooled by a pretty face. 3 sins on you for that one. A tin ax man wouldn't chop down apple trees. 2 sins for not knowing that and for not knowing what a lumber jack does. It was explained why the witch doesn't kill for the slippers. They're magic. She would be killed doing it. She tried already. 2 sins. The good witch could just tell Dorothy there's no place like home. Dorothy had to figure that out for herself as the witch explained. 2 sins. Another 3 sins for being the dude stuff has to be explained to even though you sin for explantions. That's 2. The third is because of dudes like you we all all have to sit through explanations in movies. The wicked witch of the west doesn't know she's vulnerable to water. She doesn't need to eat. She doesn't need to drink. But the monkeys, and guards do. 1 sin for that. The good witch is a bitch because she knows a girl who runs away from home because her foster parents won't fight the rich bitch who bribes county officials to allow her to take her dog doesn't trust authority figures who tell her to go back home? 3 sins for that one. One for calling a good egg a bitch. One for not seeing why Dorothy doesn't trust authority figures, and one for being someone who doesn't trust authority figures yourself. Make that 4 sins because you expect others to trust but you don't. Total 17 sins. A record. Sentance; Stuffed with fresh straw, and ripped apart by flying monkeys.

  • Elizabeth Merrill
    Elizabeth Merrill   1 months ago

    Honestly he should’ve added 20 sins for the unsafe conditions for the actors were in.

  • Nogg
    Nogg   1 months ago

    Movie completely forgot about the quadlings and dainty China people in the south... it’s like they just read through half the book, and said “that‘a a rap”...

  • SadOreoGirl
    SadOreoGirl   1 months ago

    She was sexually assaulted by the one of the tiny people and the tiny people got away from putting their hands under her dress

  • Daniel Cordova
    Daniel Cordova   1 months ago

    how is this not more popular. it’s literally my favorite ever

  • C Perry
    C Perry   2 months ago

    When she fell asleep in the field of flowers they were poppies she was drugged kind of dark

  • Rat Lady
    Rat Lady   2 months ago

    Your voice is much nicer then other white guys

  • Rollie Grant
    Rollie Grant   2 months ago

    Why didn't we get several "roll credits" sins for "were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz"?

  • The Eerie Countess of Death

    You forgot something, something off set the terrible abuse of Judy Garland the tin man the cowardly lion and the scarecrow the actors of those characters were rude and mean to Judy because they thaugt that she was shining to bright and was better than them they put her on drugs that would keep her awake at long hours of the day which fuled her drug addiction which lead to her death and her mother was abuseve and they are the true sins...

  • Julia K
    Julia K   2 months ago

    Has no one realized that there was a huge tornado before Dorthy got knocked out did it just...disappear and leave her house unharmed

  • Dave Dugan
    Dave Dugan   3 months ago

    There was totally a hanging munchkin in the original.

  • TheNotverysocial
    TheNotverysocial   3 months ago

    Were this same video done today they would have added a bonus round, or sinned things they personally didn't rather than total inconsistencies with the story, padding it longer than it is. They need to do The Wiz.

  • Wendy testaburger
    Wendy testaburger   3 months ago

    Surprised you didn’t mention this, but the whole monkey army has literally Miles apart from each other when then fly and some are even on the very edge of the screen how the hell were they planning to get Dorthy 4:41

  • Professor Bonk
    Professor Bonk   3 months ago

    3:55, all of the snow, along with a lot of other things on the set, were made from asbestos

  • Larry Ibarra
    Larry Ibarra   3 months ago

    Interesting that he makes fun of the Scarecrow's failed triangle theorem in the outtakes but doesn't actually sin it.

  • The Peaches
    The Peaches   3 months ago

    2:22 This is easy to answer! She bathes in milk and drinks milk.

  • Dana Quinn
    Dana Quinn   3 months ago

    toto should turn in his dog card hahahah!

  • Virginia Clark
    Virginia Clark   3 months ago

    Sunday 15th March 2020. My parents saw the film "Judy" last year in 2019. Have any of you guys seen it? I haven't but I've heard it was based on Judy Garland aka Dorothy Gale. :) Virginia

  • K P
    K P   3 months ago

    Love this, but I must mention....A: “With the thoughts you’d be thinkin you could be another Lincoln if you only had a brain”He does not live on earth. Why does Dorothy think he knows who Lincoln is?B: I get he scared her dog, and I might have done the same if he scared mine, but what was Dorothy THINKING when she immediately slapped the lion instead of, idk, grabbing Toto and her friends and running and hiding? Think about this Dorothy, what would’ve happened if he WASN’T cowardly? Your two good friends would be having, what I like to call, a funeral on the yellow brick roadC: does Dorothy not know that it is rude to call one friend your favorite in front of your other two friends?

  • ImJustEcho
    ImJustEcho   3 months ago

    5:53 Actually, Sort of. I heard somewhere that there was a deleted scene that was a supposidly a reference to the relationship between Dorthy's relationship to scarecrow or who scarecrow represents ; Hunk.What we didn't see in the finished film were scenes at the beginning, where Hunk and Dorothy are having a conversation which alludes to the true nature of their relationship and where Hunk is tinkering with a windmill-like invention of his. We do, however, hear Auntie Em make a reference to the deleted scene when she scolds Hunk, saying "don't think I didn't see you tinkering with that contraption of yours." Is what I read somewhere.In the end I think that one simple line was a reference to a lot of things, whether it has connections to a scene that never made it, lost to time, or even was simply a small line that was added on later for unknown reasons that one particular line always holds a special place in my heart and always makes me cry.

  • James DC
    James DC   3 months ago

    2:39 - Dorothy's Ruby red slippers can apparently disguise themselves as black work shoes at will

  • Luh Mayo
    Luh Mayo   3 months ago

    1:37 is actually goddamn hillarious