Bigfoot Mountain - Beyond the Trail (new Sasquatch evidence documentary)

  • Published on: 23 September 2021
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    Aleksandar Petakov and Eli Watson head to Oregon in their continuing search for Sasquatch. They visit the North American Bigfoot Center, and interview researchers, Cliff Barackman and Connor Anderson before trekking to one of the hottest Bigfoot destinations in North America; the Mount Hood wilderness.
  • Runtime : 1:2:52


  • 454 Casull
    454 Casull   5 hours ago

    Way to go Cliff! Gorgeous wife dude!! 👍👍

    ROBERT SMITH   16 hours ago

    MY FRIEND AND I WENT OUT THAT way a few years back we collected some sasquatch poop it even had a partially digested human finger in the poop with a gold wedding band on the finger, sure enough the DNA said it was half human./ That pretty much sealed the deal that they are in fact cannibals, that doesn't make them bad hell my dog eats her stillborn and she is a good dog, it is their way not ours just them . I Refuse to eat anything that can verbally speak.

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   1 days ago

    The Navajo Indians said u won't even know it if they have came and left that's how good they are.

  • Sam
    Sam   1 days ago

    I didn't see anything I consider to be "new evidence" as the title suggests. It's in the same boat as Finding Bigfoot or MonsterQuest, but made by some homies. Cool when he broke out the bass and started jammin' with the Geddy Lee, though I don't have any idea how that might attract a Bigfoot if they exist. An "A" for effort, for sure.

  • Niki C
    Niki C   1 days ago

    Why was there a fruit bat portrayed on a Pacific Northwest video?😜 other than that I love this stuff!

  • The Family
    The Family   2 days ago

    These guys show you at the end how not to ever encounter a Sasquatch 😄

  • joseph Van Wie
    joseph Van Wie   2 days ago

    It's amazing that every cripted is labeled MONSTER! If you really want to see monsters, then watch the news!

  • Donald Moody
    Donald Moody   3 days ago

    Set copper and magnets out there close to one another separate them just in range of each other so it creates a sucking current towards one another and as long as there's a current between them sucking one towards the other but can't get there and you put some EMF equipment around the site through the forest you will catch something I guarantee it

  • Mike Feather
    Mike Feather   4 days ago

    I think you will find that the strange ritual those people camping in the forest were doing probably involved shroom's by the looks .

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   5 days ago

    They must be nesting by a water source system that no one can hear them. When you get whatever you need from them then what you going do?

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   5 days ago

    Ya so what if they are out there. Maybe they don't want to be detected or bothered. Ur knocking when they already know that u guys are there . I think you should respect them and be careful about getting too close to their nesting area.

  • Addison Dreiszus
    Addison Dreiszus   5 days ago

    I think Connor Anderson is the future of sasquatch research and celebrity. Much respect.

  • Kimble Cheat
    Kimble Cheat   6 days ago

    I'm gonna go there and twist loads of sticks.

  • Chocko Tjs
    Chocko Tjs   6 days ago

    I was born in Portland Oregon 70s My respects for bigfoot ✌

  • TriggeredFrailNaggers ChimpOut

    These are NOT knocks. Tree's creak and crack and groan, especially if one is going to be falling in the next year or so or if it's dying or dead. It's the layers of wood inside the tree sliding past one another make the infamous knock sound. You people are chasing demons as hard as a heron addict coming clean.

  • B Floy
    B Floy   1 weeks ago

    48:37, definitely gunshots! Enjoying the vid! Thanks for sharing. From Elizabeth IllinoisThe Bigfoot Band! Yes! Need a vocalist?

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   1 weeks ago

    I'm happy for u finding someone to share your interests and experiences with great news on the business 😀.

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   1 weeks ago

    If someone says it's someone in a Bigfoot suit I'm going to lose my mind 😤. Foot prints etc are far gone. Evidence that is captured now is going to be amazing. Who would be all the way out there just to put a suit on ? No way 😳

  • Thatmonster8
    Thatmonster8   1 weeks ago

    is that bigfoot hair on the broken branch at 45:51 ?

    CATCHEATRELEASE   1 weeks ago

    Screw the tree knocks, wait for a breezy night, bang on some bongos or a bass drum like the Indians did and cook up a couple pounds of greasy bacon over the camp fire which can be smelt many miles away and make some growling noises like lets fight bitches!!! There was an interview with Bobo and David Paulides where Bobo and his girlfriend were in a known area where bigfoot were living and he was making loud growling noises, like fighting words growling and two sasquatch could be heard in the distance and within an hour of the growling fighting words the hairy guys were almost on top of them and Bobo's girlfriend was so freaked out that they tore out of there. Instead of the wooping, make some growling lets fight you big pussy sasquatch noises and see what happens, you guys are all heavily armed and can handle it.

  • Harley Davidson
    Harley Davidson   1 weeks ago

    From Time to Time i like to Get back to Nature i go up In the Mountains Drop my clothes and begin to wander around But every time i Run into Hikers they Point and Scream Run it's the Big One It's Its the Big one and there not talking about Big Foot !!!

  • Anarcho Moto
    Anarcho Moto   1 weeks ago

    So... Where was the evidence in this "new sasquatch evidence" video?

  • Goth Life
    Goth Life   1 weeks ago

    Sasquatch like Rush and Nirvana?

  • RagetasticGaming
    RagetasticGaming   1 weeks ago

    at 26:00 you can hear the frogs and bugs going off and then everything went silent... very typical in sasquatch reports. That would be spooky for sure

  • Sharebear
    Sharebear   1 weeks ago

    When listening to Shane’s story I kinda think the reason The Bigfoot came down with the banging of the rocks is because that day his friend was walking around banging those pans. It kinda sounded like the Bigfoot was saying how do you like the sound. I’m not sure but that’s what I took from that encounter.

  • Missy Cabic
    Missy Cabic   1 weeks ago

    Kraft Mac and cheese is so much better than Velveeta (Velvomit is more like it🤢).

  • silly me
    silly me   1 weeks ago

    You don't find Bigfoot he finds you because humans are noisy have a scent and not adept at hunting something of any high intelligence lol.

  • wtfanon
    wtfanon   1 weeks ago

    I'm glad you guy's didn't hear any calls or knocks in response. It shows me you're for real and not faking it for the show.

    MICHIGAN WATCH   1 weeks ago

    For someone looking for bigfoot you guys have the shittiest night vision equipment I've ever seen I can light up 800 yd with my digital day and night scope and get a detailed picture. And you might want to try thermal

  • Joseph George
    Joseph George   1 weeks ago

    I think it's a bunch of nonsense today everybody has a cell phone camera haven't seen any photos yet

  • Scott Cordell
    Scott Cordell   1 weeks ago

    This was painful to watch. Nice to be out in the wilderness though. I love Cliff. He's the real deal!

  • nbinghi
    nbinghi   1 weeks ago

    Anyone have any sightings in Ecola State park near Indian Beach?

  • Jane Linley
    Jane Linley   1 weeks ago

    Good Evening to All Believers and Knowers… I am a Knower… ☮️

  • Texx Red
    Texx Red   1 weeks ago

    So I guess the museum has some actual bones or a skull or some other kind of REAL evidence? Then it's just a souvenir shop.

  • Jyspy Jewels
    Jyspy Jewels   1 weeks ago

    great footage of crater lake. look how blue that water is