Goodbye Joergen - LWIAY #0082

  • Published on: 05 July 2019
  • This is so sad
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  • Runtime : 21:4


  • FoxRock24
    FoxRock24   2 days ago

    Was it me who couldn't stop staring at the y on his t-shirtRe watching his old vids

  • klaedo
    klaedo   3 days ago

    I’m not a fool. Pewds later on in Minecraft: names his sheep jeb

  • Blake Allen
    Blake Allen   6 days ago

    Anyone else here in 2020 and remembering Joergen 1 and 2

  • Yeah
    Yeah   1 weeks ago

    Who else is rewatching his older vids where everything was better💔

  • Skull Reaper
    Skull Reaper   2 weeks ago

    Felix: What is this cartoon? I have never watched this cartoon. Stupid 9 yr olds.1 year later......Felix: We are gonna watch the best cartoon, Phineas and Ferb in this livestream.

  • sylvan
    sylvan   3 weeks ago

    Maya Sven or Edgar

  • TheRealCake
    TheRealCake   1 months ago

    The green on the shirt became part of the greenscreen

  • Theg Yeet
    Theg Yeet   1 months ago

    Pewds doesn’t realize his Lwiay shirt acts like a green screen with some of the letters

  • Agnieszka Ragankiewicz
    Agnieszka Ragankiewicz   1 months ago

    Why did Somebody stab holes into pewds chest that where in the shape of a W and a Y

  • Vector A12
    Vector A12   1 months ago

    mr beast said to never stop playing minecraft Pewds and here we are a year later and no new minecrafts vids at all

  • Aniruddh Chaturvedi
    Aniruddh Chaturvedi   1 months ago

    water sheep tries to kill pewds but fails beebeepoopoo just kills him with a push

    MEMED MAN   1 months ago

    If hes so og why doesn't he know about jeb_ or dinnerbone. he spend so long building redstone stuff but doesn't no about that???

  • Ethan Benedict Tudtud
    Ethan Benedict Tudtud   1 months ago

    I like minecraft not beacause of the memes... (I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND MEMES... AND I'M A MINECRAFT GOD....!) ya... You read that right... Ya (!!!DAB!!!)

  • Folded Gaming
    Folded Gaming   2 months ago

    pewds doesn’t it look so good there dirt and wrinkles... AND YOU CAN SEE RIGHT THOUGH THE W AND THE Y

  • Hugh ONeill
    Hugh ONeill   2 months ago

    In twenty twenty he took a break from Minecraft