Jeff Musial Feeds Buffalo Wings to a Lizard

  • Published on: 22 March 2014
  • Animal expert Jeff Musial brings Jimmy a baby sloth and a giant lizard who enjoys Buffalo wings.

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    Jeff Musial Feeds Buffalo Wings to a Lizard
  • Runtime : 3:58
  • The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Kevin Bacon Jeff Musial animal expert Kevin Bacon's Footloose Entran banned dancing epic entrance Footloose NBC NBC TV Television Funny Talk Show comedic humor stand-up snl Fallon Stand-up Fallon monologue tonight show talent celebrities music musical performance The Roots video clip highlight talking youtube sketch comedy music comedy jeff musial buffalo wings lizard animals baby sloth


  • Gonzales
    Gonzales   1 weeks ago

    1:45 "Oh! Feeling free and eating. I don't hear you. . ."Soo cute!!!!

  • kcy rille
    kcy rille   3 weeks ago

    The funniest animal guy.. 😂 they are so funny together

  • Jara
    Jara   1 months ago

    Porfavor dejen a los animales en paz🙋

  • ____________
    ____________   1 months ago

    i fucking love jeff. he makes talk show hosts uncomfortable when usually, talk show hosts make animal handlers uncomfortable. hes great.

  • Lonely Dog
    Lonely Dog   1 months ago

    Like the opposite of Conan the host is annoyed with the animal dude whereas Conan is the animal dude is annoyed with the host

  • bunny lee
    bunny lee   1 months ago

    that guy is sooo funny! dont know why some hates him...

  • Carmen Lopez
    Carmen Lopez   2 months ago

    The only reasons people get mad at Jeff are; they are miserable, they have non sence of humor, and also their brain doesn't work good. Other ways, I can't find any other reason because JEFF is so funny and authentic, and that is part of the show. My English is not ao good, (still learning), but my brain works perfect.

  • Bratato Chip
    Bratato Chip   2 months ago


  • bodhi tree
    bodhi tree   2 months ago


  • Dolan Dunk
    Dolan Dunk   2 months ago

    Fuck Jeff and fuck everybody who liked him, I swear I want to bash this idiot skull in so bad.

  • jaison antony
    jaison antony   2 months ago

    Jeff Musial needs to learn to say "could you please"He is so assertive, No one likes that.

  • Shivam agrawal
    Shivam agrawal   2 months ago

    1:21 listen to the band laughing on the surfboard joke 😂😂

    GELBGOLD   3 months ago

    I wish kevin hart were in this moment

  • Brian Lin
    Brian Lin   3 months ago

    Jeff is that one annoying friend that everyone hates sometimes but can’t live without

  • J St
    J St   3 months ago

    Jeff is cheesy as hell. Stick to animals pal, your humor sucks ass

    TALANGENI   3 months ago

    Usually Jimmy looks like a big Sally and comes off as a jerk to the animal people he has on his show. The whole Jeff act makes you realize it’s just part of his act. You can tell he loves the animals I don’t think he would have all these animal people on his shows if he did not.

  • Tamzin Shaw
    Tamzin Shaw   3 months ago

    i lost it at “it looks like godzilla ROARRRRRRR”

  • AYA
    AYA   4 months ago

    That thumbnail looks like that little guy is trying to summon the demons...

  • Salma Munoz
    Salma Munoz   4 months ago

    I think jimmy hates the guy haha haha

  • Shem YT
    Shem YT   4 months ago

    1:23 joker in the back ground laughing lmao

  • DeepBreath
    DeepBreath   4 months ago

  • hurrdurr
    hurrdurr   4 months ago

    Holy animal expert pulled a Jimmy on Jimmy

  • Bawie Mawie
    Bawie Mawie   4 months ago

    Surf board took me out ☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • AbduCola
    AbduCola   4 months ago

    I've always hated how much Jimmy hates animals

  • Lea Juliene
    Lea Juliene   5 months ago

    The surfboard sloth part and then the person hysterically laughing in the back was so great. I'd be the person laughing in the back.

  • Alice Jones
    Alice Jones   5 months ago

    The confidence jeff has with these animals is OUTSTANDING!!