Real Survival with only an Emergency Tarp - Freezing Temps!

  • Published on: 03 December 2020
  • In this Survival Overnight Adventure Luke the Lone Wolf is headed into the remote forest for the purpose of sharing how to survival with only an Emergency Tarp and very little supplies.

    The focus of this episode is a survival product known as an Emergency Tarp and Luke will show you how to use it correctly to improve your chances of surviving in conditions below freezing!

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  • Runtime : 43:41
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview   1 years ago

    Thank you everyone for the kind words in regards to the Survival series.I will have more episodes in the future and will continue to make them as realistic as possible which has always been a focus of my channel;no drama, no bs, just reality. This is why I demonstrate the pros and cons of a product, how to use, how not to and so on.Strength and Honor everyone!- Luke

  • Glenn Watson
    Glenn Watson   1 days ago

    Is there a brand of mylar blanket you would recommend over others?

  • J C
    J C   1 weeks ago

    Great video! I will say corporals corner had a great series on using a rapid deploy ridge line with a tarp and using contractors trash bags stuffed with leaves as a mattress. I’ve tried it in a plow point configuration and it was really fast , comfortable, and blocked the wind on 3 sides. You could use that same tarp or a silnylon one.

  • T G
    T G   2 weeks ago

    "Stay on top of your emotions." Best advice in the entire video, brother.

  • Womanonthinice
    Womanonthinice   2 weeks ago

    Ok, I would have gathered and cut wood asap, kept it close to throw it on the fire. Ax food water covering.

  • Specter Mad
    Specter Mad   2 weeks ago

    I think that survival stuff did help you alot but didn't think about to much your used to all this cold weather and such...but to a person like me it might save my life...I am thinking of doing this trying out survival things....just a Ordinary man...the good and bad of trying to make it outside in the cold ...but I will leave a out for me to give in....just to see what a average person can take...

  • Off the Web Discontinued

    Another very important strategy you mentioned at about 29:20 , a smaller fire more efficient to maintain . i will also add that save the largest sticks /logs for the latest hours to burn longer for less maintaining /tending the fire

  • cooldigs1
    cooldigs1   1 months ago

    I’ve watched this video previously, as I have many others. They never get old. 😎 Great information!! My brother in law used one of the Mylar survival tarps as a sleeping bag, inside his tent. It sounded like he was rolling around in a potato chip bag. 😂 I think he was very uncomfortable!! Strength and Honor, Luke…… 🥾🥾

  • Jeff Clark of Clarkle Sparkle

    Dave Canterbury has a mylar tarp with reinforced gromet corners, you can hang a 45lb weight off it like Cpl. Sean Kelly illustrated with a slightly lesser version. The biggest thing missing from this setup is the reflective wall on the opposite side of the fire. With a product like this ingenuity is key with building simple frames for the tarp as well, making it much more rigid to use on a diagonal.

  • autoscanremaps
    autoscanremaps   3 months ago

    Brilliant review, only found your channel a few weeks ago and I'm already hooked. I have a question about the Mylar bags causing excessive moisture retention...why don't they just have a few vent holes popped in ? I can't see that causing too much heat loss as they work by reflecting not insulating ?

  • boastyy
    boastyy   3 months ago

    Have you tried making a self feeding fire so that the fire lasts through the night. Seen a video on it some time ago, easy to setup. Here's the link to the video showing the principle.

  • andrew macdonald
    andrew macdonald   3 months ago

    Used similar gear on a outing in the west coast off scotland miserable does not even cover it had abandoned it within the few hours after set stared rip apart thankfully only had a hours walk back to my car going out you need too have a half decent tent

  • Marie Marie
    Marie Marie   3 months ago

    I thought whenever you do camping - Sleeping bed, Axe, Saw and Water are very essential ! No matter who your purpose is - have to be wise !!

  • pakleader4
    pakleader4   3 months ago

    You have proven time and time again you know what to do in the coldest conditions. That’s why I trust you over anyone else. Still my man still my man

  • Lou B
    Lou B   3 months ago

    I really like your cinematography & sound work. Thanks!

  • Jeremy Moses
    Jeremy Moses   3 months ago

    Shouldve went with a plow setup if you were looking for it to "wrap" and to cut the wind.... also provide you with some rain cover, should it occur.

  • peter
    peter   4 months ago


  • Colin Ely
    Colin Ely   4 months ago

    Take some beef jerky in your bag??

  • Cassaundra Gilchrist
    Cassaundra Gilchrist   4 months ago

    A,survival all weather canvas 2 sleeper tent with sleeping bag and air mattress. Lantern and fire kit. I think it can still be hood to have some mylar. Than k you for your expertise and excursions. Keep being straight up.

  • Michael Essig
    Michael Essig   4 months ago

    Good info. I'll be watching the other survival link now

  • Charlotte West
    Charlotte West   4 months ago

    I don't know why, but your camping videos is so comforting to me, I feel kinda like I'm there! I think it's the coziness of it all and the camp fire!

  • Jeffrey Templeton
    Jeffrey Templeton   4 months ago

    Why you build wall instead of shelter? Of course that didn't work. You're smart enough to know that though.

  • James Oehl
    James Oehl   4 months ago

    I have used a similar (old-fashioned 'space blanket') while deer hunting in Northern Michigan. While I laid my camp out a bit differently... the results were basically the same. I did fail in one area, I put my boots too far from the fire (overnight,) the result of that is the most prominent memory of the experience! Pure misery!

  • James Oehl
    James Oehl   4 months ago

    Camping on Isle Royale years back, we encountered a young woman on the trail with broken-down feet. She had left her hiking shoes outside her tent the previous night and foxes had stolen them. She attempted to walk in her stocking feet the ~10 miles back to the main trailhead. 2 other hikers had to make a stretcher from a blanket and dead-fall to carry her the remaining several miles. NEVER put your boots outside your tent!

  • Gwyneth Pocock
    Gwyneth Pocock   4 months ago

    Fascinating stuff. We are kitting out our camping kit ready for next spring spring, and ours is a palace. But fascinating

  • emittcardnl
    emittcardnl   4 months ago

    Corpral's corner can literally build a 5 star hotel out of one of these

  • Mary Jane Spangler
    Mary Jane Spangler   4 months ago

    I am wondering why you wouldn’t eat during the cold night? I thought eating warmed your body.

  • Brian K
    Brian K   4 months ago

    I love your honest reviews on the products you use but i'd also love to hear about the products that you would recommend using instead of the mass market survival products...