Sharife Cooper SHOCKS EVERYONE & Drops 52 Points!!! DON'T TEST Sharife!!

  • Published on: 01 December 2019
  • The #1 point guard in the country, Sharife Cooper, went absolutely NUTS last night and dropped 52 points!!
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  • Runtime : 12:11
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  • WoahhTy
    WoahhTy   1 months ago

    So ur just gonna skip the fact dude didn’t have 27

  • One_N_Done
    One_N_Done   8 months ago

    This who Julian Newman thought he was

  • DeAndre Atkinson
    DeAndre Atkinson   9 months ago

    Jersey developing so much of the best Guards it’s crazy💯 if U ain’t kno he from there too...

  • Jj Jorvelus
    Jj Jorvelus   9 months ago

    By my 2nd year in HS ill be better than him

  • George Loyd
    George Loyd   9 months ago

    Is it me or did it seem like the black squad was winning ? There’s way more highlights of them i thought they were winning 🤣

  • DNC 8
    DNC 8   9 months ago

    His whole team plays through the offense and it seems like there in sinc, I wish my team was like that

  • Directed By Joey
    Directed By Joey   10 months ago

    I make tutorials on how to make crazy music video effects on basketball mixtapes on my channel 💻🔥🔥🧪

  • Abdoul Mbaye
    Abdoul Mbaye   10 months ago

    Nigga just took the whole team to the rack

  • Luke Guggemos
    Luke Guggemos   10 months ago

  • Jay Strokes
    Jay Strokes   10 months ago

    Ummm...definitley not the best pg in AMERICA.

  • hard truth
    hard truth   10 months ago

    These young men lately are ultra talented.with massive hair.hmmmm thier hair is their strenght.wonder if i grew a george Jefferson na.future NBA is going to be a show

  • Leo Mvp
    Leo Mvp   10 months ago ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Bosa Shampoo
    Bosa Shampoo   10 months ago

    Team is so different this year, last season team would of violated this team no lie

  • laid back
    laid back   10 months ago

    No Defense Played at all my o my how the game has changed.

  • Fanty Towel
    Fanty Towel   10 months ago

    7:05 dat boi cooked they whole team

  • Michael Henderson
    Michael Henderson   10 months ago

    Sharife is going to have nba talent once he gets into auburn, to me he's one of the best point guards of all time.

  • Mix Up
    Mix Up   10 months ago

    Number 34 was sellin the whole game 😂😂

  • Perry Coleman
    Perry Coleman   10 months ago

    Lil man can hoop Offensively. Defense look suspect but i havent seen him live. Hs basketball not like it was when i played

  • Un Redacted
    Un Redacted   10 months ago

    did all his guys graduate last year?

  • antwan b
    antwan b   10 months ago

    Niggas playing with a walmart bal

  • Rone
    Rone   10 months ago

    34 moving like draymond

  • Jetsiel
    Jetsiel   10 months ago

    High school defense is so bad 😂

  • Jeff Bishop
    Jeff Bishop   10 months ago

    dude is my mycareer player on 2k stg 💀

  • Jai Brown
    Jai Brown   10 months ago

    The most underrated talent don’t @ me