UFOs & Aliens Alien Life Forms

  • Published on: 09 August 2021
  • In this episode of UFOs & Aliens, step into the conversation of alien life forms. People all over the world claim to have experienced close encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Follow the experts as they delve into studying the evidence and learn how they study extreme environments on Earth in order to conceptualize what life might be like on other celestial planets, moons, and meteorites.

    UFOs & Aliens is a 1999 movie, ***narrated by Jeri Ryan of Star Trek: Voyager, this series features stunning visualizations and interviews with top experts in the field of science, technology and ufology including Jill Tarter, inspiration for the book & film, Contact. First broadcast on TLC, UFOs & Aliens provides an exciting examination of UFO sightings, alien encounters, and our efforts to contact extraterrestrial life.

    ****Please note that this is just a segment of the full movie, UFO's and Aliens. Jeri Ryan is one of the few narrators.

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  • Runtime : 52:52
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  • richard ali
    richard ali   20 hours ago

    too much evidence they have given our internet plus

  • coral bayvi
    coral bayvi   21 hours ago

    well after watching just over 4 min, the lack of intelligence reared it ugly head and could not take anymore lol good luck

  • coral bayvi
    coral bayvi   21 hours ago

    the odds of there not being other life in the universe is outside the realm of probability. but i do know that if i was to come upon this planet, i would not waste my time since humans show no signs of intelligence what so ever. some try to give the impression, but humans only run on emotions and lack any common sense what so ever. just look around you and see.

  • Yvonna Mit
    Yvonna Mit   22 hours ago

    They can walk right through walls 💋

  • Bob Larsen
    Bob Larsen   1 days ago

    I found a .gov page explaining the TR-3B...

  • Dirk Ryan
    Dirk Ryan   1 days ago

    i'd agree that for some people, it's easier to believe in alien abductions than to deal w/ the underlying trauma at fault. but by the same token, so is it easier for doctors and mental health professionals to simply assume memories of alien abductions are just manifestations of the subconscious mind than it would be for them to seriously consider the possibility that what their patients are telling them really happened!

  • Mark Powell
    Mark Powell   2 days ago

    I seen a comment the other day saying if you go out at night between 11pm and 4 am and look and speak to them in your mind they appear if you say y{u mean no harm and just interested but you got to persuvere with they must be smoki g dmt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mad Man Gaming
    Mad Man Gaming   2 days ago

    I do not believe any of these abduction stories. Instead I believe these are DMT trips, dmt is the most potent drug known to man and its produced in several parts of the body including the brain. Like Joe Rogan said " if I had a dmt dream where I got abducted by aliens I would 100% believe it happened" but the truth is unless you've got a video recording of you sleeping (getting abducted) then I really can't take you seriously, because believe or not alot of people just want attention and they will play the victim very well just to get people to believe them. But people that actually go to hypnotherapy I think that they are just remembering that super realistic DMT induced dream that feels so real that they can't tell whats reality, that could even be considered schizophrenic.

  • Joejo Murph
    Joejo Murph   2 days ago

    "Aliens"?! Really? I guarentee these creatures just love it that you are thinking they are aliens! These are not creatures from another planet! In fact, these "things" are from right here good ole earth and always have been. They used to interact with humans 24/7 way back a very long time ago. These being found humans beautiful and started having sex with whoever or which ever they chose! And we all know what happens when we have wild unprotected sex?! Yup... they had offspring, but not just any offsprings, these were GIANTS! "And there were giants in the earth in those days" so, to make this not a long drawn out story, I'll just get on with it. These creatures are non other than demons, unclean spirits, creatures from the underworld and you'd better believe they are real! People in the elite society would sit around conjuring these entities up all over the world a hundred years or so ago and I'm sure they're still at it today as are teens and other groups of people. So if you are one of these people who like trying to call these entities up, you better be very careful because you will be messing with something you will have NO power over. Everything may seem fine and even fun in the beginning, but things will take a turn for the worse and then you'll have a REAL monster on your hands, one that can really destroy your life and others as well. I remember as a teen we too did the Ouija board thing way back then, I'm so grateful non of us found it very entertaining and only used it a couple times like yousee the typical kids doing on these shows. Anyways I'd just stay away from all that if I were anyone thinking of trying it, because you just might bring something through you wish you hadn't. Just saying!

  • Nick Alex
    Nick Alex   2 days ago

    Convergent evolution is a thing, if they have technology they are likely humanoid..

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack   2 days ago

    Les pieuvres vie dans l ocen,pas DANS les ufo

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack   2 days ago

    Bas des gris en plastique! On apprend pas grand-chose tournant rond.

  • Werner Claassen
    Werner Claassen   3 days ago

    ever heard of demons?.... enough said, let's go Brandon!

  • GalleryNorth
    GalleryNorth   3 days ago

    When I was very young I had my very own alien experience at the bottom of our garden. I was visited by a small green man. However, this little green man was of the folded arms brigade with a pointy hat and heavy boots. When he tapped his foot the ground shook so I can only assume that for one so small he must have been a very heavy being. I looked him in the eyes and he stared back at me. At once I thought of pots of gold and tried approacing him with the intent of capturing him and having the secret revealed as to where my fortune lay. However, he obviously had different ideas as he heavily trudged along the border of the garden and disappeared as I dived into the hedge to no avail. After this I had constant dreams of umbrellas hanging by their handles from the sloped ceiling of my childhood bedroom. Many years later, I visited a certain museum in Dublin's fair city where there was a display of umbrellas hanging from the ceiling by their handles. I had an immediate feeling of dejavou.

  • d mar
    d mar   4 days ago

    theres someone in my head but its not me HAHAHA

  • ferocious78
    ferocious78   5 days ago

    So, an alien travelled light years through space just to stand in your closet and look at you? Common sense should tell that man it was a dream.

  • Paul Leblanc
    Paul Leblanc   6 days ago

    I believe that Aliens and Demonic forces are one and the same. If you listen to people who are awake but can not move while they feel like they're not alone in their room. Some see shadow people, the old Hag or Aliens that abduct them. They see these shadow people, Ghost walk through walls. Look it up and study it and you will find a lot of the same things. I wish I could tell you all more about it.

  • matthew martin
    matthew martin   1 weeks ago

    Psychologist shouldn't even speak on the subject until they see an other worldly craft themselves.. then do something impossible that you know immediately that thing is not from Earth! period. just saying... you can be skeptical.. nothing wrong with that.. I actually encourage everyone to be skeptical these days... say what you want but I know 100% we are not alone! I've been way past that question since 1996! I won't even describe what I've seen twice! because it's too much, you'd never believe it.

  • matthew martin
    matthew martin   1 weeks ago

    There's a story I read about somewhere on here about a woman who was sitting on her back porch looking at the Moon through her telescope... and all of a sudden she saw a giant crab/spider like creature come out of nowhere beside the Moon.. and then crawled into the shadow side of the Moon!? she said it scared her so bad that she got up and went into her house! what the hell was that all about I wonder? I'm getting me a telescope for Christmas.. enough screwing around...lol no really I'm fascinated with our Universe, Moon and the Stars... all of them... you know.. "theories" and the UFO subject. got my reasons to be.

  • Arman ADIYEKE
    Arman ADIYEKE   1 weeks ago

    Do you still believe them? A good fairy tale for fans of fantasy and mystery. The hero of the fairy tale told to the world as an alien is an experimental creature produced in the laboratory. Her name is Barberella. It is no different from the dog and monkey sent into space before humans. Since the Roswell accident in 1947, barberella has been used in people's minds to create an untruthful template. It will be difficult to erase this 'Alien' template full of lies created in people's brains for years... for a while they will not believe the real facts told

  • Gamma Ray
    Gamma Ray   1 weeks ago


  • Lewis Thompson
    Lewis Thompson   1 weeks ago


    TONY MONTANA   1 weeks ago


    TONY MONTANA   1 weeks ago


    TONY MONTANA   1 weeks ago


  • Jeff Crow
    Jeff Crow   1 weeks ago

    U do not go in the Forrest with out fire arms

  • Jeff Crow
    Jeff Crow   1 weeks ago

    U got nothing to worry about as long as your not afraid to shoot them

  • Governoralex Keithville

    God dint just created us he also created ETs and we are all family in every Universe and there are thousands ( why is it so difficult to believe this)

  • Maty Aguilar
    Maty Aguilar   1 weeks ago

    Siempre pensé que es absurdo creer que somos los únicos en el Universo

  • frank bryant
    frank bryant   1 weeks ago

    mine was in the day time 3 days later it was round 5:00 clock it follow me home ,,,,,one night me wife and kids sating on poarch and one came down in front of house tree top high

  • ratrod diesels
    ratrod diesels   1 weeks ago

    snowflake az.is the hot air balloon capital of the world .the crew of travis walton saw a hot air balloon at dusk that happened to land because of approaching dark . travis was hit with a very powerful high lumens flashlight . travis may have had an epilectic fit and his crew convinced themselves it was a ufo . i postulate this is really what occured .

  • Wendy Busby
    Wendy Busby   2 weeks ago

    We may not have found them but they found us millions of years ago. we are experiments or entertainment.