Flashback Friday: Steve Harvey on Getting Fired

  • Published on: 21 March 2013
  • Steve Harvey talks about getting fired in this #FlashbackFriday clip. This clip is taken from the HBO Platinum Comedy Series Comedy special with permission. Also from the same DVD as One Man HBO Special.


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  • Runtime : 9:2
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  • James Booth
    James Booth   2 weeks ago

    I literally got fired once just for cursing at my brother while on a phone with a cashier. 😂The next day, I got called to the Office, then they told me that they're letting me go.I told the lady to go fuck herself. Then she sued me for "emotional damage."... I won. Now I'm laughing because I'm buying that damn RTX 3090.

  • dustins54321
    dustins54321   3 weeks ago

    You need this awesome movie!!!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/224146522570

  • 1V 1V
    1V 1V   3 weeks ago

    Tom, what are you saying 😂

  • Fear57
    Fear57   3 weeks ago


  • Skall S.
    Skall S.   1 months ago

    Swear in germany is the same shit. When they start to come uo fire me I said FUCK U ALL I QUIT. U should see them faces😂👍😎

  • Hazel Nut
    Hazel Nut   1 months ago

    What kind of suit is that...4 sizes too big

  • african ranger
    african ranger   1 months ago

    Imagine a white comedian would have said the same joke it would have been racist automatically

  • Carlos Cantrell
    Carlos Cantrell   1 months ago

    i had those stacey adams shoes for easter as a kid.

    FATIMAH AISHAH Konte   1 months ago

    😂😂😂❤️😂facts 💯💯💯💯Willy is about that life 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mick James
    Mick James   1 months ago

    Funny, but that's bullshit, I've been fired heaps of times, and I usually saw it coming haha.

  • Dwaine Randall
    Dwaine Randall   1 months ago

    What valuation? Did you post it on the board in the cafeteria. I ain't seen valuation. I'm telling you now, I ain't signin' shit.

  • Toby McVinn
    Toby McVinn   2 months ago

    I’m a white racist and I still find this to be fantastic comedy

  • Alvin Battle
    Alvin Battle   2 months ago

    You can fit 2 Steve Harvey's in that suit

  • Colyn Marie
    Colyn Marie   2 months ago

    Hhahahaha this is beyond funny. Danggggg hilariously crazy. Steve seems Willie. LoL!!!!!

  • The One
    The One   2 months ago

    What kinda fucking suit is that? That shit can fit 3 people

  • DaftSwank
    DaftSwank   2 months ago

    If there's ever a sequel to "Office Space", "Willy Turner" should be a character played by Kevin Hart . . .

  • Rob
    Rob   2 months ago

    Nice suit, three sizes too big and mustard in color.

  • Tina Haynes
    Tina Haynes   2 months ago

    I love comedy steve is so funny i will get it on cd

  • Poeticjalen 777
    Poeticjalen 777   2 months ago

    I got fired three weeks ago. Got hired the next day.

  • bob cl
    bob cl   2 months ago

    im a gringo - 6 times saw it coming 5 of 6 so harvey is fucked up wrong

  • Rob Jontay
    Rob Jontay   2 months ago

    The story about how he got his big break. It'll make you cry.....this man is needed more than ever.

  • PT 28
    PT 28   2 months ago

    This can now be a flashback Friday again

  • E Jones
    E Jones   2 months ago

    I only got fired once for being 15 minutes late

  • Keretha Brown
    Keretha Brown   2 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you a born actor Steve , got it in you all the time ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Keretha Brown
    Keretha Brown   2 months ago

    Oooooooh he was clean and mean in that suit , looking cute and fresh, mouthstash to the T 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍♥️♥️♥️♥️💯 Everytime

  • Jesse Love
    Jesse Love   2 months ago

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