Every Major Animal Death In PewDiePie's Minecraft Series (JÖERGEN, WATER SHEEP, BOAT COW)

  • Published on: 28 July 2019

    PewDiePie's entire Minecraft Let's Play series but only the introductions, harm, and deaths of his pets and animals. Featuring Joergen, Joergen #2, Water Sheep, Water Sheep #2, Boat Cow, Mushroom Cow, Chicken Sheep, Feige, Bernie, Poopoo Peepee, Sven, and more.

    The new PEWDS MINE CRAFT meme!


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    ● Pewdiepie Plays Minecraft - All Animal Deaths Compilation
    ● Jörgen Death (Pewdiepie Lets Play MEME)
    ● Pewds Watersheep Death (jeb_) - Minecraft Pets memes
  • Runtime : 10:3
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  • Kadz
    Kadz   1 years ago

    If you want to feel better after watching this sad video, watch this:PewDiePie making friends in Minecraft for 7 minutes straight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0f3yZVuhVkEvery time PewDiePie said "GOOD MORNING GAMERS" in his Minecraft Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2430nKOQx4gPewDiePie kidnapping people in Minecraft for 5 minutes straight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by_d0F1-ia8

  • Roxanne Giampapa
    Roxanne Giampapa   17 hours ago

    2 water sheeps???????????????????????????????????????????

  • ToastedIsACunt
    ToastedIsACunt   20 hours ago

    Pewds:Kills Water Sheep in magma block (he was a father to me)Also Pewds:Kills Second water sheep the same way (he was father to me) Pewds again: Kills Chicken Sheep The same way again (he was a father to me) Me: Things just dont change

  • H2 K
    H2 K   1 days ago

    Isn't it ironic, all mortal joergens died in the same way while the undead one died because of a creeper

  • Immy dragons
    Immy dragons   2 days ago

    When what's a sheep died PewDiePie laugh that was super mean

  • s s
    s s   5 days ago

    Never forget

  • Lisiasty24
    Lisiasty24   6 days ago

    This one peepee poopoo who died Is Technoblade who never dies

  • Irfanz
    Irfanz   6 days ago

    Water sheep back then: tortured by pewdiepieWater sheep now: A god

  • Wendy Penate
    Wendy Penate   1 weeks ago

    When you lost your favorite toy and your mom always have to buy you another one but kept losing it you be like:

  • Tasker Hehe
    Tasker Hehe   1 weeks ago

    pewdiepie, why you go to nether with jöergen

  • Datuxiv
    Datuxiv   1 weeks ago

    What’s the song in joergeon 2’s death?

  • User yeet
    User yeet   1 weeks ago

    Damn he's crazy for those deaths

  • Jonna Bornemark
    Jonna Bornemark   1 weeks ago

    "Jörgen was like a father to me." -Pewdiepie"I loved him like my son," -Also PewdiepieHol' up-

  • ABZ
    ABZ   1 weeks ago

    Mushroom cow died because pewdiepie hit him onces then his dog sVen thought pewdiepie gonna kill mushroom cow so sven helps him

  • Kyle Hurley
    Kyle Hurley   1 weeks ago

    Most powerful military forces 1. Pee pee Poo Poos2. America 3. Russia

  • Jed & Jen
    Jed & Jen   2 weeks ago

    “Water sheep was like a father to me...”*ah yes sonstotally like to torture their fathers

  • Jed & Jen
    Jed & Jen   2 weeks ago

    Jack: bell manPewds: idiot who tortures things thinking they won’t die and ends up killing themMark: who the hell knows

  • A K
    A K   2 weeks ago

    Recalled so many legends

  • Appurupi
    Appurupi   2 weeks ago

    Died pet 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Rose the Butt Kicker
    Rose the Butt Kicker   2 weeks ago

    Felix:*tortures water sheep*Also Felix:Water Sheep Was Like A Father To Me