(No Tent) Winter Storm in the High Mountains - Solo Snow Camp

  • Published on: 24 December 2020
  • A snow storm is on the way and...

    As the temperature drops...
    The Snow begins to fall...
    The winds pick up...
    The Lone Wolf Heads Out!

    This is Luke's latest Winter Overnight Adventure, thank you all for joining for this trip.

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    I'm going to do my best to put gear lists into all of my videos since everyone is asking for them all the time.

    For this trip, here are the big items that I used.

    Gear List :
    Fjällräven Vidda Pro Ventilated Pants : https://amzn.to/3ytuwYw
    SCARPA Men's Kailash Trek GTX Hiking Boot : https://amzn.to/342zFcd
    USMC Fleece Sweater :
    NiteCore NU32 Headlamp : https://amzn.to/3fxqLbU
    Fjallraven Gaiters :
    Decathlon Trek 100 70L Backpack :
    Thermarest XTherm Sleeping Pad : https://amzn.to/3vcsEBr
    German Military Folding Mat :
    HMG Cuben Fiber 10x10 Tarp :
    Nite Ize Lantern : https://amzn.to/3fCFbHN
    Mammut Ultralight Bivy :
    Enlightened Equipment Convert Sleeping Bag/Quilt :
    Toaks 750ML Pot with Bail Handle : https://amzn.to/3ywOpOw
    TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl : https://amzn.to/3vcItrL
    Kershaw Cryo II Folding Knife : https://amzn.to/2Sej6aD
    Fire Dragon Solid Fuel Stove : https://amzn.to/3oL71pg
    Expedition Research Hexamine Solid Fuel Tablets :
    Taster’s Nasty : https://amzn.to/3vgZZeE
    MSR Titan Small Cup : https://amzn.to/3f8U4T0
    Stowaway Gourmet Thai Curry with Shrimp :
    US Military Poncho Liner : https://amzn.to/2ShXoSZ
    Outdoor Research Helium Hooded Down Jacket : https://amzn.to/3bNy7XS
    Smartwool hat : https://amzn.to/3feJv0Y
    Hestra Gloves : https://amzn.to/3unDiEo
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  • Runtime : 52:16
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  • Ryan'sChannel7985
    Ryan'sChannel7985   1 weeks ago

    Good dinner good Christmas and well wishes to your whole family. I know I'm late. Thank your daughter for her service.

  • henrasla
    henrasla   2 weeks ago

    Thank you for your videos. They are inspiring. Also, I Thank you for putting celsius and km and so on, on the screen :-) Watching your videos from Denmark :-)

  • Edwin J SKI Korczynski

    Sunday, 08 2022, 1300 Hrs/CdtDear Mr. Luke and Campers,Girls and Women wear "PANTS' but Men wear, "TROUSERS!' Also, buildings have "DOORS" and "WINDOWS!" Also, buildings have "DOORS" and "WINDOWS," but tent openings are "FLAPS!!"Regards, "Ski"PS. Donate, money, clothing, and some of your "FREE" camping equipment to the People of Ukraine. Long Live UKRAINE, but gross "MISFORTUNE" TO "PUTIN" and his russia "SUPPORTERS.

  • Patrick Keelan
    Patrick Keelan   3 weeks ago

    I have to hand it to you for walking alone in the dark. I always think of Missing 411.

  • Primoer Moe
    Primoer Moe   4 weeks ago

    Omg in all your blogs you talk so much.:)

  • mawmawvee
    mawmawvee   1 months ago

    The icy snow is glittering like diamonds and it's so beautiful!

  • Craig Speirs
    Craig Speirs   1 months ago

    You should do some knife reviews, like bushcraft knifes, you videos are great, I do alot of camping and hunting in Arizona

  • Linda Poore
    Linda Poore   1 months ago

    No wind and no blowing snow, perfect camping night for you. This is a different kind of video.

  • Brand
    Brand   1 months ago

    too much whining these days.

  • henry white jr
    henry white jr   1 months ago

    Is your daughter officer or enlisted? My two boys became officers. I was enlisted myself.

  • William Durham
    William Durham   1 months ago

    You look a bit like an Alien with a brilliant white head...Talk about creepy ! You are gonna be the subject for many crows and tiny horses for years !"Hey Frank , dya remember the night that Alien scared the crap outa us "?!?!

  • Shannon Baldus
    Shannon Baldus   1 months ago

    LOL this snow reminds me of TWILIGHT the Movie, the way the main character Edward the vampire sparkled when he was in the sunlight looks just like this snow.

  • Andre Favron
    Andre Favron   2 months ago

    Hey Luke. I'm living vicariously through your adventures so thanks for sharing them with us. A humble little tip for you and your followers if you want when heating water in cold weather... only fill your cup about a quarter of the water at first. That will come to a boil about 50+% faster than a full cup. Then, when it is really hot and you add the rest of the water, it will come to a boil a lot faster than if you had all cold water. :-)

  • Smithy’s wild camping.

    I see this was filmed a year ago tho have you had any animal encounters while hunkered down for the night?

  • Joe Jimenez
    Joe Jimenez   3 months ago

    During your camp outs do you ever come across wild animals that would try to attack you so you carry a weapon with you when you go out Joe Jimenez.

  • Adam P
    Adam P   3 months ago

    So it seems that camping in normal weather condition is no fun for Luke. Very nice videos, thank you for gear reviews and for overall content.

  • David Ross
    David Ross   3 months ago

    I usually Cary a walking stick,or cane for that reason,I have a mountain cane ,with small akes head.and sharp end .

  • Jim Demetrakis
    Jim Demetrakis   3 months ago

    I also noted that you dont use a Hiking Staff, Pole or Tree Branch as a third leg on some of the watery portions or slick ice patches, how come is to much of a bother or will it slow you down ?

  • Jim Demetrakis
    Jim Demetrakis   3 months ago

    Why did you leave your boots outside of the sleeping bag ? Wont they freeze up in the overnight when you try to put them on ? That is what I told my Boy Scouts to do everytime we went out in the snow & cold ! Love your videos !

  • Steve Dunne
    Steve Dunne   3 months ago

    While I enjoy your films, every time I read about the "Lone Wolf" I can't help thinking about Michael McKean as Lenny "The Lone Wolf" Kosnowski on "Laverne & Shirley" and his red silk jacket.

  • Kylalady’s Adventures

    Absolutely beautiful scenery- I’ve been thinking watching several of your videos and I find them so relaxing and enjoyable to watch makes me long for camping and hiking when I can’t make it outdoors as often and when I do finally get around to being outside I enjoy every minute of it . I will be watching your videos in the years to come somehow it never gets boring just more inspiring each time .

  • 15 years Dylan
    15 years Dylan   4 months ago

    Brilliant guy,always goes the extra mile with a smile. Tells us how it is,he’s the best.Blessings to you.🙏🏻😊🇬🇧

  • N K
    N K   4 months ago

    Really enjoyed this episode Luke. Watched 2 times.

  • Seamus McBride
    Seamus McBride   4 months ago

    Who does this? Who frickin' does this?! You should be home with your family celebrating Christmas eve in a warm house, in front of a warm fire, and with a warm bed waiting, yet you do this in a way that has me saying, "I should do this. I CAN do this!!"....

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M   5 months ago

    I still stick with my shorty gaiters, even in deep snow here in the Northwest. Mine are out of production....breathable, slip on, Integral Designs...out of business. Try the shorties.

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M   5 months ago

    I used to wear a headlamp when walking at night until a partner said he preferred to carry a light in his hand so he didn't have to look and point a light in the same direction. Hmmmm???I tried it. I no longer wear the headlamp unless it is necessary to free up both hands. Why??The view line to the lighted area grays out the shadows and the loses the 3D effect of a hand held light. Try it. The trail turns 3D and makes foot placement more secure for me anyway. Hold the light low, below the waist line and see the terrain shadows pop out. Doesn't work for everyone, of course. Thanks. Luke.

  • Timothy McKean
    Timothy McKean   5 months ago

    Luke, can you talk about the pros and cons of putting your tarp over a ridge line vs just tying off the corners and putting tension on your tarp? Thanks!

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones   5 months ago

    Is it just me and I'm the only one wondering how or if at all he takes a poop on these adventures?Seriously.

  • Gwyneth Pocock
    Gwyneth Pocock   5 months ago

    One day Luke you’re gonna wake up dead. Your wife must worry about you. I hope you keep safe x

  • aryan parker
    aryan parker   5 months ago

    You need to reduce on your walk time on the video... 12 mins of walking... I honestly got bored and had to forward it....

  • girlyjulia
    girlyjulia   6 months ago

    My son who's in the Army has a woobie. I love snuggling up to his. #lovethewoobie

  • Darrell Roush
    Darrell Roush   6 months ago

    No better sleep than being toasty warm on a cold night outdoors 🔥 Great video 👍

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson   6 months ago

    Id love to see this done with the same gear used in the Korean war.