Survivorman Bigfoot | Skunk Ape Lives | Full Feature

  • Published on: 13 November 2020
  • Hey gang - from time to time I will upload for you to view films created by friends of mine on various subjects including survival and local foraging and bigfoot. This film comes to you from my Florida buddy Stacy Brown Jr. He and I are destined to do a film together on Bigfoot and in fact we will be releasing his independent documentary The Pit which I acted in.

    But here for you now one of his new documentary films

    RIP Stacy Brown Sr.....a truly wonderful and loving man.

    Directed by Stacy Brown Jr
    Starring Stacy Brown Jr

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  • Runtime : 1:6:28
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  • Marcel Wiedemann
    Marcel Wiedemann   1 days ago

    genau hahahah die haben ein bigfoot an die hand genomm is klar ihr amerikaner seid doch von allen verlassen worden erhlich rassiert euch mal dann seht ihr auch nicht so viele jägerm im wald mit voll bart

  • mark1138
    mark1138   1 days ago

    fbi . sounds like they in the back pocket of the forest industry

  • Andy Lester
    Andy Lester   2 days ago

    It’s it shame the other big foot didn’t get them for shooting his friend, no wonder why they don’t want nothing to do with humans most are spiritually backwards.

  • larry pero
    larry pero   4 days ago

    How do I get in on this money making game? I mean it, I just checked the prices for a bigfoot costume and they go for under $200 at Walmart. 1. bigfoot never in history has killed or attacked anyone, and deer, bears, cougars, snakes have. 2. bigfoot doesn't leave any poop, amazing3. bigfoot never dies and leaves bones to be found or scattered by other animals4. bigfoot is never seen on trail cam or clear video, always far away, not facing the camera, grainy footage that is about 10 seconds or less5. bigfoot never been hit by a car6. bigfoot doesn't migrate7. bigfoot is a primate, but primates are social animals who live in groups, not always seen solo like bigfoot8. Scientists know what lives 7 miles beneath the ocean, the dust mite that leaves dusty poop on your fan, but somehow they nor hunters can ever find a 9 foot tall, 1400lbs animal9. The guy who made the most famous bigfoot video admitted it was a hoax10. Not one hunter has shot a bigfoot, and it would be easy to shoot one and just say it attacked you and you defended yourself.One guy said "you can't find any bigfoot bones because it buries their own, they are very intelligent." Another guy said "you can't get bigfoot on a trail cam because the battery system for the camera emits a high pitch sound that bigfoot can hear and that warns him about the dangers of a camera." And another guy said "you never see them hit by cars or shot because when it does happen, the US government comes out of nowhere and tells everyone to just forget about what you have saw...these things are special and protected by the US government..." LOLOLOLLLLL!!!!!You have to be a professonal excuse maker to believe in this, amazing how people will believe in those views, but not think about bigfoot never dying and leaving bones or pooping like everything else on earth.

  • azforu29
    azforu29   4 days ago

    I shot a skunk ape...but I did not a monkey ee ee!

  • Ranger 208
    Ranger 208   4 days ago

    How many dies in hunting-accidents in US every year? Shooting at something unknown in the dark…

  • dankle46
    dankle46   5 days ago

    Has anyone ever thought it could be spiritual but take solid form. It would explain no body and no one killing one. Just a question

  • Slarty Bartfast
    Slarty Bartfast   5 days ago

    that story about sending Bigfoot to an asylum is really really bad. lol. just had to laugh...

  • Jay P is me
    Jay P is me   5 days ago

    They hit a werewolf in the truck the US military breeds them for war.

  • Richard Moroni
    Richard Moroni   6 days ago

    your out hiking with your wife,you see an eight foot creature ahead,yet you continue on to the camp site for the night.....yeah that is not believable.

  • grant saeger
    grant saeger   6 days ago

    Great video!! I live in FL and appreciated knowing where these places are. Not far from me. A few hours at most

  • Cecil Bowen
    Cecil Bowen   6 days ago

    The guy at the beginning of the video, are you the ginseng hunter?

  • Mattiaskeinnn
    Mattiaskeinnn   6 days ago

    18:20 government men in black came😂 ok man👍

  • ClearVision Charters

    Ok....I'm 5 minutes in. People say they shot a sasquatch. Why would anyone do that? If they do exist, then that means they are pretty smart to stay hidden and survive. They may be an ancestor to humans or something like a caveman. So it's basically committing murder. It's just like humans to destroy what they don't understand.

  • R Roulette
    R Roulette   1 weeks ago

    Bigfoot odessey on YouTube. Sasquatch theory on YouTube. Sasquatch Chronicles podcast .Bigfoot eyewitness podcastSasquatch odessey podcast

  • R Roulette
    R Roulette   1 weeks ago

    Background Music driving me nuts

  • Dave Bayliss
    Dave Bayliss   1 weeks ago

    Why hasn’t a dog ever found a Bigfoot house 🤷‍♂️

  • Phillip Bruce
    Phillip Bruce   1 weeks ago

    Having lived over 25 years next to a national forest in north Georgia which is home to a number of these entities I have some experience with them. People ask are they dangerous. I respond, are people dangerous. The answer is some are and some are not. Their characters are as different as our own. For the most part they are not. But I have had encounters which could have ended badly. When encountering one it is best not to act aggressively unless forced to. They can be killed. But if you don't drop it before it gets to you it can rip you in pieces. They are extremely powerful and fast. My rule when in their territory is don't hunt and don't fish. It seems the juveniles are attracted to human females and sometimes show themselves where the older ones would never be so careless. I've had many close encounters with them but only saw one clearly at the end of a "bluff" attack. He was at least 12 feet tall (maybe taller). Had a massive chest and a cone shaped head. He was covered in smooth reddish brown hair or fur. He had such a powerful yet graceful motion to his body it was mesmerizing. We were fishing a pond that I concluded was part of his food supply. At the time I felt we were lucky to have escaped. Later reflection convinced me he had let us go. I am 68 and still go into the forest to gather herbs and mushrooms. For the most part they leave me alone though I run into one occasionally. Once they check me out and see I'm not hunting they go on about their business. Hunters will tell a different story of rocks being thrown and stolen deer kills. One thing I do know is that they want to be left alone. Oh, and yes, there is an unknown government agency that protects these entities by suppressing any evidence of their existence. So my advice is if you see one don't waste your time reporting it to the authorities. THEY ALREADY KNOW. Just enjoy the experience, consider yourself lucky (both at having seen one and having survived the encounter, lol) and just share the experience with family and friends. I don't know what they are and we may never know but I do know they are at least as intelligent and as diverse in character as we are.

  • Delightfullydemented65

    I've yet to see ANY Squatcher practice ANY noise discipline in the woods at all...which is the very first thing ANY hunter practices once they hit the woods. Can ya try bein just a little bit quieter? Might be a little more believable if ya did. Noise will travel an incredible distance...a lot more than some realize.

  • John Sanchez
    John Sanchez   1 weeks ago

    I grew up hunting gulf hammock. Had my own experience in 81-82

  • Trucker60 Ohio
    Trucker60 Ohio   1 weeks ago

    We need more (many more) trail cameras set up 50 feet apart over a large area to really have a chance at obtaining a good picture of one.

  • Brad Haywood
    Brad Haywood   1 weeks ago

    This documentary is outstanding! Stacy Brown Jr. is a great investigator and I love his work. Les Stroud is superb as well.I'm an investigator out of northern new york state and I love interviewing people and collecting eyewitness reports, sightings and encounters. Keep up the great work guys!


    The confusing part is that Yes it clearly looks like a large undiscovered ape in the gorilla family but then we hit a brick wall when the government keeps making all of the evidence dissappear and taking the bodies and sending men in black suits saying they are government agents and threatening people to keep it quiet? So what are these things really? Im thinking that these possibly may be a horrible government experiment satanically inspired through evil men to breed humans with apes and or these are aliens not from here which would explain the men in black covering it all up!

  • Sharon Black
    Sharon Black   1 weeks ago

    Bigfoot likes to braid, or in this case at 44:40, tree bark is woven. Referring to information at the Bigfoot Crossroads Museum in Hastings, Nebraska. A US flag was stripped and braided while on the pole. half-mast. That flag is is the museum. Also, the book The Braided Horses are Coming, Donald Monroe.


    I knew it, these bigfoots have been seen getting out of discs UFOs and being dropped off and here we got the men in black treating them as such. That explains why we dont have bodies, just the same as we never see alien bodies or crashed ufos, because the tyrant Governments swoop in and treat us like pesants and take them all to hide their corruption.

  • robert dorman
    robert dorman   1 weeks ago

    I miss the finding Bigfoot series. The possibility of an unknown species of primate is very possible. There is so much of this world we don't know yet.

  • P110 K9 Solutions
    P110 K9 Solutions   1 weeks ago

    I was open to accepting the forestry guys story until he went all "men in black." I call bullshit on that guy. UAPs etc I can understand govvie silencing (due to technology gains etc) but the government covering up what is essentially a monkey man? I have to nope right out of that claim.

  • 007
    007   1 weeks ago

    Joe Rogan is saying how sad he is about this guy going after Bigfoot. If Les feels Bigfoot is real he's a guy who is in nature enough to take seriously on any topic. It bothers me when people discourage the curiosity of others especially on a topic like this with countless reports and stories going back before white men ever came to this place. Is Bigfoot real? I don't know but I'm interested. One of my favorite Art Bell shows was the one with the Vietnam vet who claimed to have killed two of them while hunting with friends. Crazy story and worth a listen if you can find it here on YouTube.

  • L.N. Hitsman
    L.N. Hitsman   1 weeks ago

    Nothing like a 'responsible' gun owner blindly shooting something in the dark.

  • Ann Driggers
    Ann Driggers   1 weeks ago

    You don't have to prove anything to me. I believe it's just as real as me sitting here!

  • 5th Horseman
    5th Horseman   1 weeks ago

    Crossed paths with one in the 80's,camping near Seffner, FL. We smelled it before we saw it, the smell is a cross between a skunk, heavy musky, and old garbage. It walked around the camp site for a bit and then came to the edge of the fire light, was about 4 foot tall, but very broad as well.