Ranae And Bobo's Eventful Night In The Olympic Peninsula | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 20 October 2020
  • The team wants to know if the sasquatch presence is higher in the Olympic Peninsula or in British Columbia, so they divide in two teams: Bobo and Ranae are the US Team while Cliff and Matt are the Canada Team.

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  • Runtime : 8:54
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  • Mike Fetterman
    Mike Fetterman   1 weeks ago

    It is strange how those frogs stop and start out here on the upper OP. Sometimes it seems as though everything instantly gets quiet, and even a little darker. The troop in our area, love coming down in winter, especially in the rain, and cold.

  • cayden m
    cayden m   2 weeks ago

    if they were smart they would stay in the woods for weeks to actually get them, set up cameras all over the forest and just sit in the woods, no cover no nothing. like hunters do

  • Gatsu Gambino
    Gatsu Gambino   3 weeks ago

    The sasquatch is literally thinking... "Why are they telling me to wipe my ass"?

  • Hyaline Catilage
    Hyaline Catilage   1 months ago

    Maybe you should go to malaysia peninsula bcoz there is end of the world. Its also have some wittness and photo about bigfoot in the rain forest of the jungle of Chersonesus Aurea.The Golden Chersonese or Golden Khersonese, meaning the Golden Peninsula, was the name used for the Malay Peninsula by Greek and Roman geographers in classical antiquity, most famously in Claudius Ptolemy's 2nd-century Geography. Semenanjung Emas (Bahasa Greek: Chersonesus Aurea; Khersonese Emas)

  • David Muir
    David Muir   1 months ago

    I wounder if there's a bigfoot creature in my area which is the uk

  • Margarita Varas
    Margarita Varas   1 months ago

    Quien pasa corriendo atrás de Uds.. no se dieron cuenta..y el perrito esta con uds. O es salvaje ???😏

  • Margarita Varas
    Margarita Varas   1 months ago

    Subtítulos en inglés para entender q hablannn por favor gracias

  • BrunoWario
    BrunoWario   2 months ago

    How are they sure it's not a bear?

  • Paul Graves
    Paul Graves   2 months ago

    The Cascades are way more squatchy than the Olympics .

  • Alien WorkShop™
    Alien WorkShop™   3 months ago

    USA:Try to do those Howls to See if we got a ResponsePhilippines: don't do that on the night or you'll be cursed by the elementals😂😂

  • Cordae Herrera
    Cordae Herrera   3 months ago

    My god is real noise 😯😯😯😮😮😮😦😨

  • M.K. L.
    M.K. L.   3 months ago

    I was camping in the Olympic national forest and I heard whistles coming from the forest all around us all night long.

  • Sherman Tincher
    Sherman Tincher   3 months ago

    Money taker such a total fraud. Sarah at b sitting back laughing among themselves saying can you believe these idiots really think the pitiful screams and weak knocks will fool us? What a shame these humans are so dumb.🤔

  • screamdoctor
    screamdoctor   4 months ago

    Matt can't tell the difference between coyote scat and bear scat. Coyote howls does not equal Bigfoot. There is no relationship whatsoever. But if you can't put a Bigfoot on film, then recording a coyote howl is a good lie to associate Bigfoot with. This video is a good example of a pathetic evening in attempting to generate Bigfoot recordings.

  • Tony Reyn
    Tony Reyn   4 months ago

    They never shut up long enough to hear anything, BoBos the only REALS SQAUTCH INVESTIGATOR

  • Sweet Cthulhu
    Sweet Cthulhu   4 months ago

    They did bigfoot calls, legitimately freaked the hell out of someone, then hid and promptly left... What if... Bigfoot calls in the woods are just humans.

  • Aidan Barnes
    Aidan Barnes   4 months ago

    Ranea: I'm sorry but I still don't think Sasquatch is realMe: Bobo is Bigfoot real?Bobo: YesMe: welp that's good enough for me

  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar   5 months ago

    When are you coming to India, people will fund you to find the bigfoot.

  • Lee Brando
    Lee Brando   5 months ago

    Gotta take a shower to get all this nerd slime off me

  • str8 smokin
    str8 smokin   5 months ago

    Sorry there bud but that wasn't bear shit

  • Lew Scagnetti
    Lew Scagnetti   5 months ago

    Go out screaming into the Forest and get paid for it !! Brilliant !!

  • Rory Hawk
    Rory Hawk   6 months ago

    Why is it that every picture that they say is a big foot is un recognizable?

  • BenJammin
    BenJammin   6 months ago

    Little did anybody know they found Bigfoot when they hired Bobo

  • Sam Dilworth
    Sam Dilworth   6 months ago

    That dude is now going to think he heard a bigfoot. That it how it goes. Its never really a bigfoot.

  • Travis Owens
    Travis Owens   6 months ago

    Now that hunter is going to think that he heard a real Sasquatch, I wonder how often that happens? People think they hear a Sasquatch but really it's someone doing a Sasquatch call.

  • Tae..
    Tae..   6 months ago

    Yo we will never know if they exist or not but tbh if multiple people around the world are saying they seen the same thing though it’s a good possibility though 🤔

  • RL Freestyles
    RL Freestyles   6 months ago

    I dont think u can find bigfoot, u probly need to wait for him while hiding, the probly notice you the secon you step in the forest

  • GoldenEye Dragon
    GoldenEye Dragon   6 months ago

    Imagine a Japanese Yeti making sticky rice. I would laugh and become amaze.

  • Brandon Broadhurst
    Brandon Broadhurst   6 months ago

    Now those hunters are gonna go to their graves trying to convince everyone they heard bigfoot and it was ranae and bobo 😭

  • Laura Head
    Laura Head   6 months ago

    Make this the most likes comment

  • Nathaniel Anderson
    Nathaniel Anderson   7 months ago

    Yall need to take a few wood blocks with you, along with some Drum sticks. Those hollow wood blocks make sound that carries over greater distance.

  • Relic Reapers
    Relic Reapers   7 months ago

    I'd be worried for the dog, from the stories ive listened to they don't like dogs too much.

  • Mike Richard
    Mike Richard   7 months ago

    Turns out is wasnt bear it was just bum shit..........