Einstein's General Theory of Relativity | Lecture 1

  • Published on: 14 January 2009
  • Lecture 1 of Leonard Susskind's Modern Physics concentrating on General Relativity. Recorded September 22, 2008 at Stanford University.

    This Stanford Continuing Studies course is the fourth of a six-quarter sequence of classes exploring the essential theoretical foundations of modern physics. The topics covered in this course focus on classical mechanics. Leonard Susskind is the Felix Bloch Professor of Physics at Stanford University.

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  • Runtime : 1:38:28
  • science physics gravity Albert Einstein relativity Isaac Newton Galileo astrophysics space mechanics gravitational field theory force acceleration equivalence principle vector calculus divergence Gauss Newton's laws


  • Scootercub
    Scootercub   12 hours ago

    Plot twist: He actually lowered the difficulty level of this class for YouTube audience.

  • Guillaume Langlois
    Guillaume Langlois   18 hours ago

    The questions are surprisingly bad coming from Stanford students.

  • PepArtProductions
    PepArtProductions   2 days ago

    Another great introduction to General Relativity can be found here: https://youtu.be/z1o32hKx5hI

  • BigSecksMan
    BigSecksMan   3 days ago

    You can learn absolutely everything on the internet. EVERYTHING!

  • Robby Osborne
    Robby Osborne   1 weeks ago

    This professor is famous for proving some of Stephen Hawking's theories wrong.

  • David Johnston
    David Johnston   1 weeks ago

    Me prof try to remember your laws, you are teaching people. Yes vectors let’s remember vectors. Bad teacher

  • Jim Groth
    Jim Groth   1 weeks ago

    I think the algorithm wants me to learn physics. I keep waking up to physics lectures. Usually by Suskind.

  • John Strawb
    John Strawb   1 weeks ago

    We need to read the board, but Stanford gives us a 240p quality video. Brilliant.

  • TATS.
    TATS.   1 weeks ago

    who would've thought a nobody like me could be sitting here today listening and watching a Stanford professor lecture about the famous Einstein theory of relativity. Dayum!!

  • Craig Scott
    Craig Scott   2 weeks ago

    for 25 years i have thought static is gravity. Finally someone tells me of an experiment disproving my theory. But... does the experiment hold true in the vacuum of space?

  • Awakening Now
    Awakening Now   2 weeks ago

    Thank you, for noticing the solution to our Health care system. Lets look forward to a new Heaven on Earth. If I were Oprah, I would ask God, to say " you get a Heaven, and you Get a Heaven"...I think we need better Hospice care, and less anesthesia.

  • Kitsudōte
    Kitsudōte   2 weeks ago

    Imagine if mass would affect the speed with which things fall: Things would get teared or shredded apart while falling.

  • Noir Noble
    Noir Noble   2 weeks ago

    I sign off already, I won't be dealing with none of your nonsense gravity theory that you wish to be reality.

    CAUSEDEATH GAMING   2 weeks ago

    Einstein is wrong. Light is a constant, only with man made tools does the idea of light measurement come into play and those tools will never truly calculate the light. When we discover a tool to measure darkness or to create darkness as from a flash light type tool, then we will find the truth. To travel through or on the light is the future of space travel.

  • neatpolygons
    neatpolygons   3 weeks ago

    So I can attend a lecture from THE Standford university from my computer monitor in my tiny tiny african town ?! ha! thanks science

  • History Bois
    History Bois   3 weeks ago

    I'm three seconds in and my brain already hurts.

  • Hardik Patel
    Hardik Patel   3 weeks ago

    If the answer to being immortal is yes then this is useful otherwise this is all bullshit…

  • Hardik Patel
    Hardik Patel   3 weeks ago

    Life is a lie.. you are going to die one day in search of everything. You cannot accomplish anything except three things.Eat, sleep and die… everything else are fantasies which you have been forced into…

  • charles nkembe
    charles nkembe   3 weeks ago

    I don’t hate this dude but I’m sick of this type of teaching and learning. He’s a physics teacher yes, but the math they introduce always just bombards you with terms and information and then give you the answer in the same speed. How in the fuck do you have time to comprehend what the hell is happening? I’ve always hated this and it’s stupid abstract concepts. Why not just put this into a story or try to explain this whole process a lot more slower or attach it to a concrete thing. This whole thing is just really fucking annoying

  • Robert Hays
    Robert Hays   3 weeks ago

    Susskind conveniently neglects to mention the HE definitely dropped something off the leaning tower of Pisa. He just couldn't help himself. He bribed security for access.

  • Lluis Marc Xavi
    Lluis Marc Xavi   3 weeks ago

    John Malkovich to recreate this guy's entire lecture.

  • Ada Pieńkowska
    Ada Pieńkowska   4 weeks ago

    1:00:32 there is a mistake, cannot divide the equation by the variable from the sum (as for every index it is a different number). It should be (where vectors are in [])Mj [A] = sum over i (i=/=j) (G mi Mj [R]ij)/(Rig)^3 [A] = sum over i (i=/=j) (G mi [R]ij)/(Rig)^3

  • liam oshea
    liam oshea   4 weeks ago

    love the questions lol great minds in the audience as well

  • Abdillah Soetoto
    Abdillah Soetoto   4 weeks ago

    I don't understand this at all, but the lectures look so smart!

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young   1 months ago

    The good old days, when math and science was not racist!

  • Arjun Kumar
    Arjun Kumar   1 months ago

    Gravity is proportional to mass and Gravity is independent of mass? Are'nt these two statements contradictory? An iron ball must have more gravitational attraction with the Earth as compared to a feather falling towards the earth. Gravity should be proportional to the sum of masses of the 2 bodies being attracted towards each other. It is only the Accelaration which is independent of masses but dependent on the resistance of the space.

  • Marlowvidz
    Marlowvidz   1 months ago

    just finished watching this whole thing and can somone explain what the hell this has to do with einsteins theory of relativity