NFL Crazy Moments of the 2020 Divisional Round Playoffs

  • Published on: 13 January 2020
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  • Runtime : 11:44
  • NFL sports football seahawks packers chiefs 49ers titans NFL Best Plays of the 2020 Divisional round Playoffs wild card playoffs nfl highlights NFL 2019 season


  • budleewiser
    budleewiser   8 months ago

    Hey everyone, I got my first Sponsor!!! Check out these sports cases for phones here~ Promo Code Budlee for 10% off! I like the one where Burfict gets knocked out! lol

  • imoy shi
    imoy shi   7 months ago

    8:15 to 8:37 was glorious.

  • ~lCrontixGamerl~
    ~lCrontixGamerl~   8 months ago

    1:43 Garoppolo was making a spell against the entire Vikings roster, Oh boy they got cursed...

  • Gene Tilghman
    Gene Tilghman   8 months ago

    Why are the Titans hated so much I'm a Titans fan I was brought up by my dad is the Dallas fan but I told my brother Tennessee ever got a team that was going to be my team their first year they went to the Superbowl a lot of people will deny this had they won a ring I would be very happy right now and now that Tennessee is winning they want to focus on one player Henry don't get me wrong he's a badass and he's only going to get better Derrick Henry didn't get the Titans to the point where they are now it was a team effort go titans

  • Gene Tilghman
    Gene Tilghman   8 months ago

    Everybody has to agree playoffs this year has been very exciting no matter your team or who you are cheering for

  • Mitch
    Mitch   8 months ago

    I bet Fisher would have gotten in trouble with the league had he actually drank some of that beer

  • Tyler Cesena
    Tyler Cesena   8 months ago

    I love that at 1:14, Lamar Jackson drops the f bomb, and although we can't hear it, I can just imagine him saying it.

  • 12BJJohnson
    12BJJohnson   8 months ago

    So no one is going to say the Seahawks stopped GB on that last 3rd down?His head didn't even hit the first down marker lmao.

  • Kevin Malone
    Kevin Malone   8 months ago

    0:34 that TD celebration tho 😂😂😂

  • tem pura
    tem pura   8 months ago

    derrick henry's pass is so similar of a play as the dontari poe one

  • A G
    A G   8 months ago

    Ravens: We winning the Super Bowl!John Ceena: *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT*.

  • Bendc1970A1
    Bendc1970A1   8 months ago

    LOL 0:58 Ryan Tannehill was wide open and calling for the ball.

  • CKay Torres
    CKay Torres   8 months ago

    So much talk about one handed catches which isDONE BY OBJ PRACTICALLY EVERY GAME !

  • Richard Sinclair
    Richard Sinclair   8 months ago

    I love how much the Texans were feeling themselves before the Chiefs were like: Bitch you thought.

  • Jay Hassell
    Jay Hassell   8 months ago

    1:00 Poor Mariota. He can’t even touch the ball when he’s wide open.

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez   8 months ago

    You guys should make a Derrick Henry case because he is a beast

  • WR Kingz
    WR Kingz   8 months ago

    Wow...If this gets 100 likes I will subscribe to the 100th person

  • SkyceWolf_YT
    SkyceWolf_YT   8 months ago

    I was at the playoff game for my ravens, and yet the one time I go to a game we loose...

  • jmacsss
    jmacsss   8 months ago

    Derrick Henry is MVP this postseason

  • jmacsss
    jmacsss   8 months ago

    This has been the best playoff season I've ever seen.

  • Steve Polhill
    Steve Polhill   8 months ago

    They Missed the Play Where Derrick Henry turned Earl Thomas into a blocker for him. LOL

  • Nick Spallone
    Nick Spallone   8 months ago

    How did you not add Henry making Earl Thomas his own leading blocker?

  • Juan Barrera
    Juan Barrera   8 months ago

    1:01 no love for #8 Marcus Mariota! (Was wide open for a touchdown)

  • Lisa Dooley
    Lisa Dooley   8 months ago

    You notice that most of the highlights are of my team the Chiefs!!!! It was a wild game!!!

  • Noah Nussbaum
    Noah Nussbaum   8 months ago

    Didn't realize this until now but Henry had Mariota wide open when he threw the ball but it didn't rely matter, they got it anyway

  • Vagina Crusher
    Vagina Crusher   8 months ago

    I fw Hollywood I hope he don’t turn out like his bumass cousin.

  • Hut_97
    Hut_97   8 months ago

    On the cover.That face when you realize the bengals go 2-14