Hidden Dimensions: Exploring Hyperspace

  • Published on: 15 January 2015
  • Extra dimensions of space—the idea that we are immersed in hyperspace—may be key to explaining the fundamental nature of the universe. Relativity introduced time as the fourth dimension, and Einstein’s subsequent work envisioned more dimensions still--but ultimately hit a dead end. Modern research has advanced the subject in ways he couldn’t have imagined. John Hockenberry joins Brian Greene, Lawrence Krauss, and other leading thinkers on a visual tour through wondrous spatial realms that may lie beyond the ones we experience.

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    Original Program date:June 5, 2010
    MODERATOR: John Hockenberry
    PARTICIPANTS: Escher String Quartet, Brian Greene, Lawrence Krauss, Linda Dalrymple Henderson, Shamit Kachru

    Brian Greene and a moment of physics. 00:00

    Einstein and what is gravity. 04:40

    Three dimensional space and the warps and curves of gravity. 06:33

    What does 3D space look like? 10:55

    Escher String Quartet. 16:34

    John Hockenberry Introduction. 21:22

    Participant Introductions. 24:17

    The history of multi-dimensions. 25:43

    Who preceded mathematician Kaluza. 31:14

    Whats the difference between math and physics 33:21

    Graviton's and quantum particles. 40:42

    Do experimental physicists except the math as truth? 45:45

    Quarks, Leptons and Forces. 53:10

    The Calabi-Yau manifold 55:34

    Einstein's lunar eclipse experiment. 01:00:00

    Describing the fourth dimension 01:05:56

    Will there be discoveries outside of just mathematics? 01:07:10

    Physics... It is not easy and it takes along time. 01:15:25

    Everything we see is just pollution. 01:19:35

    The excitement the super string theory. 01:23:22
  • Runtime : 1:27:16
  • Hidden Dimensions Exploring Hyperspace Brian Greene Lawrence Krauss Linda Dalrymple Henderson Shamit Kachru Escher String Quartet John Hockenberry Physics what is gravity Einstein Three dimensional space multi-dimensions Calabi-Yau manifold super string theory quantum physics mathematics New York City NYC World Science Festival biology full program 2010


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  • Lis Engel
    Lis Engel   1 days ago

    Wonderfull to listen to these ways of trying to communicate in different ways of the dimensions of reality. I always wondered about experience because when you really open your ways of being aware - it seems to mexthat experience is multidimensional. We can experience any phenomena from unlimited perspectives - ans that is a basic experimental way in working with art ——💜

  • Ks A
    Ks A   2 days ago

    Just bring matt damon on the stage, or these guys will take another 4 hours to explain things

  • Mass Override
    Mass Override   6 days ago

    growth and decay are not life or death not even by expression

  • Mass Override
    Mass Override   6 days ago

    when the shadow is not where it should be and travels and light bends around light u still dont understand its greatnesses

  • Mass Override
    Mass Override   6 days ago

    animation and negation the devils dance before the reflections u see the ideas of higher plains as if high does not reside equally lower or greater than 0 time equals fluctuation of wave energy and generation by motion which u scale

  • Apollyon The Destroyer

    All we humans have, are illusions with some degree of accuracy. And incompleteness. "We have arrived" is false. We are not there yet. What we have may be from the perspective, "it works but it's not right." But of course we have somethings that, "it works and it's right". However, how would we know the difference between the two? Math works but I doubt it's right? Yet, I know math works and it's right. I don't think math is a universal; For example, Does our physics or math work in the Andromeda Galaxy?

  • Apollyon The Destroyer

    Outside of our universe, before the "big bang" sprawls endlessly an infinitely large and eternal frothing and teeming microcosmic abyss, that has always been and always will be, with no beginning and no end, the quantum world of a macrocosm void, where all existences springs forth from. In short, our universe began out of a macrocosmic (quantum mechanics) microcosm.

  • Abram Badal
    Abram Badal   1 weeks ago

    I am surprised that so many famous and out-spoken physicists in such gatherings and discussing extra dimensions , forgot to mention the decaying phenomenon , or characteristics, of ' all ' matter observable in our space telescopes ! So that given enough time all matter is reduced to it's components , and seems to disintegrate nto what we are now used to call 'dark matter ' , simply reduced to that not observable universe ! And simply beeing too small to be seen at distance and constituting the ' ether ' through which light is enabled or becomes possible to move , but remaining at a constant speed , because of the constituent of that space ' field density ' filling up the universe by those simplest components of matter at certain density that I can call space-density of simple component of matter !

  • J Manuel Pereira Fernandes

    Two dimensions at the same time with the same view I lived more than one time. Actually I'm living these manifestations regularly

  • Aspry Writes
    Aspry Writes   2 weeks ago

    What a time for my synchronicity to kick in 33:50 I thought what's up with his jacket at the same instant he said "jacket."

    AMIR HUSEN   3 weeks ago

    My question is when we could to reach that?

  • Nite Flyer
    Nite Flyer   3 weeks ago

    I realize I am late with this, But! its not where we are but where we will be..."R" (send the older optics such as Hubble to the moon aimed towards Kennedy/Johnson) "then you will begin to see the Holo" ((Engage, Make it so))

  • Hassan Nabil
    Hassan Nabil   3 weeks ago

    I have this video several times. I never get tired of watching. Those are great scientists. Thanks for the world science festival for bringing this out.

  • Arek Krolak
    Arek Krolak   4 weeks ago

    all the science talks should be accompanied by a string quartet :)

  • Cutiemouse
    Cutiemouse   1 months ago

    In mathematics you say n-dimension where n >=3, but in reality those extra dimensions are still within the original 3-D, ok.

  • ChaosLord
    ChaosLord   1 months ago

    "To the answer of that important question, the mechanism by which gravity operates, I leave it to the consideration of the reader." - Newton"...and I took that personally." - Einstein

  • Matt Burland
    Matt Burland   1 months ago

    Spent 4 hours waxing my car today.. So many new dimensions, the things an absolute mirror now :L

  • Sunhawk Mod Services International

    Greetings >>> to World Science Festival: Possibly ponder that "Time" isnt per say...a dimension but rather a connecting force through all Dimensions and Space...since its a cosmic motivator.

  • Hal A
    Hal A   1 months ago

    @4:17 talk about an uptight crowd hey? The original book in Latin and nobody laughs

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    I like facts, theories are what they are, just heard sayings. in my language is called "CHISMOGRAFY", and fuck I do hate that by a lot

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    it is fascinating the way these people think they are way ahead of us but in fact, they are with ues here, so why so much bull shit

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    it is not different with our people around us, this guy listens before he speaks, but they are not listening to the other person speaks really, in real life, we do the same, we just want to get our point across, even if it agrees of disagreeing with the proposed topic, we just want to be heard.

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    do these panels of people look a bit distent from the average person out there to you? I think you have to question their views on things.

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    I know for a fact that music is the symphony of life, so why waste time and money otherwise?

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    and where gravity and electromagnetics help people to get or improve their life ???????????????????? stop the Bullshit

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    where is this going to help the everyday person, please ink=light me there, that's where I want to get, go it fast, please, not BS.

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    so, why the average person needs to know this BS, this is pure BS, a justification of how to waste taxes, people's money.

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    it is not that complicated as he wants us to believe it, what a fabrication of BS to get money

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    fuck it, their logic is so fucking stupid, they just what you to look stupid/imbecile, of course, that is common sense, all our brains work the same, the difference are some of us are more outgoing than others, therefore the outgoings will discover more, simple fact.

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    yes, leave it to the readers, that's the most logical thing to do since it is just a theory, not a fact. common sense my friend

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    the answer is simple, it's there because it is how it was created, that's it. it is like asking the question, how and why the planet earth was created, the answer is the same, that was the way, it was not created to question how it was created, we humans/intelligent people want to know more but by doing so we just speculate and we like to live under certain uncertain that we get fascinated by. human beings/animals are a very complicated spice, so whatever you say is valid since is just only speculation or if you have a University degree is a theory.

  • Juan Ossler Ramirez Marin

    of course there are irrefutable theories that we/you can understand but we live with them all day. I understand that and respect that.