The UNTHINKABLE happened in Minecraft - Part 28

  • Published on: 14 August 2019
  • We play with foxes, snowmen villagers in minecraft, oh and something else happens not epicly
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  • Runtime : 26:50
  • SATIRE minecraft


  • Roblox freak
    Roblox freak   1 days ago

    That tree in the middle better be the sapling that dropped from original tree

  • Just Dj
    Just Dj   1 days ago

    Do a video showing all your tattos and what would you like to do more (my heart skipped a beat in the explosion)

  • Chernor Timbo
    Chernor Timbo   2 days ago

    Pewdiepie is one of the best Youtuber Google said that

  • روز حسن
    روز حسن   2 days ago

    كيف تكتب عربي ونته اجنبي وت؟؟؟؟؟؟/*-*

  • Krew Lovr
    Krew Lovr   3 days ago

    You made a Super Charged Creeper

  • Joana Ribeiro
    Joana Ribeiro   3 days ago

    tell me you watched the whole series without telling me you watched the whole seriesi’ll go first:he was like father to me

  • Prasad Pelluri
    Prasad Pelluri   4 days ago

    Do not track a creeper with lightning it will turn into charge creeper and then the explosion will be big

  • Prasad Pelluri
    Prasad Pelluri   4 days ago

    When ever a creeper gets struct with lightning turns into a charged creeper and when it explodes it and makes a very big explosion charge creeper because when it has blue around it whenever you struck a creeper would like me to charge creeper creeper are very powerful and the export is Joy normal so please be careful I did not struck a key Kripa with like

  • isabelle funchaal
    isabelle funchaal   4 days ago

    when i was starting it was diferent then the other one that is the episode 27 and i was like am i in the wrong video and pewdiepie a blue creeper is called a charged creeper its stronger