The Multiverse Hypothesis Explained by Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • Published on: 28 November 2020
  • The multiverse hypothesis or theory holds that a group of multiple universes (possibly infinite universes) comprise everything that exists: The entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. The renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explains in detail the multiverse hypothesis.

    However, prominent physicists are divided about whether any other universes exist outside of our own. Some even go as far as to say that the multiverse is not a legitimate topic of scientific inquiry. Because it can not be empirically falsified. But Neil deGrasse Tyson among other prominent cosmologists, thinks that given our understanding of quantum mechanics and the theory of General relativity, the possibility of the existence of the multiverse is a legitimate scientific hypothesis.

    Steven Weinberg said that if the multiverse existed, the hope of finding a rational explanation for the precise values of quark masses and other constants of the standard model that we observe in our Big Bang is doomed, for their values would be an accident of the particular part of the multiverse in which we live.

    Some scientists analyzed the data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, an uncrewed spacecraft operating from 2001 to 2010 that measured temperature differences across the sky in the cosmic microwave background, the radiant heat remaining from the Big Bang, and claimed they found evidence suggesting that our universe collided with other parallel universes in the distant past.

    However, a more thorough data analysis from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and from the Planck Satellite, a space observatory operated by the European Space Agency from 2009 to 2013, which mapped the anisotropies of the cosmic microwave background, did not find any statistically significant evidence of universe collisions. there was no evidence of any gravitational pull of other universes on ours either. And to add insult to injury to the proponents that the multiverse hypothesis has been backed up by statistical evidence, the Planck satellite, has a resolution three times higher than the WMA Probe.

    Our brains are not evolutionarily equipped to intuitively understand quantum mechanics and large scale cosmic phenomena. But Neil deGrasse Tyson with his usual wits explains the multiverse hypothesis in layman's terms.

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  • Isa A
    Isa A   10 minuts ago

    don't recommend me this kind of dump content. dump! totally crap

  • Nicholas Miles
    Nicholas Miles   4 hours ago

    Head scratching? My brain is working harder than it ever has because of this video. It finally brought light into the final straw I needed to finish my theory on the big bang. Time to publish.

  • Tacos de Cabeza
    Tacos de Cabeza   6 hours ago

    If the multiverse exists and only IF, does that mean there could be a universe where the axis powers won WW2?

  • Awv Kings
    Awv Kings   15 hours ago

    Magic exist in one universe is all i need to know

  • Buckthorne Forge
    Buckthorne Forge   21 hours ago

    I don't even need to watch this, before deciding..hell no.This guy is such s putz

  • Living Mythology
    Living Mythology   2 days ago

    The Stargate doesn't take you to a different universe, it takes you to a different planet.

  • Seeker Knowledge
    Seeker Knowledge   2 days ago

    Each is a vibration. Man thinks linear. This belief is false. Man believes gravity exists, it does not. Man believes man built pyramids, foolish ideas. Man is unaware how the pyramids are built "Made Manifest"Man is unaware of what is. Man continues to allow fear and arrogance to control as well as Religons and dogma. Man is unaware of the false prophet. Man is unaware the power of thought, and what he summons with low vibrational thoughts. Man is unaware, for he has forgotten self. Awaken Sourcian energies. Enlightenment is now.

  • WB1
    WB1   2 days ago

    How the hell can this guy explain this stuff and he doesn’t even know what gravity is

  • Mel Lane
    Mel Lane   2 days ago

    Relax, in every universe, this is made-up BS.

  • Jeffery Nighswander
    Jeffery Nighswander   3 days ago

    We've got to stop thinking of it as infinite worlds and understand that it's infinite frequencies. The Probability Wave collapses, sets, settles, however you want to think of it, at a frequency that creates our existence. On a large enough scale this comprises of every frequency possible and it fluctuates so it is infinite because it's stable because it's reinforced by it's ever fluctuating instability. It's like a bubble with a flowing liquid inside of it. Time and space are irrelevant. The majority of frequencies are too instable to even exist. Therefore the only frequency that works must be the one we are in currently.

  • Drewller
    Drewller   3 days ago

    So basically they confirmed tobey maguire

  • Official Rivv
    Official Rivv   3 days ago

    "Believe what I say cuz of my cool cgi and big words and degree I've obtained cuz I read other bs books that my professors told me to read"

  • Ryan Bonnett
    Ryan Bonnett   4 days ago

    What if, seeing as the Universe was theoretically the size of an atom, that there are universes inside the atoms of ourselves, heck inside the atoms of everything. The idea that life is infinite I suppose? ugh this makes my head hurt.

  • Greg B
    Greg B   4 days ago

    The multiverse hypothesis is a speculative fantasy invented by atheists to try to explain away the obvious fact that the universe did not, and could not have, created itself (that is, something can not come from nothing), and theefore must have had a Creator.

  • Ali Firouzabadi
    Ali Firouzabadi   4 days ago

    This is all huge b.s. What our so called genius Scientist need to understand, is that there is only one science that can describe everything. And this science should never be skewed to provide understanding for humans. The science needs to stand on it's own grounds and base. And that science is mathematics, not physics, not chemistry, not biology, and etc....Mathematics can describe all those other sciences very accurately.It is capable of describing a living thing as well as an inanimate object. It is the only science that can accurately model anything and everything. Scientist always fall into the trap of: "Oh, how can I prove my point so that other humans can understand." That is not the purpose of science, science must be used to describe and accurately model the world around us irregardless as to whether our limited brains can comprehend it. The only science that is absolute in doing that is mathematics.Hope I informed u well. Now class is dismissed.

  • CrunchyNachos
    CrunchyNachos   4 days ago

    Takes a lot of faith to believe there are other universes.

  • Critical Thinking
    Critical Thinking   4 days ago

    2 Corinthians 4:4 kjv4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

  • Jimy Van Loock
    Jimy Van Loock   4 days ago

    Headscratching? My mind literally flew out the window because about half of this video exceeded my ability to understand stuff!

  • Levi Lyons
    Levi Lyons   4 days ago

    Neil doesn't even know how chains behave in the real world so don't take him to seriously

    CAGE TV   4 days ago

    Power of Movies Had they taught these in school, We'd not be interested. But now, Due to Marvel and LOKI, it's a lot more interesting.

  • PixelAddiction
    PixelAddiction   5 days ago

    Why do people care what he has to say so much? I’ve seen him around but who is he? He likes attention I can tell that much

  • Ps4 Gaming Family friendly

    What a load of satanic trash this is all theories of you want truth go read the Bible and sea how God created everything, your professors and people like Neil are God haters so they lie go look at answers in Genesis YouTube channel if you want real science not this unscientific garbage

  • dpowers1185
    dpowers1185   5 days ago

    All I understood was “you’re too dumb to understand this, but we’re going to try anyways”. They were right.

  • Isaac Fontes
    Isaac Fontes   5 days ago

    After watching the flash, I kinda understand what he’s talking about

  • J. Hon
    J. Hon   5 days ago

    Are we tired of Tyson yet? I miss Carl Sagan.

  • Benj Ko
    Benj Ko   5 days ago

    I prefer these videos than reading bible

  • I watch videos
    I watch videos   5 days ago

    I was trying to watch this video but Neil kept interrupting me.

  • Justanormalpokemon
    Justanormalpokemon   5 days ago

    “Our brains arnt not everlisionarly equips to understand”Me in geometry class

  • MrSoiSauce
    MrSoiSauce   6 days ago

    5:36 this is under the assumption that gravity can exist in the areas between the universes. Who said that was the case?

  • MrSoiSauce
    MrSoiSauce   6 days ago

    If there r different laws if physics in different universes, might there b universes where the whole thing is just a cartoon? Or maybe a universe very similar 2 ours, but with just enough leniency within the laws of physics 2 allow 4 superheroes and super powers?