Most Memorable Moments in NFL HISTORY Part 1

  • Published on: 04 October 2016
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  • Brendan Hein
    Brendan Hein   23 hours ago

    White shoes didn’t make that touchdown yo

  • Bryce Jackson
    Bryce Jackson   4 days ago

    Put lynch as thumbnail everyone watches it lol

  • SewerDaddy
    SewerDaddy   1 weeks ago

    as a Vikings fan I feel attacked

  • Scott Roe
    Scott Roe   1 weeks ago

    Good stuff. Still looking for John Riggins and Namath. I'll keep looking.

  • Tyler Harrison
    Tyler Harrison   2 weeks ago

    You forgot the longest play in Super Bowl history. James Harrison’s pick-6

  • I Am A Human
    I Am A Human   2 weeks ago

    This just reminds me how much I love football

  • brycecreamboy roblox
    brycecreamboy roblox   3 weeks ago

    What about when the steelers guy dropped it and it went WAY far back an they thought it was incomplete but another person caught it? That's the best play and you forgot to add it

  • Mr- DyinBreed
    Mr- DyinBreed   3 weeks ago

    “ Interception at the goal line” haunts me every time I hear it and I’m not even a Seahawks fan 😭😭🤣

  • Chincy Gaming
    Chincy Gaming   3 weeks ago

    17:01 Can someone pls explain Im new so I dont get why they fight over it

  • Peter Nunez
    Peter Nunez   4 weeks ago

    Rename to 90 percent modern times greatest moments....

  • muP8085
    muP8085   1 months ago

    Americans and their stupid sport...

  • friscoHub415
    friscoHub415   1 months ago

    That is one of my favorite games I remember watching with my grandma and Terrell Owens went to the star me and grandma screaming in excitement...he wasn't being a ass Coach mariucci told everyone that this is god's country that's why T.O did that he said it in a interview

  • Flint Knudsen
    Flint Knudsen   1 months ago

    That Titan kickoff return for a touchdown vs. Buffalo still bothers me. It was a forward pass. It was not a backward lateral.

  • Sharpshooter115
    Sharpshooter115   1 months ago

    I think he forgot about the entire Super Bowl LI comeback

  • Jaymz V
    Jaymz V   1 months ago

    To the Packers/Lions (Hail Mary highlight)....just an amazing football moment. The QB knowing the play has to go the distsnce and nothing else, just makes the snap + scramble so much more special. I truly love the game and the athletes in this football league

  • Pablo Ocampo
    Pablo Ocampo   1 months ago

    The inmaculate reception being the best play in history: I am a joke to you?

  • The real MVP
    The real MVP   1 months ago

    The one where Falcons vs. Niners he was down

  • The real MVP
    The real MVP   1 months ago

    I think the Larry Fitz one is extremely underrated

  • Jude Moix
    Jude Moix   1 months ago

    If you make a new version, be sure to add in The Minneapolis Miracle. I'm a Saints fan and I love that play.

  • Devin Westegard
    Devin Westegard   1 months ago

    Why isn’t the Richard Sherman one hand delflection pick with kJ wright

  • Papurico92 Xd
    Papurico92 Xd   1 months ago

    Ny se la pela a dallas jaja pobres, tremendas rastrisas que le dimos en el Súper bowl

  • for telant
    for telant   1 months ago

    I love American football. Everyone loves American football. Top news here <<<

  • Ebnean
    Ebnean   2 months ago


  • CheddarBeezy
    CheddarBeezy   2 months ago

    7:39 this is the best blocking I’ve seen. Good job team for catching up and protecting

  • yesorlando05
    yesorlando05   2 months ago

    I feel so badly for Cleveland Brown fans. The Browns always seem to find a way to screw up games.........The T.O. thing against the Cowboys I hated on so many levels. It was just indicative to why he ended up tainting his own career. Narcissism. It's all about him. Whined and moaned with every team he was on. Played victim at the end of his career because people hated his guts. He creates the storm, then whines when it rains.

  • DYLAN Riche
    DYLAN Riche   2 months ago

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  • The Artistic Drive
    The Artistic Drive   2 months ago

    Great choices, predictable but probably has to be because greatest plays well known. Very good choices.

  • Astro Man
    Astro Man   2 months ago

    If the Minnesota miracle happened by then that would be the last

  • Adi Tokachichu
    Adi Tokachichu   2 months ago

    None of these pussies are as good as Faf de Klerk.

  • M W
    M W   2 months ago

    What about randy mosses play where he acted like he pulled his pants down after a touchdown at a packers game?

  • Noah Harvey
    Noah Harvey   3 months ago

    🔥🔥 what if there were no football 1:35 💝💕💞 👇 👇 👇🔥