BFB 16: The Escape from Four

  • Published on: 25 March 2020

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    Music by Michael @
    Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod and Tchaikovsky
    Additional Character Art by TheEpicJames
    Thumbnail by Michael
    Edited by Satomi

    Goodness! Bruh, what's Pencil finding in there? Or who? Could it be a visitor of some kind? And by the way, what's up with our other, possibly less relevant pals, like Bubble, Firey, Leafy, Flower, and Spongy?

    Let's see everyone escape from Four! And I mean everyone. Well, maybe there might be a few stragglers.

    Voting ends when this video is 48 hours old.

    "Aluminium Foil, Shaking, A (H1).wav" by InspectorJ ( of
    "Granite Blocks Fast.wav" by GR3AVE5Y of
  • Runtime : 17:33
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  • maria fe
    maria fe   42 minuts ago

    17:07If you move the camera to the right, Profily was there.If you move the camera to the left, Announcer was there.If you move the camera up, Purple Face was there.So many people!

  • 10 piece nugget
    10 piece nugget   1 hours ago

    After Ruby was done her sentence 4 was a little shy 😂

  • dreams of fire! the HJWS group

    Golfy (my object oc): I hate this, I hate what needs do be done. They want a show to make them happy, well TPOT 1 this out so........ enjoy it..... he heSorry jacknjellify, this is sadly my least favorite episode.

  • Pico
    Pico   10 hours ago

    I should choose winner

    DANIEL LAI ZEKE Moe   17 hours ago

    They ate...Chicken nuggets 8:14...Together.10:07 and yet in that episode donut was the story, pie.

  • Yatyat Yeung
    Yatyat Yeung   20 hours ago

    Announcer has planned to Return in the Pillary ruins!

  • melonoshi
    melonoshi   1 days ago

    over a year old already!!! time goes fast when you're having fun!

  • Paula gata
    Paula gata   2 days ago

    17:07If we get screen right we see profily!But If we get screen onto left announcer was here!If we get screen to up theres purple face with evil wings!

  • Liam King
    Liam King   3 days ago

    Add a character that is the name saucy

  • Kyle epic
    Kyle epic   3 days ago

    This should be the next animated atrocity.