The World According to Physics - with Jim Al-Khalili

  • Published on: 23 April 2020
  • Jim Al-Khalili explores the fundamental concepts of space, time, energy, and matter, and describes the three pillars of modern physics: quantum theory, relativity, and thermodynamics.
    Jim’s book ‘The World According to Physics’ is available now:

    Jim Al-Khalili has presented The Life Scientific on Radio 4 since 2011. Although his ‘day job’ is as an academic professor of physics at the University of Surrey, where he also has a chair in the public engagement in science, he has achieved wider prominence as a public scientist, author and broadcaster. He has fronted a number of radio and television documentaries, mainly on BBC4, including Chemistry: A Volatile History, which was nominated for a BAFTA in 2010.

    This digital lecture was recorded on 8 April 2020 using Webinarjam.

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  • Runtime : 1:1:58
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  • The Royal Institution

    As the lockdown began in the UK at the end of March we tried to find new ways of still bringing you excellent science talks. Here's our first attempt at doing this remotely with the help of our good friend and jolly good sport Jim Al-Khalili. We hope you enjoy.

  • Speedy Checkmate
    Speedy Checkmate   11 hours ago

    The more we think we know, the more we know we know nothing at all. It is all 100% conjecture. I believe it is great hubris to call ANYTHING "Laws"........ All are only "as observed" and we know that means nothing.

  • Mark Plourd
    Mark Plourd   3 weeks ago

    If the religious and meditators were really interested in what life's all about they would realize when they found their truth, that it was all created from somewhere and should wonder in how it was all done , spooky particles and all . I find it fascinating and believe you will find the atom and space look the same in make up and this universe is just one part of a atom of existence of everything else that vibrates or has waves .

  • bistü ryx
    bistü ryx   3 weeks ago

    Hermosa exposición maravilloso texto dr. Jim aquí lo esperamos en dresden Alemania para celebrar la realidad quantica en este pequeño espacio/tiempo ➡ 👇

  • Joe Buck
    Joe Buck   1 months ago

    Life/ Nature is a subject, not an object. Check out Sheldrake and Thornhill and see how far off the mark this is. I'm not impressed.

  • Mr B Watson
    Mr B Watson   1 months ago

    How can you call it a "theory of everything" if your theory excludes the observer..?

  • David Randell
    David Randell   1 months ago

    “The Final Theory: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy “, Mark McCutcheon. No energy, charge, photons, waves etc etc.

  • Stephen Fowler
    Stephen Fowler   1 months ago

    If gravity is is a consequence of mass then shouldn't neutrons attract each other? Producing neutronium ought to be easy to make.

  • Stephen Fowler
    Stephen Fowler   1 months ago

    Does the strength of gravity affect the rate at which objects accelerate? If I go to sea level and drop an object 5 meters it takes the same time to hit the ground then I go 100,000 ft and drop the same object 5 meters will it take the same amount of time?

  • Stephen Fowler
    Stephen Fowler   1 months ago

    Rule 5 doesn't exist in practical science. Just look at the attitude of science towards radiometric dating.

  • maxphilly
    maxphilly   1 months ago

    When you say physics get the ultimate truth is ultimately an opinion and there's nothing arrogant about that. Everyone has their own logic and methods to the ultimate truth or their ultimate truth. In my opinion the data and numbers regarding probabilities of certain things in the universe indirectly proves intelligent design. That's my truth based on numbers and common sense.

  • Shannon
    Shannon   2 months ago

    Very interesting, you are an excellent communicator!

  • Alice Tries
    Alice Tries   3 months ago


  • Quinn Talley
    Quinn Talley   3 months ago

    I thought I learned I learned back in the 90s in grad school that John Bell had conclusively demonstrated that the hidden variable interpretation was wrong way back in the mid 60s. Have I missed something in the intervening years?

  • Len Gould
    Len Gould   3 months ago

    Interesting how many times Einstein's name is on your diagram.

  • ET Stalker
    ET Stalker   3 months ago

    I like the way you drew out the slide/diagram for a visual interpretation.

  • ET Stalker
    ET Stalker   3 months ago

    There will always be another mystery beyond the horizon when it comes too the Universe.

  • Tom Hummel
    Tom Hummel   4 months ago

    "I'll try not to say that in an arrogant way!... " Oh, haha, that made my day! I'll copy that phrase, thank you!

  • Vector Selvan
    Vector Selvan   5 months ago

    Thank you being the bearer of the torchlight of the current times Jim. What really intrigues me is the deeper intricate connection of the phenomenon of consciousness at the core of all observations.

  • Skeptical Zack
    Skeptical Zack   5 months ago

    Your friend just loves his sacred cow too much. There aren’t different truths what rubbish.

  • nickynocknoo
    nickynocknoo   5 months ago

    Great material here from Jim! I would love to see this talk turned into a documentary or repeated as a public lecture at the RI once such events are possible after the pandemic.

  • Haroon Shak
    Haroon Shak   6 months ago

    The unhealthy peen psychophysically last because south america laterally crash beyond a wrathful belt. odd, gleaming balloon

  • John Lawrence
    John Lawrence   6 months ago

    It’s so offensive the way this man and his ilk just ignore the scientists and their work who are able to explain everything necessary to understand the universe, how and why it comes into existence and what the purpose of individuality is.

  • John Lawrence
    John Lawrence   6 months ago

    The unspoken is that physicists can’t totally explain their subjects to the average lay person due to the latter’s grey matter isn’t quite up to it, but he’s still going to give it a go because he is such a generous chap. YawnUnfortunately for this gas bag and his narcissistic colleagues the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is fully known and understood to all of us who know where to look. Really.But for him and his ilk people who take a view that opposes his are blocked out; they simply don’t exist. I know this from the days when I used to submit evidence of my authentically witnessed research which showed that smoking cannabis on ab regular basis has no harmful effects either on memory or performance. Yet they continued to state that there was no evidence to suggest that smoking cannabis wasn’t harmful. What they were being paid to say, you see

  • liznval11
    liznval11   6 months ago

    Entire spacial content propagates constantly, C, with light-speed & accretionally from 0 through C, in relative, interactive situations. E= Entire. C=E/0~C. ----Valentine Goroshko's theory of everything....!.....

  • Anne Lee
    Anne Lee   6 months ago

    It is a quality program which contributes to the audiences open their new mindset. Great talk. thank you so much for your talk on YouTube. I would appreciate that if you could provide the online transcript for us to download.

  • J C
    J C   6 months ago

    Hey Jim, thanks for the lecture it was great. FYI next time get a better microphone. Yours sucks.

    Mr BOGDANOV   6 months ago

    Professor is wrong about science admitting its mistakes... It doesn't admit them and sticks to some beliefs with a religious zeal... Only one such example is the true pattern of magnetic field... It is nowhere near what our texbooks show and it has been physically proven already, but science keeps rejecting it...

  • Sergi Koms
    Sergi Koms   6 months ago

    Science does not know the foundations and beginnings of this world, - the infinity of Space is a Philosophical concept, - before Science, a large field that will never be opened, - Science stands on Faith in Axioms and on Logic, - therefore Science stands on Philosophy, - Philosophy stands on the Bible and Providence.

  • Teresa Bridges
    Teresa Bridges   6 months ago

    The untidy cave virtually deserve because collision therapeutically please forenenst a vagabond invoice. dashing, willing dish

  • ioannis I Mansola
    ioannis I Mansola   6 months ago

    It was wrong to accept concepts we could not master in experiments we could not make . We will continue discovering dark things we do not understand . So at the end we will regret all that

  • C Chang
    C Chang   7 months ago

    Excellent overview! Al-Khalili obviously does not like religion, and repeatedly saying that unlike any belief system, science is the only way to get to truth. This view is called scientism, with all its pitfalls. In fact science is also a belief system - believing there is order in the universe, and that we can discover more and more the order. For many religious scientists, this is the same belief that motivated them to become religious.

  • Amir Ghahrai
    Amir Ghahrai   7 months ago

    Dear professor Khalili.i am one of your admierers and always listen to your lectures. thank you . the sound on your video was not of high quality , never the less it didn't matter as I enjoyed your lecture.

  • John Guilgood
    John Guilgood   7 months ago

    time. xy= where and when. not needed if you are outside. xyz motion better. an event. the universe kicks off. need to measure where and when and motion. the event did not need xy. just z. z everywhere without xy is as before xy.

  • Billy O'Hara
    Billy O'Hara   7 months ago

    Yes but if nobody was listening would the ball make a sound when it hit the ground

  • Josh Vasquez
    Josh Vasquez   7 months ago

    Black holes seem like something from another dimension maybe part of an vein or tube don't get me wrong just think about it it's what I gather sofar from what I have observed from watching these videos and your book is definitely one I would like to read