BFB 15: The Four is Lava

  • Published on: 15 December 2019

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    Music by Michael @
    Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod
    Additional Character Art by TheEpicJames
    Thumbnail by Joseph Pak
    "treasure chest" recommended by ORANGE D.

    Oh my gosh! What's Four going to get up to this time? And what's that coming out of his mouth? Ew... Anyway, let's see who can survive the next epic challenge in the Battle for BFDI!

    Join Firey, Leafy, Flower, Puffball, Bell, Blocky, and all the rest of your remaining pals as they venture to get to a common goal—and maybe try to prevent each other from doing the same.

    Voting ends when this video is 48 hours old.
  • Runtime : 16:25
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  • Keko Reco reco
    Keko Reco reco   2 hours ago

    meu deus aquele cara que fala da eliminação é mt bonito, parabéns por ser bonito moço!

  • *bunnyfunny sara*
    *bunnyfunny sara*   6 hours ago

    You know it doesn’t matter if someone steals dream island it’s just a island it’s not special it’s just a island 😑

  • İman Lekic
    İman Lekic   8 hours ago

    Dora's little nom makes me hapy idk why 3:01

  • Losyder mith
    Losyder mith   9 hours ago

    Man im gonna talk what is in my head wathing this (FUCKING GAME MAN)

  • Mia Cherba
    Mia Cherba   11 hours ago

    Why are people voting when the next video came out?!

  • ejay gaddi
    ejay gaddi   14 hours ago

    [C] spongey is rude we should kick him out

  • Gurav Ram
    Gurav Ram   19 hours ago

    Why is everyone watching this one video

  • Kam Chisholm
    Kam Chisholm   23 hours ago

    block is smart when it comes to this challenge

  • Tepexion
    Tepexion   1 days ago

    I love the BFDI 1st episode reference in 10:40