This Early 2000's Dating Show Is Pure Insanity

  • Published on: 19 November 2020
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    I recently stumbled upon an old dating show from the early 2000's called "Chains of Love" and I knew I had to make a video about it. Enjoy!






    thanks for watching!

    comment "quit being such a steph" if ur reading this!

  • Runtime : 24:7
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  • Darci Barron
    Darci Barron   3 minuts ago

    glad to see i'm not the only one who thought kurtis took the whole "fart joke" thing too far...this whole video seemed a little misogynistic to me and not quite like the usual kurtis

  • Gregory Bronson
    Gregory Bronson   9 minuts ago

    Don't lie to us, Kurtis. No one has ever had a delicious steak at Applebees.

  • Peridot Hare
    Peridot Hare   1 hours ago

    I was just vibing, doing other stuff with this video playing in the background... and at 0:43 my entire thought process screeched to a halt when the 90's baby segment began and freaking Howling by Lupus Nocte started playing. Super fast build mode, anyone?

  • wartanabadanooh
    wartanabadanooh   1 hours ago

    "They were double cheeked up for no reason".... that took me out 🤣

  • Jennifer Combs
    Jennifer Combs   2 hours ago

    I joined Kurtistown because Kurtis had the incredible audacity to feature The Sims Buy Mode 1 as his background music. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar!

  • ArrTee
    ArrTee   3 hours ago

    Please get rid of the mustache

  • Carolina Simão
    Carolina Simão   4 hours ago

    he should’ve said “i gotta go because the locksmith is here... and you know on man MUST go” 😭😭

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl   5 hours ago

    Man: LICKS HER EAR Steph: Yeah he wasn't athletic enough

  • honey y
    honey y   5 hours ago

    Ok but anyone knows how dean's lovelife went after he went to the cringiest dating show ever

  • Krissanwich
    Krissanwich   6 hours ago

    Have you ever watched the Red Green Show? I used to watch it as a kid on PBS but I’m pretty sure it’s Canadian. So funny!

  • superstar nayeon
    superstar nayeon   6 hours ago

    why on earth would you split the money???? just date later like whose holding you legally accountable for dating???

  • Alice Cane
    Alice Cane   6 hours ago

    Every time the locksmith shows up 7:0012:3014:4518:45

  • Natasha Smith
    Natasha Smith   7 hours ago

    He should of just took the money. He had to split it with her and they only lasted 3 days

  • Malow
    Malow   7 hours ago

    Can someone explain to me what they do when they need to use the restroom?

  • Alimvs memes
    Alimvs memes   7 hours ago

    Good times with scar time-lapse music at the beginning had me grooving

  • Jess Burghes
    Jess Burghes   8 hours ago

    kurtisssssssss i thought u would realise why she was annoyed in the hot tub come on ur beeter than that:(

  • Lyly Vivi
    Lyly Vivi   8 hours ago

    Please watch Supernatural and make one of these videos about it, it's the weirdest, shittiest thing ever but we all love it

    ASHER COURVILLE   9 hours ago

    What are you doing on the 13th of December?#Thankmas

  • Echo Blue
    Echo Blue   9 hours ago

    I'm sorry but as a Hermitcraft, Goodtimeswithscar fan i couldn't hear what you were saying in the beginning for as long as that background music played causeSUPER FAST BUILD MOOOOOOOODE

  • maxwell s.strings
    maxwell s.strings   10 hours ago

    Please do more of these with the other episodes of this bananas show

  • Barbara Olops
    Barbara Olops   10 hours ago

    Imagine explaining to your kids how their parents met

  • Arnav Agarwal
    Arnav Agarwal   11 hours ago

    Seems like kurtis'es affection towards Jason stems from his personal experiences 👀

  • gothkurata
    gothkurata   11 hours ago

    i almost thought you changed your name to kris

  • Julia Sousa
    Julia Sousa   13 hours ago

    20:42 super fast building mode song :0

  • You suffer, but why?
    You suffer, but why?   13 hours ago

    I recognize Stephanie from something else, but I can't put my finger on it.

  • RoxanneLaWin
    RoxanneLaWin   13 hours ago

    Any other British 80s Babies unable to concentrate with Demon Bungle from Rainbow staring down at them from the back wall?

  • Twooping
    Twooping   13 hours ago

    I'm also a 94 baby and used to watch all those shows Kurtis mentioned.... I was afraid I'd have to go on dates like on Next or even room raiders when growing up .... boy was I mostly wrong

  • eEeE eEeE
    eEeE eEeE   14 hours ago

    pete getting shot: dId sommEoNne sSaY sHoTt

  • KailaLove
    KailaLove   14 hours ago

    Hey Kurtis, please review parental control, mid-2000s mtv shows were hilarious.

  • noobguy20
    noobguy20   15 hours ago

    kurtis looks like a rejected loser member from it