Warp Drive and Aliens: Bryan Gaensler Public Lecture

  • Published on: 06 February 2020
  • In his live public lecture at Perimeter Institute on February 5, 2020, astronomer Bryan Gaensler (Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Toronto) explored the latest thinking on interstellar travel and on the search for alien life – including why he believes the frontiers of current research may be more exciting and visionary than any fictional stories we can imagine.

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  • Runtime : 1:21:13
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  • James A.
    James A.   5 hours ago

    So it doesn't seem we'll be able to travel back in time unfortunately!

  • Terminalforlife (LL)
    Terminalforlife (LL)   15 hours ago

    It really bugs me how dismissive scientists of all people (!!!) are of things like that supposed asteroid. Unless you can see it for yourself, and/or provide enough evidence that it is just an asteroid, you cannot 100% confirm it's not some sort of extraterrestrial intelligence. It seems wholly unscientific for a scientist to think otherwise, to me.I'm glad there are scientists like Avi Loeb more willing to open their minds and not scared to even suggest the possibility of something more. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a nutter in a basement who thinks aliens are out to get him, and I'm not saying I'm certain it's aliens, but I'm damn well going to accept the fact that it may have been, regardless of probability.If we continue to be ignorant and too scared to face what is likely our reality, we are highly likely in for a very, very rude awakening, by which time it may well be too late.We constantly go around telling people there's no evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, yet when something questionable comes around, we seem to almost immediately dismiss it and assume it's nowt. No wonder SETI and NASA are so underfunded.

  • bob down under graffiti teacher

    Ok before this video starts I'm going to let you all in on a secret! There is no such things as aliens. Aliens are man made like the gods we made and worshiped. It's the same phalicy. And it is magical Thinking and ridiculous. So if you don't believe in God then go one further and understand that science is now our god and will you believe in something on faith ? Like god. With no real evidence. Just blindly beleave it because it's possible. It's possible that God exists as well. Look untill god or aliens cone to us I say fuck that stupid idea. We are alone in the universe and I like thst.

  • F100 FE390
    F100 FE390   1 days ago

    It’s weird that aliens only visit after we put our toe in space.

  • Richard Corbin
    Richard Corbin   3 days ago

    Please stop speaking like a runaway train or a chipmunk you speak way too fast. You are fast speech is a perfect example that Lightspeed is possible by a human being. Stop and train yourself from saying ugh, ughh! It is Extremely Loud on playback and it is sudden and it is a huge distraction. That said, I loved the topic. Also, you are absolutely and completely wrong about UFOs. What I was a boy I saw an occupant an alien and they look Nothing Like Us other than they have a head and torso and two legs and two arms and two eyes. And from Boyhood to adulthood at the age of 62 I have seen more than one of their craft close up. You are extremely dismissive of thousands upon thousands of people around the world and I find that disgusting.

  • Rheumattica
    Rheumattica   3 days ago

    Leave the aliens talk to the experts.This man is not even REMOTELY qualified to speak on this topic. He doesn't even try. This is the epitome of WORTHLESS DOGMA.

  • OnMyWay NoOneCanStopMe

    BS is just getting better and better,please wake up and read the Bible Jesus died for our sins.

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter   4 days ago

    The fact is we are space travellers on a star ship called earth.

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter   4 days ago

    He is not telling us anything new. So I guess we'll have to wait for him to see his next Science Fiction movie.

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter   4 days ago

    I have a solution for the fuel problem. The solution would be anti-gravity like two magnets rejecting each other.As in like charges repelling each other

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter   4 days ago

    Have you ever considered that if it wasn't for Science fiction you wouldn't haven't a job.

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter   4 days ago

    How does all this talk improve me the rest of the world?

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter   4 days ago

    Is this an autobiography of his life because I've listened for 15min and all his done is talk about himself.

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter   4 days ago

    I'm a person, I love saying that and I say it again, I love a person.

  • Revalation Revaltion

    So Darwinism debunked ape to Aliana??? Nooo. Only Christians told you so DEMONS FALLEN ANGELIC BRINGS CHECK MATE

  • Luminous Fractal
    Luminous Fractal   5 days ago

    Shout-out to the guy who invented the ion drive in his garage (YouTuber), and shame on you nasa for trying to prove him wrong and then claiming credit for inventing it when it actually worked. Scum move.

  • Luminous Fractal
    Luminous Fractal   5 days ago

    We just need to wait for our galaxy to arrive :) we should be fully technological by then and out of our biological birth phase.

  • Larry Janson
    Larry Janson   6 days ago

    your thought about what life can be is so fucking wrong... just look at life here on the earth. life can be in water so hot it would boils us. pressures so great we would be crushed to death. so cold we would be frozen. and gasses that would kill us. life finds a way.

  • The Vet
    The Vet   6 days ago

    What’s with the Woke statement of the Indian tribes at the beginning statement?

  • chadkincham
    chadkincham   6 days ago

    I highly suspect that the unimaginable power it would take to warp enough space to travel a considerable distance, will always be beyond our capability.

  • Luis Lima
    Luis Lima   1 weeks ago

    Also: "We have no idea on how to distort space time but if we did it would require more than all energy on Earth put together" You just stated you dont know how to do it, how can you say it requires that amount of energy? If you had said "PROBABLY it would require more than all energy on Earth put together" ok, but be careful with absolutes :(

  • Luis Lima
    Luis Lima   1 weeks ago

    Yeah I dispute the teleportation concept. If you dismember the information and you RECREATE it is not teleportation it is matter recreation... that is exactly the geeky argument against usage of teleportation in ST universe (the McCoy Law: if you enter the teleporter you are already dead) as the teleporter in ST works like that: matter is disassembled, COPIED and PASTED into the target endpoint. In which case the person on the other end is a copy not the original and, thus, deceased.

  • Bacon Crusader
    Bacon Crusader   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else see the correlation between star trek and reality, it's like star trek is turning out to be the blue print for humanity.

  • Gregory T
    Gregory T   1 weeks ago

    In 1890 a Russian/American Harvard math genius and linguistic expert named Ivan Panin proved the Bible mathematically with incontrovertible evidence.

  • Gamer X
    Gamer X   1 weeks ago

    We could spray Pledge all over the craft to deflect the space dust 🤔

  • Hubbard VEVO
    Hubbard VEVO   1 weeks ago

    It’s super easy to travel to a distant star. You just have to bombard a stable version of element 115 and transmute it to 116 to create antimatter. That will give you all the electricity to power your ship, it will also allow you to access the gravity A wave which will allow you to bend space-time just like he said.. We have this technology on earth.. it negates all inertia and time dilation due to being inside your own gravitational envelope.

  • Emanuel
    Emanuel   1 weeks ago

    managed to get to the woke apology at 1:07 then felt an intense need to go listen to someone less limp-wristed. what a wanker!

  • Jeremiah Clark
    Jeremiah Clark   1 weeks ago

    This man talks about himself for the first 10 minutes. skip ahead if you don't wanna listen to someone saying how great they are.

  • Tom D
    Tom D   1 weeks ago

    Yes yes we know we are primitive. Great. Hate these things where they base the future on current tech. Blech.

    SHMUJEW   1 weeks ago

    There is no tŕaditional territory when you improve property

  • Nevine Iskandar
    Nevine Iskandar   1 weeks ago

    Excellent presenter! Very interesting and engaging topic. Thank you!

  • Sandal_Thong
    Sandal_Thong   1 weeks ago

    The lecture sounded pretty good at summarizing the state of science.Sadly, the comments were full of people who have mental illness or had mental episodes in the past.

  • toriless
    toriless   1 weeks ago

    Actually, there a few books written in the 1974 (and then in the 90's) by Joe Haldeman that not only features time dilation is but is it the key phenomenon that shapes everything that happens, the first was called The Forever War, followed by others in the 90's. So, Intersteller was very late in the game.

  • sideswiped
    sideswiped   1 weeks ago

    BingO. at 42:05 he says "in thousands of years Warp Drive may be possible". well, what if there is an Alien Race out there that is 1 million years more advanced, what if that Race is 10 million years more advanced or 100 million years more advanced, what if the Race is 1 Billion years more advanced. so this is why I dislike this guy. he talks as IF he knows, but he does not know!

  • Silent Shu-Shu
    Silent Shu-Shu   1 weeks ago

    Before we begin....... I get it I respect the idea but fail to see why u say it like its an ad.... like its brand promotion 🤔

  • Mark Seabolt
    Mark Seabolt   1 weeks ago

    His description of teleportation doesn't sound like teleportation at all to me. It sounds like my body (and by default, me) is being destroyed. And a copy of me is created at the other end. So, my copy might believe it is me, but I was actually killed in the process. It's really just a version of cloning to me.