• Published on: 14 January 2017
  • Todd reveals his big dark secret he's been keeping from us; We react to Todd's reality show; Heath's back baby!!
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  • Runtime : 10:2
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  • Aye Mayne
    Aye Mayne   1 weeks ago

    Todd looks like the guy from the descendants with his long hair are they brothers

  • BrownRice
    BrownRice   1 weeks ago

    I cant literally on any Reality tv show now, im literally thinking my friends would make me so ridiculous.🤣

  • Max Meitzner
    Max Meitzner   1 weeks ago

    So fucking sad seeing this in 2020 and seeing david and liza

  • Dakota Dohr
    Dakota Dohr   1 weeks ago

    I'm only here because of the Instagram post

  • bjorn skeinr
    bjorn skeinr   4 weeks ago

    People think tods slow but he just listens and then responds. seriously folks, dont judge

  • Mads ._
    Mads ._   1 months ago

    looks the the shittest reality tv show they do be tryna copy the uk

  • Wi ll
    Wi ll   1 months ago

    I forget Todd is almost 30 😂 and look at the hair he had lmao

  • Salmina ZAZAI
    Salmina ZAZAI   1 months ago

    doesn't young todd remind you of the young Aquaman in the movie Aquaman

  • Natalie Berry
    Natalie Berry   1 months ago

    Wow I really thought Todd was joking that it was called sweet home Alabama

  • Han Ry
    Han Ry   1 months ago

    who else a lil coffee bean watching in 2020

  • Vpewe
    Vpewe   2 months ago

    The whole time watching like gabby stfu

  • Dick Long
    Dick Long   2 months ago

    Jesus his acting was fucking on point

  • Yasmine Lylia
    Yasmine Lylia   2 months ago


  • Tkcire
    Tkcire   2 months ago

    Only thing I learned from this is never touch a cowboys hat lmao

  • Ferocious_Snail Roswell

    Im just trying to find the guy todd cries over when he leaves i forget. Then i found this gem instead.Watch todd splash the guy behind him in the face with his hair water @2:40 hahaha hilarious

  • Malakai
    Malakai   2 months ago

    todd looks like booboo stewart

  • Mira M
    Mira M   3 months ago

    Omg Todd looks like Booboo Stewart with that long hair

  • Jewell Smith
    Jewell Smith   3 months ago

    i'm so late to this video 🤦‍♀️ but doesn't todd look a lot like booboo stewart from descendants. especially with the long hair its like they are brothers or something

  • Simon Hanley
    Simon Hanley   3 months ago

    Im actually an island kid so i cant say shit

  • katie nauer
    katie nauer   3 months ago

    I am crying I can’t believe I don’t remember him being on the show

  • Natalia Suarez
    Natalia Suarez   3 months ago

    who’s watching after todd wrote natalie a song

  • chlobosumm4
    chlobosumm4   3 months ago

    4:59 “You know I talk like that. Stop.” 😂😂

  • claudia
    claudia   4 months ago

    Imagine her dating todd now