The Winter Cabin Ice Storm - Multiday Adventure

  • Published on: 23 January 2019
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    In this adventure Luke converts the old shed which is on Lone Wolf Mountain into a winter cabin as an Ice Storm moves into the area.
    In this adventure;

    an Ice Storm,
    a make-shift cabin,
    falling trees,
    some good food,
    a huge buck,
    and more.


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  • Runtime : 41:12
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview   3 years ago

    It's here everyone, I hope that you enjoy it!BTW, I'll be hitting the road trail...I mean road again soon for the next adventure!Stay Tuned! - Luke

  • Paul Maness
    Paul Maness   2 days ago

    Pretty cool,I need to build one on my property

  • spectrumcase external

    "it'll make you a god-damn sexual tyrannosaurus .... just like me" is a line from a Barney movie I'm guessing

  • William Menchen
    William Menchen   1 weeks ago

    Wondering what to do with the shed/cabin! This place is too classic to be just a shed! How about seal it off with a door and window? What ever your new secret is on what to do, what could be more cool than a quick gettaway! During the year slowly store up a wood supply. your new idea is probably good , however it might be too much uptown! Shed/Cabin sounds good!

  • Harold Friley
    Harold Friley   2 weeks ago

    Great adventure love it buddy keep on camping and going on adventure

  • Ken A
    Ken A   2 weeks ago

    You and MacGyver !!!

  • Edwin J SKI Korczynski

    Actually, You Should Never Boil Coffee. Despite the name of the article, traditional recipes almost never call for actually boiling the coffee. This is because boiling the coffee grounds will destroy flavour compounds and most likely result in bitter over-extraction.

  • Joe teacher
    Joe teacher   3 weeks ago

    Great video. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Best wishes.

  • Stanley Wade
    Stanley Wade   4 weeks ago

    Name that movie, the first predator 🎉

  • john bailey
    john bailey   1 months ago

    You better not sleep too close to them crackes.

  • john bailey
    john bailey   1 months ago

    Your the only critter I see, good luck 👍

  • StormyPeak
    StormyPeak   1 months ago

    I live in Idaho...and most hunters will Never count each prong on equal pronged antlers, I'm not sure but I think this is common in many western states. Example, If one side has 4 points... it's a 4 pointer...not an 8 pointer. The exception to this is if a buck (or an elk) has say 4 points on one side and 5 on the other then we call it a '4 by 5' And a spike is a deer who's antlers have no branches yet. Back in the 1970's the first deer I shot was a mule deer, a 5 by 6 and was 3rd heaviest shot in my country that year. It was big enough that my dad swung by the local meat processing place and had it weighed. My buck weighed 230 pounds field dressed, but with head, hide and legs still on. Most mule deer bucks around here averaged around 160 or so pounds. Back then we had 3 days where either gender could be harvested. I thought my dad was going to kill me for shooting a We never trophy hunted and the bucks usually had tougher meat, due to often being in rut, fighting each other and chasing does. It still turned out to be some really nice meat. I'm 58 now, disabled and I sure miss the days of being able to go camping and fishing. I never really cared for the hunting...did it for the meat - which was cheap back then, but the price of gas, hunting licenses and tags and the severe limitations set on where we could go up into the mountains, plus the 3 days of doe season was stopped, so all that really made it too expensive and more difficult to have a successful became cheaper to buy beef.I love watching these camping videos...also all the modern things that make camping more comfortable would be fun to try out. Light weight reflective pads, rather than heavy old army wool blankets, materials...which we used as pads under the sleeping bags...things like that.

  • Brenda Poston
    Brenda Poston   1 months ago

    Are you not worried about Bears andCougars? Ie , wildlife attacking you ! I’d be afraid to close my eyes !

  • David Corder
    David Corder   1 months ago

    Liked this video would love to see more on it

  • M Brontë
    M Brontë   1 months ago

    Luke had to revisit this old video just because you are finally building a cabin! The antlers, what a great find and lovely gift from nature!

  • Dave Wall
    Dave Wall   2 months ago

    Liking this vid cars have horns, deer have antlers haha good show reminds of 40 years ago thank you

  • MAC Daddy
    MAC Daddy   2 months ago

    Nice property. Will make a great site for a nice cabin. Keep that old shed, it is a treasure.

  • MAC Daddy
    MAC Daddy   2 months ago

    Roughing it with beer and BBQ. You have your priorities right so I had to subscribe.

  • helen chee
    helen chee   2 months ago

    What is the music you play before and after your trip. It is perfort

    Rita WILLIAMS   2 months ago

    Luke you should have put your heater pipe inside and found a way to just put it out like an elbow the way you got it it's going to snow in it but you're losing heat the heat on that kind of heater comes mostly from the pipe you need another elbow to put it outside and then one to go up you're losing over half your heat

  • Deb Bryant
    Deb Bryant   2 months ago

    Build a a-frame cabin! They have good plans online,with a deck to set on and solar panels

  • Deb Bryant
    Deb Bryant   2 months ago

    Love this area! You are so good with your adventures with yourself and Susie

  • Rick Kearn
    Rick Kearn   2 months ago

    where the heck did you get that long handled spork?? Awesome videos, love this YT channel. Cheers.

  • Spider Reed
    Spider Reed   2 months ago

    I wouldn't even classify that as a storm so far..unless its a late arriving storm...I guess your a barbeque guy,I prefer onion and bacon baked beans.

  • Brandon Clum
    Brandon Clum   2 months ago

    Not to burst your bubble look but that's only graded as a 4 point buck or likely a 4x4

  • lilbeau
    lilbeau   2 months ago

    Try mothballs for you spiders + other fun things that might would like to move in while you're away...

  • Dianne File
    Dianne File   2 months ago

    I'd repair the shed and put a floor in it plus a window

  • Glenn Fryer
    Glenn Fryer   2 months ago

    It’s worth cladding the cabin…and putting a decent flue in .. some single wall flue pipe and some a length of Twin wall through a flashing kit and a cowl, co2 alarm .. job done .. be nice and toasty.. it would make a great place ..

  • zerohourtv256
    zerohourtv256   2 months ago

    predator is the movie and that's a nice shed you found

  • Joseph p
    Joseph p   2 months ago

    Watch this video numerous times can't wait to see him go back there like he said he would looks like a great place to camp

  • h g
    h g   2 months ago

    If it was fixed up to nice,i would be there all the time! doing some shooting ,hunting try to make funiture out of wood. Im not good at the furniture making but it would be fun to try!

  • Tony johnson
    Tony johnson   2 months ago

    Awesome adventure 😎what do you think that sound was the one you replayed