The Winter Cabin Ice Storm - Multiday Adventure

  • Published on: 23 January 2019
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    In this adventure Luke converts the old shed which is on Lone Wolf Mountain into a winter cabin as an Ice Storm moves into the area.
    In this adventure;

    an Ice Storm,
    a make-shift cabin,
    falling trees,
    some good food,
    a huge buck,
    and more.


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  • Runtime : 41:12
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview   2 years ago

    It's here everyone, I hope that you enjoy it!BTW, I'll be hitting the road trail...I mean road again soon for the next adventure!Stay Tuned! - Luke

  • Simon
    Simon   5 days ago

    Lock down that stove air tight. More heat less wood.

  • David Simon
    David Simon   1 weeks ago

    Watching your solo camping adventures makes me realize that is I what I need, not all the time but just once in awhile just to unwind and be away from everyone. Thanks for the videos!

  • David Simon
    David Simon   1 weeks ago

    Just catching up on your videos: Is this your land? If not is it private or public land? Would love to do something like this, thanks for the great video!

  • Eternal Blossom
    Eternal Blossom   1 weeks ago

    thank you i could watch all day i am addicted to you love and respect from england

  • 4 Mile Auto
    4 Mile Auto   2 weeks ago

    You are correct, that is an antler, not a horn

  • Weltboy21 Weltzin
    Weltboy21 Weltzin   2 weeks ago

    Please quit misleading people that really don't know, like yourself!!!!!!

  • Weltboy21 Weltzin
    Weltboy21 Weltzin   2 weeks ago

    😂🤣, that IS NOT AT ALL "DEER RUB BUD" all you found there was a dead tree with fallen bark🤣😂

  • Brad Campbell
    Brad Campbell   3 weeks ago

    Luke-- in case a person has a go to place to visit like the shed, what do you think of storing say a bag of charcoal briquettes, or a bucket of coal? When my dad was a kid in the end of the depression/ and WW2 they had access to coal as his dad worked at a local railroad and they used it to warm the house every morning, it packs a good amount of heat for a couple pieces in your fire. Thanks for your vids great stuff

  • James Groce
    James Groce   3 weeks ago

    Luke, love the series with the shed and its planned renovation to a cabin. Your presentations are cheerful, humble, and informative. Keep on rocking.

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M   4 weeks ago

    Predator the of my favorites!!!Keep doing this 'til you are at least 80. Muchas Gracias, Senor !!!

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M   4 weeks ago

    Yes, keep the antlers will know when forever comes and that it's time to return them to the forest.

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M   4 weeks ago

    So much for central heating......cook on, bro!!!

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M   4 weeks ago

    Your thoughts of your brother keep you young and warm. Bless you and your brother, Luke.

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson   4 weeks ago

    The shed I really like because it's History from over a 100 yrs agoIf it were me I'd bring a battery Chain saw , I have one from Amazon and they are so handyIn 10 minutes or less I cut up a storm damaged 20 ft. Small tree top that toppled over the fenceIt was too easy.I'd get some small logs cut up and build that open wall in and 3 or 4Cans of Great Stuff expanding foam and squirt those spaces between those boards fullBuild a floor a little insulation here and there and call it a day.I really Like that antique wood stove too !Take care Happy Trails And Have A Very Merry Christmas ⛄🎄⛄🎄⛄🎄⛄🎄⛄🎄⛄🎄

  • Anthony Wilson
    Anthony Wilson   4 weeks ago

    What is your job when u don't film if u don't mind me asking

  • DavyJ763
    DavyJ763   1 months ago

    I can't wait until you visit this shed again for some winter camping. I'm hoping you do it in this year or early next year. Cold weather camping videos are my favorites. Happy camping, Luke and thank you for everything you do.

  • Eric Hawes
    Eric Hawes   1 months ago

    PREDATOR.... The better line in the movie is " I dont have time to bleed" ... ' you got time to duck?' 🤣

  • Mary Hill
    Mary Hill   1 months ago

    Beer ie alcohol doesn’t thin your blood. It dilates your peripheral blood vessels. Thus you lose body heat faster and therefore cool faster. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for making it!

  • P.R. Mathews
    P.R. Mathews   2 months ago

    Camping out of a truck but still outside…… I took an old sleeping bag and stuffed a 7ft piece of wall insulation with foil backing into the bag and sealed it shut. I figured That would make a useable pad for my sleeping bag to lay on…… 25° in the Alabama deer woods, it got too warm to lay on 🤷🏼‍♂️ ………. What about up there where you camp?

  • Tim Blizzard
    Tim Blizzard   2 months ago

    Why does this have 1k dislikes??? I don't get YouTube sometimes.

  • Connie Parker
    Connie Parker   3 months ago

    Keep this cabin and build your own, always use this one for adventures

  • Russel Rogers
    Russel Rogers   3 months ago

    Those lantern globes do get rather hot. Might be a good idea to keep them away from those dry wall boards. Envy you having a place like that to get away to.

  • Shirley Williams
    Shirley Williams   3 months ago

    Use something to close in the cabin, it's a nice size something can be done with it. Nice show