Can YOU Guess That Celebrity's Baby Photo?

  • Published on: 17 August 2019
  • Spot Lizzo by looking at her baby picture. Play along! Guess celebrities by their baby photos.
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    Content featured:
    Miley Cyrus


    Chris Hemsworth

    Olsen Twins:

    Tia & Tamara Mowry

    Beyonce and Solange

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    Can You Guess The Celebrity Baby Photo?
  • Runtime : 11:34
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  • nαtαlíє
    nαtαlíє   10 hours ago

    *waits for baby Harry Styles and/or baby Louis Tomlinson*

  • tori g
    tori g   1 days ago

    0:26oOopsIe pOOpSIE! -Erinn

  • Superhero Nerd
    Superhero Nerd   2 days ago

    Labib: “Right now anyone under 19 does not know who they are.” Me: I’m thirteen and I used to watch Twitches every single day when I was little. These girls were my homegirls. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Celeste Gimmelli
    Celeste Gimmelli   1 weeks ago


  • Ami Martinez
    Ami Martinez   1 weeks ago

    I really mean it, I know who they are, because I twitches when I was younger

  • Adrian Disla
    Adrian Disla   1 weeks ago

    I watched Twitches and Sisters when I was a kid

  • Olivia Kellam
    Olivia Kellam   2 weeks ago

    It’s not everywhere you go, it’s everywhere you look!!!

  • Jade Medina
    Jade Medina   3 weeks ago

    No one:Almost everyone in the comments: iM uNDer 19 aNd I KNOw tIa aNd tAmEra

  • William H
    William H   3 weeks ago

    Ok but how is tori so good at this?

  • Emily Sing
    Emily Sing   3 weeks ago

    Tori: "I can't completely destroy you at this."🤣🤣🤣

  • Jackson Beamer66
    Jackson Beamer66   3 weeks ago

    OMG I thought the first one was Justin Timberlake TOOOOOO

  • Chloe Draws
    Chloe Draws   1 months ago

    Ok but be honest, would you have been able to get these?

  • RNG Plasma
    RNG Plasma   1 months ago


  • Jazzy Mulan
    Jazzy Mulan   1 months ago

    i’m under 19 and definitely know who tia and tamera is lmfaooo

  • Eva Reynoso
    Eva Reynoso   1 months ago

    I’m 15 and I actually know what Twitches is and I loved that movie

  • Dara Odimegwu
    Dara Odimegwu   1 months ago

    Labib I'm 15 and I've known tia and Tamera since I was 12..😊

  • Crypto
    Crypto   1 months ago

    Nico is the CEO of baby face.

  • Jay Jayy
    Jay Jayy   1 months ago

    Barney is my childhood friend 😁😁😁😁

  • Olivia Rush
    Olivia Rush   1 months ago

    Them saying nobody under 19 knows what Tia Tamara I’m nine and I really wanna do is scream at my lungs and I have Disney+ that’s the best and II just I’m just gonna Scream 😱

  • CJ Gamer Vlogs
    CJ Gamer Vlogs   1 months ago

    Everywhere u look everywhere u go there’s a heart a hand to hold onto

  • Guddu Gurung
    Guddu Gurung   1 months ago

    When tori said she’s gonna destroy nico I thought nico was gonna win😅😂🤣

  • Angycorn Life
    Angycorn Life   1 months ago

    Who just realized Marhley is Stephanie from CG

  • Andre Shaw
    Andre Shaw   1 months ago

    On the second one they had to thank of every black celebrity