The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases

  • Published on: 30 November 2017
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    LEMMiNO   8 months ago

    [Credits, References, and More]

  • 1 oz
    1 oz   1 days ago

    Isn't strange how almost every incident is in the USA?

  • Ronald V Ronca
    Ronald V Ronca   1 days ago

    Any galactic exploration traveling X number of light years upon finding a habitable planet full of intelligent life would have to be really stupid not to engage in formal and intense communication. Far to stupid to have accomplished the feat in the first place. Nothing here but nonsense.

  • domitron
    domitron   1 days ago

    I have studied the alien phenomenon quite a bit, but I do differ from most in one important regard: I absolutely do not find it unusual that aliens would avoid contact with us or give us technology. Look around on Earth now through life-centered eyes rather than human hubris. Are you telling me that you think we are ready for more technology to further enter into overshoot? I mean already we are approximately 1.7 into overshoot meaning we would need 1.7 Earths to live sustainable at 7.9 billion - and that is if we ever tried, which we haven't yet. I think unless aliens are true evil--and I don't think they are--they'll let us mature a little without their influence. What is going on right now on Earth (overshoot, climate change, unchecked greed and capitalism, etc.) is just the result of our stupidity in dealing with our numbers and unsaid belief that the Earth is infinite and all ours and ONLY ours. We cannot seem to slow our exponential rise in resource usage or population to save our lives, and so our current civilization will crash. After our numbers are knocked down to a half-billion total or less, MAYBE we will have learned a hard lesson about what it means to truly be part of the circle of life on a living planet and eventually a space-faring civilization. Right now humanity's only goal on Earth seems to be to increase our numbers by short-sighted exploitation of the Earth's resources. That's IT in a nutshell. For all the talk of loving each other, I don't see it. You cannot love each other by destroying your home planet and, thus, your children's futures. The two are in direct opposition.

  • Acidrock
    Acidrock   1 days ago

    The increase in sightings coincide with the introduction of nuclear bombs.

  • oliver
    oliver   1 days ago

    and now the government confirmed it. wild times

  • avokado
    avokado   1 days ago

    hello my Swedish friend. The most rare item (or whatever you want to call it) in the whole universe exists on this earth (this has almost been proven scientifically) . For Aliens to be able to come to earth they must have obtained it already. However, the scarcity of it along with which the way we use or misuse it rather, destroying it, exchange it for meaningless minerals scares anyone who have actually realised it's worth; would naturally be too afraid to even glance at this planet let alone visit this nuthouse. Can anyone guess what the item/thing is?

  • Mark Gil Herrera
    Mark Gil Herrera   2 days ago

    I stiill believe that Aliens are humans that have surpassed the limit and ascended to a new being.

  • Gonzo Balls
    Gonzo Balls   2 days ago

    Humans seeing flying saucers : 😯Aliens in flying saucers seeing aliens in portals : 😯Aliens in portals seeing aliens teleporting :😯Aliens teleporting in tiktok videos : 😯

  • coral bayvi
    coral bayvi   2 days ago

    omg it looked so scary. lol until i see some clear proof, i cannot help but laugh at the government now that they claim there of ufos and scary space ships lol

  • EricÂpocalypseFullMoonGtr

    Imagine ❕ All that Distance ❕ All that Time Spent to get here ❕ All that Advanced Technology ❕ Only to Crash their Craft into the Earth ❕ and Only to Elude and Evade our smartest people at Every Turn like we Are Their Moronic Playthings❕❕😕😣😫 All that 'Advanced' Civilization❕❔❓❕ Güdd Grief ❕❕the ONLY thing Fooled here are Humans who actually Think these are extraterrestrial beings from another planet 'visiting' us - only to Commit High CRIMES like Abductions and Non-consented to Medical Invasion ❕❕😕😣😫 Open Your Eyes fooled hearty - these are Not Alien extraterrestrial beings from an advanced civilized planet - but these Are The Works of Demonic Entities ❕❕.......Read further and gain Understanding and Wisdom.......I highly recommend 'Conflict of the Ages' series of five books by Christian Author Ellen G. White(Authentic Seer/Prophet of God)....."The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan" Ellen G. White, 1888, rev.1911

  • MrChris1316
    MrChris1316   3 days ago

    I called Jerusalem as a hoax the same day and was roundly slagged off for ages

  • Markus
    Markus   3 days ago

    The Zamora incident was clearly a man made craft. The insignia on the outside of it probably signified which side was up on the craft, to make it easier for researchers to identify once it was up in the air. Every detail about it described technology that was already readily available in that time period. Rocket propulsion, landing legs, the men who got out and walked around the area of the craft, etc. Every detail points to it being a man made craft, besides the "silent" hovering 6m off the ground, which could be attributed to a false memory on Zamoras part, which is extremely common when recounting details in stories of the past.

  • Luke Deveraux
    Luke Deveraux   3 days ago

    The Aliens must have concluded the Chaos they witnessed first time was an out of ordinary scenario so they came to check if it's all resolved after 5 days. But when they came back and knew that's how humans are everyday and anyway, they lost all hope of humanity and left to never return again. Period.

  • David Godsmark
    David Godsmark   4 days ago

    Why is roswell still classified, least I think it is. But if it was just a balloon it wouldn't still be classified

  • David Godsmark
    David Godsmark   4 days ago

    You've an overactive imagination, now get back in your jet and stop chasing swamp gas around the country. Why don't they just say, people lied they had their reasons, aliens are or are not here that we are aware of but no one fears if it's true.

  • Hfjbtn 17cF
    Hfjbtn 17cF   4 days ago

    Just wait until WWIII broke and all of these "alien technologies" will be unleashed.

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max   5 days ago

    I drove a 18 wheeler and one night as i drove i saw some lights heading my way. Now theses tiny lights in the thousands overtook the truck which in matter of seconds ended up in the COSMOS.

  • Storm Rider
    Storm Rider   5 days ago

    The aliens are probably not even trying to hide anymore, as they know they look fake.

  • Nothing Free
    Nothing Free   5 days ago

    1947 stories have been run ragged like they make it look like NOBODY doesn't know about them .everybody that has interest in the subject has heard about Kenneth Arnold and Roswell do move on

  • David Lefebre
    David Lefebre   6 days ago

    They are so advanced.they look at us... like we look at ants

  • Fredrick Hinojosa
    Fredrick Hinojosa   1 weeks ago

    Bait and switch, One would think science would be above such petty scams.UFO's anything goes!

  • Charles Grosso
    Charles Grosso   1 weeks ago

    Who gives a shit if Nasa; Pentagon, Smithsonian disprove or ignore what's right in front of them. The public can figure this out without the lies and coverups, just stop giving them evidence or any findings they will bury..

  • Mike Rubendall
    Mike Rubendall   1 weeks ago

    it wasn't provoked by Kenneth Arnold. it was provoked by things being in the sky. Kenneth Arnold is one of those provoked.

  • John Adams
    John Adams   1 weeks ago

    Over the past decades since UFO began to be sighted at numerous locations across the US and other countries, it is clear that a small number of UFO sightings were indeed "not of this world." I submit that approximately 95 percent of UFO sightings were explainable However it was clear from UFO sightings that the Air Force was LYING right from the beginning. Their reason? The Air Force was trying to avoid panic on the part of the population. It is also clear that most UFO sightings were not hostile, they flew away at high speed as soon as Jets flew toward the UFO's and vanished.The action of some government agencies resulted in the Public NEVER believing a word that they said. We now find that Air Force and Navy pilots have experienced unexplained objects while on training missions. It is clear at least some of these unidentified objects are "not of this world".

  • Emre Özcan
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  • Peesee
    Peesee   1 weeks ago

    enhance, Enhance... ENHANCEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debbie Milka
    Debbie Milka   1 weeks ago

    LEMMiNO (out of respect) is bar none the best reporter and analyst of the UFO(UAP) phenomenon . I value his credibility.

  • Landon Stewart
    Landon Stewart   1 weeks ago

    Your videos are literally the best on YouTube. The effort and care you put into your videos (in addition with your sexy voice) make your videos my absolute favorite! ❤️