☠️ Backpacking Colorado's Bermuda Triangle - Holy Cross Wilderness

  • Published on: 03 September 2020
  • In this episode, The Outdoor Gear Review is out West backpacking what is known as the Bermuda Triangle of Colorado!

    People Go Missing and are NEVER to be seen again.
    Plane Crashes.

    This is an epic adventure in some incredibly beautiful mountains and we hope that you enjoy it!
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  • Runtime : 50:1
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  • Rebekah Elrod
    Rebekah Elrod   1 years ago

    Luke, you have such a great eye for photography. Some of your stills, I would love to frame and hang in my home.😎

  • Ronald Cobbley
    Ronald Cobbley   1 weeks ago

    Thank you for coming to my State it's a great to live Ron

  • Daetyme
    Daetyme   1 months ago

    some people on mountains have issues with some of their equipment, it was found that in certain areas in the woods, there was magnetic interference with their compass, and they said that they also felt different.We lived on very remote farm, we parked our vehicles out in front, one day we were sitting around, when we all heard a car door open and close, we looked outside and saw nothing; that really spooked us.

  • Nat C
    Nat C   1 months ago

    Cool video. Bermuda Triangle of Colorado, caught my attention. So, I watched. Very interesting history. Spooky, actually!

  • prarieborn
    prarieborn   1 months ago

    Do you and Susie live @ sea kevel or a high elevation? Do you train fior high altitude to increase your red blood cells to carry oxygen? Do you carry oxygen on your hikes? Elevation sickness is serious., nothing for it but to move to a lower elevation or a portable hyperbaric chamber for rescue of mountain climbers, collapsed with altitude sickness. The low atmospheric pressure causes fluid move into the lungs. . . But I realize you understand the subject. I am an RN and live @ sea level. We had a hard time with fatigue camping @ 6000ft and had to take my father in law back down because he was having diffuculty getting his breath. Even our vehicles got sick climbing over high passes to get to that camp They lost power and acted like the engine had blown a cylinder., coughing and sputtering…lol . The people who manage that high desert campground in Oregon, seemed totally unconcerned when I asked if they had emergency oxygen along with bait and tackle at the trading post. They are acclimated, and their vehicles are tuned to the elevation. High elevation is not for “ green horn tenderfoots” . You and Susie are troopers!!

  • prarieborn
    prarieborn   1 months ago

    Sorry your sleeping pad popped! That explains the “mystery” of why all of our unopened bags of potato chips “ inflated” as we drove over a mountain pass. lol

  • Fiona G
    Fiona G   1 months ago

    Theres no trees, wat do u do with ur bear bag?

  • Daniel Drawe
    Daniel Drawe   2 months ago

    You're so easily impressed. If you want incredible and majestic beautiful scenery, try hiking and camping in the Canadian Rockies. The desert in Utah also offers some spectacular sights, especially Zion National Park.

  • Tapping the Source
    Tapping the Source   2 months ago

    Your attitude did increase as a video went on ....good job! beautiful place must have been a great experience! Be blessed

  • Tapping the Source
    Tapping the Source   2 months ago

    She sounds like she's having a great time you actually sound like you're not having a good time at all the fact you sound annoyed

  • Tapping the Source
    Tapping the Source   2 months ago

    She seems like she'd be great to go camping with but you like the wind complain too much I know things are rough things are heavy The Heirs then the Holy Smokes man come on

  • TheRealDiputs
    TheRealDiputs   2 months ago

    I dont think suzy got the Hitchikers guide..

  • Within The Woods
    Within The Woods   3 months ago

    BREATH !!!! Altitude sickness ?? no! OVERCOME IT !! BREATH DEEP EVERY STEP ! Stomach first then chest, pull air in steady, strong and FULL each breath, make it a circle of motion and commit thought to it always while at high altitude. This type of stuff is relatively new information, I'm sure you have heard of various types of breathing to manipulate the oxygen levels in your blood. Well one such famous name in the game is "Wim Hof" this man has a breathing method that has been proven scientifically to provide focus and clarity and control by manipulating the oxygen in your blood while in high elevation situations and extreme cold/hot situations. Look this up you guys ! I recently solo camped at 10k feet in elevation and was able to manipulate my bloods oxygen and go much swifter and steadier with no fatigue or any such altitude sickness with this knowledge! I really hope I conveyed this in a manner acceptable enough to be further investigated upon for your personal benefit when you trek on adventures in high elevation locations such as you guys did here! Much love from the western slope of Colorado <3 I love your content and your vibe. Thanks for the useful information and friendly amazing content.

  • Evil Catz
    Evil Catz   3 months ago

    what bag were you using during this video as well as Susy

  • Michelle Ajema
    Michelle Ajema   3 months ago

    That mountain is DEFINITELY haunted. 😲😲😮

  • Ojisan Howard
    Ojisan Howard   3 months ago

    I am slightly disappointed you didn't get a shot of the stars at night! I bet that high up they were/are beautiful!

  • MileHighAC
    MileHighAC   4 months ago

    I climbed this mountain today. You cannot be am amateur. It is not easy. It’s common practice for people to leave the partner behind who cannot keep up. You as the individual should know what to do even if alone.

  • Floyd Lee Mullins II
    Floyd Lee Mullins II   4 months ago

    You both get to go do what I wish I could. Through you both though? I live vicariously. And I learn. The past year has been hard on everyone that I know and everyone around the world. So getting out doors and learning how to be one with nature is very important.At least to me.I appreciate what you Luke and your wife Susie do for the good of YouTubers that really want to know and learn things like this. Getting out and about and surviving is just a superb choice in a world of chaos.Anymore?It's all I want!I have learned so much through you guys and many other YouTubers!Mind opening stuff!THANK YOU!!!

  • Neil Jones
    Neil Jones   4 months ago

    We love your hiking videos, the countryside and bigfoot mysteries. Watching in the UK 🇬🇧 I have to ask, is there an extra team member who helps film the adventures?

  • jalm6868
    jalm6868   4 months ago

    I like when he has the wife with him... No sleeping without a tent in sub-zero weather!

  • jalm6868
    jalm6868   4 months ago

    Awesome content, gets me away from the talking heads of doom and gloom. Keep it up brother!

  • Peter Carlsson
    Peter Carlsson   6 months ago

    Thanks for a great video. I'm most happy when you don't use any music; great to hear the natural sounds of nature. Thanks, again, from Sweden.

  • Design Bot
    Design Bot   6 months ago

    28:28 That's a lie because I specifically remember Luke mentioning he likes to mark trails off.

  • trent miley
    trent miley   8 months ago

    14 years ago in buds when taught how to pack our rucks we were told too much weight down low and your legs will hurt. Too much weight up high and your shoulders and back will hurt. Just right and your whole body hurts 😂 14 years later after trading in that 80 plus pound ruck for a 30-40 pound backpack and that still holds true 😂

  • Evie CD
    Evie CD   9 months ago

    Love your way of thinking 👍💥

  • Evie CD
    Evie CD   9 months ago

    Just a funny story we drove a 1974 porsche to the trailhead parking lot when we did that backpacking trip lol 🤣 and we had a snowstorm had to leave on day 4 because we had to make sure we could get the Porsche back down to the paved road lmao great memories .

  • Jon A.
    Jon A.   11 months ago

    My god, someday I will make it to Colorado, to backpack and enjoy those beautiful mountains

  • William James Rapp
    William James Rapp   11 months ago

    DID IT TAKE LONGER for the water to boil at altitude? Did you find that you used more fuel ? Just curious

  • William James Rapp
    William James Rapp   11 months ago

    Looks gorgeous. Wish I was there. I have a few friends that live in Colorado but I cant afford to travel. WISH I WAS THERE. GORGEOUS