Best Week Ever. LWIAY #0089

  • Published on: 26 August 2019
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  • Runtime : 17:36
  • SATIRE Best Week Ever. pewdiepie pewdiepie minecraft lwiay pewdiepie lwiay pewds pewdie pdp minecraft minecraft ending


  • Alex Spire
    Alex Spire   1 days ago

    Will PewDiePie and Marzia get kids

  • Ahmed Alharbi
    Ahmed Alharbi   2 days ago


  • Tucker Bergeron
    Tucker Bergeron   3 days ago

    Anyone else depressed about their own lives watching this?

  • Wonryth
    Wonryth   3 days ago

    Getting married, 100 million subscribers on YouTube, defeating the Ender Dragon, and 2 million members on the subreddit… all on the same week. So good!

  • thezullastorm
    thezullastorm   4 days ago

    1:55 "and then we're going to that frick cham-"😂

  • Hyrule24
    Hyrule24   1 weeks ago

    He’s smiling the whole vid 😂

  • ASA King
    ASA King   1 weeks ago

    lets make it 100 million likes and 100 million comments

  • Hasan Salim
    Hasan Salim   1 weeks ago

    It took us 11 months to make his reddit hit 2m to 3m subs

  • Fadhila A.
    Fadhila A.   1 weeks ago

    i got a condom ad watching this wtf

  • Ali ¡
    Ali ¡   1 weeks ago

    littest intro ever

  • Bigboymatty
    Bigboymatty   1 weeks ago

    So this is the best week of your life?

  • Kumar Aditya
    Kumar Aditya   2 weeks ago

    I was watching this while my brother's online class was going on and the intro was so loud that the noise from my headphones was heard in the meeting. Some kid in the meeting took notice of it and after the class ended they called my brother and talked about felix .They are 7 year old.

  • Shadow Hunter
    Shadow Hunter   2 weeks ago

    I am from the far future and you are now dead

    SALEH   2 weeks ago

    I got recommended this in july 2020. Anyone else got recommended this in mid 2020?

  • Lightning Jaguar
    Lightning Jaguar   3 weeks ago

    I feel awful for whoever’s birthday is on the wedding because when everyone is trying to celebrate their birthday, they’ll be distracted by PewDiePie’s Wedding Anniversary.

  • DJ Gaming
    DJ Gaming   3 weeks ago

    Everyone who likes this thinks your the funniest person ever

  • hyp4r_Sky
    hyp4r_Sky   3 weeks ago

    what could come better a billion subs pewds 69 wedding anniversary 420 million subreddit membersnot better but almost as good

  • The Daddy
    The Daddy   4 weeks ago

    Pewdiepie: hits 100 million Also Pewdiepie: 2:23Me: ah yes

  • Charlie McGuinness
    Charlie McGuinness   1 months ago

    Proud of you man you are the reason that I am so happy every day that you upload . May the comments join me in epic Brofist 👊

  • Ayam Panggang
    Ayam Panggang   1 months ago

    where is the mob farm with bros chair going?

  • l' Edster
    l' Edster   1 months ago

    i come from the future and am now getting arrested 4 copyright purposes butt anyway, you have a billion subs and sven is a grandpa and you have a kid who is profiting off of your fame on facebook cuz ur popular bye shy

  • Ellie Dong
    Ellie Dong   1 months ago

    why when I started this video I couldn't resist Constntly pressing the left arrow key to make Pewdiepie look like he's doing some squats

  • Khoa Hoang
    Khoa Hoang   1 months ago

    u litterally wedd with marzia at my bro's birthday

  • Beamed
    Beamed   1 months ago

    It's basically the OPPOSITE of a fairy tale. He defeats the dragon, destroys the princess, and punches the throne.