We asked TikTok to VOTE the best object - BFDI Mini

  • Published on: 27 November 2020
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  • Runtime : 9:52
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  • Rosebud
    Rosebud   15 hours ago


  • Dev_gaming
    Dev_gaming   23 hours ago

    Can u make a Mario one I like it if u put one UwU

  • Riann Marsh
    Riann Marsh   2 days ago

    Is that fiery Junior plus still for sale

  • Yin_And_Yang
    Yin_And_Yang   3 days ago

    Why is rose going so far for ruining OJ’s well oj

  • Microwaved Toast
    Microwaved Toast   3 days ago

    Anybody realize that firey Jr came out of water in the beginning

  • jesusa lee
    jesusa lee   4 days ago

    Firey jr. : survives in waterMe : HOW?!?!?!

  • The_MeltingClock
    The_MeltingClock   4 days ago

    I think they want a second season.TIME FOR A SECOND SEASO-

  • AlexanderGoat8
    AlexanderGoat8   4 days ago

    Dude Why Couldn't Evidence Bag Get Rid Of The Cocoa Balls??????

  • Ballena Santos
    Ballena Santos   4 days ago

    They didn’t release BFDI mini season 3 because of budget cuts

  • N Bros
    N Bros   5 days ago

    0:01 WAIT Isnt water fiery jrs poison

  • Dean K
    Dean K   5 days ago

    I love the undertale sound effects they remind me of undert❤le

  • Kai
    Kai   6 days ago

    MAKE BFBM (battle for B.F.D.I Mini

  • Jayden Rowlands
    Jayden Rowlands   6 days ago

    Which contestants do you want to be back For the 3rd season?