Sasquatch’n | Documentary | Animiki See Distribution

  • Published on: 15 September 2020
  • SASQUATCH’N is a groundbreaking investigative documentary that dives deep inside secret Native societies to uncover knowledge about the Sasquatch never revealed before. The Sasquatch has been a part of Native culture since the existence of the first peoples, and tribes across North America have told stories of the creature for centuries through pictographs, artwork and legends. It is regarded as a spiritual being, an ‘almost human’ guardian of nature who is critical to our relationship with earth. Some believe it has been sending us messages with a shocking prophecy tied to the end of the world…
  • Runtime : 45:58
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  • Mohan Ramnath
    Mohan Ramnath   2 hours ago

    i would never understand why when they telling these stories and try to re enact them they used these fake suits etc to give the audience the feeling is only making the story more un believable as that same suit can be use for the blurry pic and vids

  • Rerun Son
    Rerun Son   14 hours ago

    I had a feeling this comment section would be entertaining. It is even better than I expected. A bunch of grown men arguing with each other over the existence of Sasquatch? Really? This is hilarious...🤣

  • One R
    One R   1 days ago

    Why does this gay native guy keep saying her like they are all female's ?

  • Danno Groves II
    Danno Groves II   2 days ago

    Would never disrespect the indigenous peoples beliefs!! I can tell you I absolutely believe them!! Best program I’ve seen about the subject!!

  • Mehameha
    Mehameha   2 days ago

    I believe they exist. too many people I know have seen them and now wish they hadn’t and won’t go back in the woods. I just cannot believe they are guardians of the woods. At least the ones around my area are not guardians. They run every time and protect nothing.

  • Bridget Andrews
    Bridget Andrews   5 days ago

    Is it that fqllen angel in the Bible.. it said they'd be left to wonder the world as bagabons.

  • sentic
    sentic   5 days ago

    I live in Burnaby.. iam from Manitoba, ebb and flow is my rez, native band. Ojibwa.My late grandfather had an experience in the 1950's near the north western part of Lake Manitoba.. and my mother smelt that same smell in her youth same area.. also I heard that Vancouver Island was originally called ape Island by the 1st settlers because of.. well.. guess what..

  • Agosto Cobain
    Agosto Cobain   6 days ago

    I love the stories of Sasquatch, but can take a minute to appreciate the beautiful Native art. I’m a artist myself, and I’m jus so taken back by the this beautiful art

  • eibbor171
    eibbor171   6 days ago

    have 0 interest in seeing one after having 2 experiences on the same day/night mid day walking on some trail in the mountains of banff had pebbles thrown at me while i was throwing rocks at a bigger rock in the river then at night i think i hit it while in my tent cause i thought it was bear circling my tent till i heard a "wuh" after i hit it in like a shoo type of motion, sounded like as if i startled it then as it wondered off it sounded like a big person walking but it did sound like a bear by the way it breathed or just something big..I was roughly 10-12 at the time maybe younger so i brush the night time part as bear but the pebbles no explanation and the pebbles came from down hill the others were from up high up and they were hitting my left and right shoulder at the same time ill never ever forget that till the day i die

  • trident
    trident   6 days ago

    Don’t disturb themThey are real smart peopleRead Indian text Ramayana they are strong powerful and intelligent

  • Maximus BEASTEUS
    Maximus BEASTEUS   1 weeks ago

    Not hurting us!! You fool...people go missing in these National Parks all the time! Other Indian tribes even say they are cannibals!

  • Maximus BEASTEUS
    Maximus BEASTEUS   1 weeks ago

    You idi ot! They have been captured! Government covers it up!!

  • Colin McSherry
    Colin McSherry   1 weeks ago

    Greed is destroying us ! We have little time to preserve what we have!

  • Colin McSherry
    Colin McSherry   1 weeks ago

    They have been murdered by the Government for years , Any reports of Sasquatch and the powers that be send in a team of killers to destroy them!

  • Jane Bray
    Jane Bray   1 weeks ago

    I am 2nd generation born and raised on VI, and my Dad, and experienced bushman,gold panner, experienced this.

  • Mouytom
    Mouytom   1 weeks ago

    You heard a sound and "just instantly knew it was sassy" ?... shut up, you were just scared

  • Andy Anderson
    Andy Anderson   1 weeks ago

    He says something you don't brag about or broadcast but he's broadcasting on tv & all over internet about it.

  • Kelly Empson
    Kelly Empson   1 weeks ago

    They HAVE found definitive evidence , But the government keeps confiscating it . There is the professor of Idaho university with all kinds of evidence.

  • Self-Law
    Self-Law   1 weeks ago

    Some 6 million dollar man stuff.

  • Trinke Fanta
    Trinke Fanta   2 weeks ago

    Patrik Neuwirth (WT) ist eine absolute Legende! 🙌🏻

  • John Audette
    John Audette   2 weeks ago

    I have a lot of respect for the First Nation people. And many of their spiritual teachings and beliefs resonate with me. All are one for example. But there's one thing that troubles me that I can't resolve. How does that beautiful and sustainable adjustment to living on this Earth line up with the fierce war-like nature of many of the First world nations? This is not a criticism, I'm seeking understanding. Did some of the nations simply have a higher level of consciousness than others?

  • Tampa User
    Tampa User   2 weeks ago

    Is the shot at 3:00 a re-enactment or real video? I wish they would put a small super saying which it is.

  • Steveo Gilbert
    Steveo Gilbert   2 weeks ago

    He said he didn't know what it was but he instantly new lol oh my. I bet he talks to the water and trees to

  • A Fera
    A Fera   2 weeks ago

    Hate to say it but we need a body. someone needs to get a body.

  • maidsu A
    maidsu A   2 weeks ago

    The population explosion is dangerous for the whole earth. A lot of people require a lot of resources. People need to obsess and stop breeding more than one child. Our children have the right to a future, animals and plants have the right to a future and they will not if people acquire more than one child.

  • mobin philip
    mobin philip   3 weeks ago

    What a beautiful presentation . Thank you for sharing this knowledge.

  • Stacey Bourdeau
    Stacey Bourdeau   3 weeks ago

    I believe the Native perspective. My interactions with them began when I was young. Not knowing anything as such existed, I could not explain it. I only knew that if I felt fear for no legit reason; I was to leave those woods. I grew up in the woods, they were my haven. I had no reason to fear them. When I got older, I was in contact with white haired ones who called themselves the "Pure People". They taught me much about many things, including the difference between the races of them. Now, when I feel fear walking in the woods, I project mentally that I know it's them. Once they know that I know it's them, some will communicate with me telepathically. A young one asked me questions to further understand why we do certain things. Some are comforting. There's a certain sign they leave anywhere I camp (I'm a traveler). None have yet presented themselves to me physically other than in "visions". I put that in quotes because they come on the edge of sleep when I am consious of the physical while still swimming in the nonphysical, just "waking up" so to speak. There really is no point to them manifesting themselves to me wholey physical. I know, I believe, I give and receive. They know me and the thus the association with the "Pure" ones. I had their heritage in association with us explained to me. Yes, they are our "ancestors", so to speak. They explained why, how, and by whom the "split" happened. They were involved with me for a specific purpose. That purpose has been accomplished. My renewed interest in this must be for a reason. I am thus here exploring it. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  • Robert Kane
    Robert Kane   3 weeks ago

    In this day and age with mobile phones when people see something like this why do they not take a video of it. Don't understand it.

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike   3 weeks ago

    This was hysterical 🤣 I love comedies.

  • Maria Dorfman
    Maria Dorfman   3 weeks ago

    Native Americans are right! Sasquatch belongs to Mother Nature. please leave Sasquatch alone.

  • Mike Bradshaw
    Mike Bradshaw   3 weeks ago

    Barbaric dumb people looking to hunt and kill. Of course its not about just peace and learning or simply understanding. So we are the smartest things in the universe? I think not. UFO 🛸 hunting is more my game. Atleast its not about killing things.

    JOSIE aka JOKER FEBO   3 weeks ago

    hey guy '''talk 2 her '''she wont hurt u or any1 '''she knows your soul '''try leaving her an apple or nuts ''just kick back where u feel her '''an just pretend theres a avisable child an teach her ''telll her u love her an that ur trying not to be scared ''''shes near ur heart an every nerve n u is nervous shakin frighten ''from low frengency ' ''humans cannot comprehend nor get n their level ''try speaking to her with ur mind ''all the time '''an u will just start knowing things ''ps they do not travel alone //knocks r warnings to the rest of the family ''at times they will copy cat /mimic ''''they are part human /an other dimensional beings god bless /try it ur life will be so wonderful the inner power they poccess '''is so spiritual ''''remember they cloak an no what u thinkin b4 u think of it ''

    JOSIE aka JOKER FEBO   3 weeks ago

    not a calling shes crying of losing a loved 1 ''like a lost of a child''loniness

  • crispjon
    crispjon   4 weeks ago

    she actually said, "we can't make new O2."