NEW HOT TENT - Luxe Hercules - Minus 52°C (-61.6°F) Winter Camping

  • Published on: 01 March 2021
  • My new Luxe Hercules came in, tried it out during the coldest weekend in Manitoba this year. Lots of firsts on this trip, actually cooked real food, broke my tent, truck didn't want to start. This tent is supposed to be a 4 season tent, HAH not even close. Lots of mods required.
  • Runtime : 1:2:43
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  • Wayne margerum
    Wayne margerum   1 days ago

    Dude. Either you went up there with someone and they don't want to be photographed, or at 8:48 thru 8:51 on the film you caught yourself a Sasquatch watching. Look behind your tent in the woods.... I can't make it out, but someone is watching you !!!!!

  • Natta Baako
    Natta Baako   1 days ago

    You forgot to bring one thing, and that's your king size mattress.

  • Billybastar
    Billybastar   3 days ago

    Holy almost had a Sasquatch could have Squach tenderloins for dinner😂

    KEW LOR   1 weeks ago


    KEW LOR   1 weeks ago


  • Nathan Keel
    Nathan Keel   1 weeks ago

    8:46 there is a squatch in the tree line to the left

  • Doug Crawley
    Doug Crawley   2 weeks ago

    I saw somebody sneaking behind that tree

  • Sikander Ali
    Sikander Ali   2 weeks ago

    It would better you manage a fixed cabin or compartment right on the back of your truck. concider all of this is a shelter for night stay. All needs are available inside. Why you bother a lot

  • Angel s. b.
    Angel s. b.   2 weeks ago

    Que cosas más raras hacéis los ricos para divertiros. Mira que ponerse a jugar a pasar calamidades de pobre por afición. Si lo tuvieseis que hacer por pobres de verdad creo yo que no os gustaría tanto. En fin, vivir para ver . Que lo disfrutes y feliz año

  • DJ B
    DJ B   3 weeks ago

    Watching from Peg City. You're brave aF.Cheers

  • Cyril Macarthy
    Cyril Macarthy   3 weeks ago

    Who's the other person 🤔 in the back, nine minutes into the video

  • Larry Tallant
    Larry Tallant   3 weeks ago

    Did anyone else notice the guy running around in the background at the 8:35 mark?Maybe a neighbor?🙀

  • Steve Zozuk
    Steve Zozuk   3 weeks ago

    Minus kill yourself omg that is funny my friend. My coldest experience was ~ 52 with no wind living in Saskatchewan. I understand the chilly factor when the wind hits. And if the zippers don't close the door all the way , I think it is classified as a beach tent lol. To be 4 season would require sealed seams and a covered zipper for colder weather. the amount of light through the tent is enough to see how thin the material really is. AS far as cooking in a tent well i don't even know what to say. Something I've never done, ever , until I saw you in the tent. I was wondering if a person really had to , you could have used the shield from the wood stove to cook the fish outside? You could keep an eye on it from that giant hole at the bottom of the door lol .Just a thought. great video i'll be sure to check out more your content.

  • Jeanette McCalip
    Jeanette McCalip   1 months ago

    That tent looks pretty big. I'm surprised it has a floor, I have seen most hot tents do not.

  • sneakybow1
    sneakybow1   1 months ago

    The new Davis Go Tent should be in your radar. Be perfect for that kind of cold, and you can't go wrong with anything from Davis. I have a 16x20 from them, it's a palace, but too much space to heat in that kind of cold.

  • Stacy Nissley
    Stacy Nissley   1 months ago

    You should send the tent back! You really do t seem happy with it. If it isn’t what you thought you were getting they should take it back.

  • David Dennison
    David Dennison   1 months ago

    Get yourself a Russian Bear Market tent and you'll be enjoying a sauna inside.

  • Wayne Lee
    Wayne Lee   1 months ago

    I'm in the UK and it's around -1° at mo. We experience nowhere near your temperatures. Anyway enjoy your vids and u have a new subscriber. All the best.

  • B. William Chapman
    B. William Chapman   1 months ago

    Dude, you are going to die out there!This is the most pathetic video I've ever seen on the subject of winter camping.I can't even believe you paid $1,000 Canadian for a tent they give away free as door prizes at the casinos.Do yourself a huge favor and stay at home and do all your camping in your backyard until you at least have a clue of how dangerous it is out there at those temps. In the meantime do yourself another huge favor and spend some quality time watching some YouTube videos on the subject winter camping. You'll learn a lot.

  • cathode follower
    cathode follower   1 months ago

    I've been watching a lot of these extreme survival videos and I'm surprised how easily they can turn out to be dangerous or even lethal. That kind of activity at -40 could be dangerous just setting things up. I think you need to have a stronger structure, possibly a metal shed with a floor and sealed against the weather, with a stove, with ample pre-cut firewood, all set up in warmer weather, so you can just move in and not have to worry about set up. Just getting into the shed and starting the fire would be nice. I'm not a fan of lugging those propane tanks around. I think I would prefer a wood stove with a good CO detector. You can order 25 lb. packages of dried lentils, split peas, black beans, and white beans for a non-perishable dried food supply. Also, don't forget the rice. For the $1,000 cost, that tent is disappointing and seems like a rip-off. I think the author put himself in grave anger doing this, especially if the vehicles would not start.It seems like the recent popularity of camping and bushcraft has opened the door to a lot of companies or individuals offering inferior products at high prices and scamming customers.

  • B. William Chapman
    B. William Chapman   1 months ago

    Lol! Big Foot sighting at 8:50. At least you didn't go out there alone! This video tops the list for the coldest winter campout that I've seen.👍💨💨

  • Shawn Murphy
    Shawn Murphy   1 months ago

    If you are running a diesel truck always turn your key all the way before start let it sit for 15 to 20 seconds until the light goes off then start never try to just crank on it when it’s that cold out

  • Shaky Hand Pictures
    Shaky Hand Pictures   1 months ago

    Good review, I love the look of that tent but your review helped me look for something else, 1000$ is a lot, you can get an esker for close to that

  • Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh   1 months ago

    Y only... 2. 5 k subscribers. Help him get 50k in a month guys... u deserve it.

  • DoroteoVilla
    DoroteoVilla   1 months ago

    Despite the cold, or perhaps because of it, that looks like a great camping trip.

  • RaNdOm GrAmMaR
    RaNdOm GrAmMaR   1 months ago

    Caravan no tent to erect yo can tow it with your pickup simples then you can bring all of your dewalt collection

  • Dakota Williams
    Dakota Williams   1 months ago

    You know its could when you 5.3 gas truck starts like an old angry 12v

  • NanaBanana49
    NanaBanana49   1 months ago

    Nobody is gonna mention the guy hiding and running behind the trees ? To the left of video at about 1minute in .

  • Balla21
    Balla21   1 months ago

    Nice canvas bell tent is way to go

  • Thomas Newbery
    Thomas Newbery   1 months ago

    I made a portable ~14 ft ( 4.3 m) diameter dome from 10' grey electrical conduit sections (for the struts) and having zip-tied, concentric pvc-dual-ring hubs... weighs probably less than 56 lbs. Ooodles of room in it. The cover was free (taped-together salvaged white shrink from bill-boards after the original sectioned tarp wore out). Love camping in it. Serves as a living room addition to an 18 foot camper or, by itself, truck- or car-camping. Not sure how the zip-ties would perform in that cold, though! Love domes! Even wrote a book and put it on KDP.

  • 행복
    행복   1 months ago

    마이너스 52도 61도 정말 끔직한 추위군요 모든걸 얼려버리겠어요 영상잘 볼게요 구독좋아요 추가요. 텐트, 난로.캠핑용품들이 멋져요.