Mike Evans Mic'd Up vs. Green Bay | NFC Championship Game

  • Published on: 26 January 2021
  • Wide receiver Mike Evans was mic'd up against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game.
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  • Runtime : 5:13
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bucs Buccaneers NFL


  • Mike A
    Mike A   1 weeks ago

    McCoy is the most fired up guy, and he ain’t even playin

  • Vico Villa
    Vico Villa   1 weeks ago

    CEREMONY???? IM KNEW TO THIS MAN... I luv Mike Evans

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher   2 weeks ago

    Thease guys remind me of my time in the Marine Corps a bunch alpha Males losing, quiting is not a option😁

  • Coby Kerr
    Coby Kerr   2 weeks ago

    I like that he was surprised at the fact their is a ceremony knowing what the real goal is

  • Coby Kerr
    Coby Kerr   2 weeks ago

    Looking out for his teammates and being a vocal leader gotta love it

  • Ashar Khan
    Ashar Khan   2 weeks ago

    I love how all of them get along (the bucs team) and there sportsmanship.

  • Reek
    Reek   3 weeks ago

    1:30 thats what it was... They were to Physical for the Pack. We got stomped

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia   3 weeks ago

    Mike so used in losing he's not aware there's a ceremony! Haha! LFG Bucs!

  • Greg Lialios
    Greg Lialios   3 weeks ago

    The elated size genetically welcome because key eventually ban opposite a abject language. flimsy, wandering alphabet

  • Mellow NES Superstar
    Mellow NES Superstar   3 weeks ago

    Couldn't be more proud and happy for my team than I am right now. Just getting to the SB means the world to me. Been so long... LFG!

  • Tschibuhh
    Tschibuhh   3 weeks ago

    Do you think Mike thinks that we should go?

  • TheMoose17
    TheMoose17   3 weeks ago

    "LETS GO BABY LETS GO LETS GO""aye ggs ggs gss"

  • TX USA
    TX USA   3 weeks ago

    Not as vocal as I expected.

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller   3 weeks ago

    Respect how quiet he was for his TD and way louder for the others.

  • Seminole SC
    Seminole SC   3 weeks ago

    GG bro gg bro my dawg been playing to much COD on that off season

  • Kyle Gresser
    Kyle Gresser   3 weeks ago

    if referees didn’t exist packers would’ve won

  • Farrenz
    Farrenz   3 weeks ago

    3:48 dude said GG’s lol

  • Steve
    Steve   3 weeks ago

    How bout the refs concentration on that catch tho? :54

  • tiron Papi
    tiron Papi   3 weeks ago

    I have an Aaron Rodgers. We have a Tom Brady

  • Cosmic Charlie
    Cosmic Charlie   3 weeks ago

    Didn't show the horrible drop he had on the deep ball. Would of liked to have heard him after that one

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas   3 weeks ago

    Mike Evans is the most under appreciated WR in the league. Top 5 in my opion

  • Michael Wipf
    Michael Wipf   3 weeks ago

    45 Packer Backers watched the video. 😄🤣🤣

  • Scott Butler
    Scott Butler   3 weeks ago

    Believing is a powerful motivator...Evans calling Brady "GOAT" makes it clear why they're in the Super Bowl, the team believes!

  • T2HeadedEagle
    T2HeadedEagle   3 weeks ago

    I’m a Patriots fan but I will always always always be a Tom Brady fan. Let’s go win another one Tom 🏆 🐐

  • T2HeadedEagle
    T2HeadedEagle   3 weeks ago

    He didn’t know there was a ceremony 😂 I love that Tom the 🐐 is winning another 🏆

  • Spartan Elite43
    Spartan Elite43   3 weeks ago

    Ill be real I have always known of Mike Evans but I have never known Mike Evans..... ya know what I mean and this just shows how much of a class act the guy is! To go with the Great Skill we have known he has! Im not a Tampa Bay fan, I am a Tom Brady Fan that has followed him and gotta say you gotta be impressed with How well this Team has come together! Great Leaders and Great Talent on both sides of the Bal! Really Hoping they can Finish this Storybook Season off the right way! 1 more game Fellas Go Get what is Yours!