Neil Turok Public Lecture: The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything

  • Published on: 08 October 2015
  • On Oct. 7, 2015, Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok opened the 2015/16 season of the PI Public Lecture Series with a talk about the remarkable simplicity that underlies nature. Turok discussed how this simplicity at the largest and tiniest scales of the universe is pointing toward new avenues of physics research and could lead to revolutionary advances in technology.

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  • Runtime : 1:39:14
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  • dinnerandashow
    dinnerandashow   12 hours ago

    In my world scientists would be the highest paid and most respected jobs.Rappers, actors and pro athletes would be considered low positions.

  • David Cleveland
    David Cleveland   3 days ago

    I am always awarded by a old the most excellent and challenging lectures I have heard echoing out this hall. The hall and the

  • Shamshiri
    Shamshiri   3 days ago

    My physicist friends : “so simple”Me knowing zero physics : “ 🥴 ikr 🥴 “

  • Bernard Forand
    Bernard Forand   4 days ago

    Excellent lecture. Question; We are straining to see the beginning of the Universe. How is it we are 13 plus billion years from that point looking back? Did we travel faster than light to get ahead of the light by 13 plus billion years? 2nd question; the Galaxy rotation holds the inner material at the same rotational position as fixed as a spoke on a wheel? A Galaxy with a Black Hole pulls all of the materials captured in the webs of dark matter down into a singularity. Yet defined as an expulsion force? Resulting in > < scenario.

  • j gunther
    j gunther   5 days ago

    Astonishing complexity lecture, maybe a dozen people. Astonishing simplicity lecture, house packed by the astonishingly simple.

  • Ravindra P Swamy
    Ravindra P Swamy   1 weeks ago

    But he could not simply explain how everything is simple. Sorry folks.

    CACBCCCU   1 weeks ago

    The trillionth test of GR, again at supposedly one of its weakest points (always high energy, as if equal to Planck scale or else BH heavy) and they never explain clearly what they are hoping to see and why, exactly) is passed. Meanwhile, different little experiments for measuring G with low energy laboratory masses can't reach significant agreement. A little cloud of heavy metal vapor at over 350 degrees F supposedly can carry trillions of entanglements, yet a physicist can claim, without raising an eye, that room temperature precludes entanglements from playing any role in basic mechanisms of awareness. It's not just chemistry blindness, it's gravity blindness. GPS theory pseudo-sufficiency hubris. Same thing with dark matter, probably dark energy too. Fully encouraged in un-testability/in-visibility by the prejudice of essentially religious inclinations. It self-elevates the importance to international/military levels. It's ubiquitous, a fully blown new royal order weasel trans- dominatrix military precision where gravity messengers too small to be permitted survival are denied by diligent low-level matrix spinners of special relativity theory, aka flat spacetime, and its overblown neck-breaking tramp cousin, bent spacetime general relativity.

    CACBCCCU   1 weeks ago

    The idea of a "false vacuum" suggests a region of effectively negative energy consisting of one or more enhanced levels of "suck" hidden underneath the regular old vacuum "suck," if you will. With that simple idea one can imagine composite particles with zero effective mass/energy arising out of regular old "nothing" when pushed, and particles for massless quantizing Planck - scale gravity messenger fields. It's also possible to see how directly - observable particles with negative mass effects (gravity repulsion) make no sense if one supposes false vacuum normally ends up coated by positive energy to some maximum level of energy miscibility, in other words if supposing a resolution limit to normal "positive" energy probing and probability, a limit that does not bar gravity messengers. Allowing a radiated Planck scale gravity messenger energy dipole to pitch-rotate at a rate defined by an energy pseudo-balance relating hydrogen ion effective size and dimensionless hydrogen ion G/E force ratios (10^-15 meters x 10^36 = 10^21 meters) reveals a repulsive face in gravity messengers at galactic scales which can carve out contrasting galactic rings of dipole-messenger dark matter effect.

  • bill pay
    bill pay   1 weeks ago

    Scientists are not worth their salt if they are not intellectually honest.In this day and age they still keep onharping on the incorrect notions of their ilk. Pythagoras was the first to give us the proof of the mathematical principle which holds his name. Heliocentricity was first discovered by Galileo.How can they reach the truth by walking on this ladder of lies !?

  • Tony Talks Back
    Tony Talks Back   1 weeks ago

    I am incredibly grateful that this talk exists. Science always marches on. This talk marks a point in history where many things are yet unknown to us now. We have now just launched the James Webb telescope. I believe the second mirror or something has been successfully deployed. It is likely some questions will now be answered about various questions we have. It's such an amazing time to be alive.

  • jeffreydeffreyable
    jeffreydeffreyable   1 weeks ago

    12:00Pascal (not descartes, and recalling pythagoras) ... "The Perfect Circle:Whose Center is Everywhereand Whose Circumference is NOWhere"...the Pascalian ParadoxISThe Paschal MYSTERY..

  • digitalbrusher
    digitalbrusher   1 weeks ago

    here is a gematria wonder

  • Thomas Geist
    Thomas Geist   2 weeks ago

    Having as a back drop a backboard full of mathematical expressions is impressive and has been standard fare since the promotion of Einstein, but not persuasive and more than a stage magician’s trick works once you know how it’s done. I wish physicists would take more care using the English language. The word, “discovered,” infers that something has been detected by empirical observation. Columbus discovered the New World from the perspective of Europe at the time by running into it with a boat.As the good doctor well knows, Dark Energy was not, discovered, but rather posited by a mathematical model using the standard model of gravity as the constant, i.e., “the Big G model cannot explain the expansion of the Universe to so lets keep adding values until the equations work out.” This is not science and certainly no a, “discovery.”Yes, mathematics is more precise than language, but cannot, “Prove,” anything; nor can math jump the gap between its internal consistency and reality, as pointed out by Goedel, who is ignored when convenient. There is no mathematical formal system that does not produce contradictions.

  • mark james
    mark james   2 weeks ago


  • Elmer Fudd
    Elmer Fudd   3 weeks ago

    He needs a translator to amplify his voice, the seriousness of everword!

  • Riz K
    Riz K   3 weeks ago

    This model will also fail ...

  • Riz K
    Riz K   3 weeks ago

    One time comes to Mind..THE CREATOR IS AWSOM

  • Mark Dagley
    Mark Dagley   3 weeks ago

    Doesn't your illustration of light need a 90 degree phase shift between magnetic and electron. Also, since electrons have mass and magnetism does not, does light oscillate between wave (kenetic) and matter (potential)?

  • Thomas H Sears
    Thomas H Sears   3 weeks ago

    The distant background points of variation are NOT distant from each other, they are, in fact, closer to being at the SAME point in space-time, the singularity. We are a central point on the leading edge of an expanding universe the center of which is indicated as the outer edge of this map, not unlike the poles on a Mercator projection of the globular Earth (we being, in a shifted analogy, on the Equator and viewing a wrap-around conic projection of the planet, the antipodal point being represented by the perimeter of our projection.)

  • C&C
    C&C   3 weeks ago

    Dumb video again? No way how do i get this crap off my screen? Help

  • Thomas Huth
    Thomas Huth   3 weeks ago

    As if he could determine precisely the beginning and the end of the big bang and then the billionth (!) of a second „after“ it. No comment to that. The whole theory like a lot of physics depends on some ad hoc fantasies introduced to make the whole story fit with some well established principles or obvious facts, ie the „inflation“ phase for example. But, of course, to impress and entertain the public the superficial big picture sold as „truth“ is quite comfortable.

  • את the-word
    את the-word   3 weeks ago

    This blabbery is horse manure - propogating lies . The audacity of "i know it all" and Godlessness attitude. As though you were there when with the actual creator - The God Almighty. The self ego filled arrogance to diluting God's signature. This is another attempt to remove God. Sorry, even this has failed. Seek wisdom and truth. Job 38:4-30 KJV

  • blake brown
    blake brown   3 weeks ago

    If you begin with the big bang and use that as a starting point and you realized the myriad interactions of matter space and timr; then the conclusion must be obvious... Any thing is possible at any time for any reason because in all probability it has already happened before.And if so then there must be entities that look at us trying to begin the baby steps into understanding.I hope they are all greatful entities with good parenting skills because we have seemed to arrived at the crucible of existence!

  • David Lacey
    David Lacey   4 weeks ago

    You forgot the spirit world! It’s got to be part of the equation.

  • John Brent
    John Brent   4 weeks ago

    Now explain sub atomic particle physics… what does the smaller scale mean? How small is the universe should be if singularity could ever exist?

  • Eigil Skovgaard
    Eigil Skovgaard   4 weeks ago

    If light showed up to not having a fixed velocity it seems to me that we didn't need to bend the space.

  • Bari Rudin
    Bari Rudin   4 weeks ago

    Great talk. This Video “Birth of the Universe” on Gravity Max you tube channel, really great too.

  • vanhetgoor
    vanhetgoor   4 weeks ago

    The introduction is much to long. It takes minutes after minutes, it goes on and on, it takes forever, after five minutes I still don't know anything, I definitely lost all interests after five minutes of meaningless talks. Goodby, we probably never see each-other again.

  • Veli Seppanen
    Veli Seppanen   4 weeks ago

    The geography under and around the Perimeter Institute is very beautiful. It is the perfect place to mull over whatever you have that needs to be mulled over.