This Is BFB: Season Recap (Lyric Video)

  • Published on: 20 March 2021
  • BFB 30 comes out on April 9, 2021!
    Written and performed by Griffin Weber:
    Instrumental by Teemu P. "Cepukka":
    Video editing by Michael Huang:

    Thanks so much to the creators of this song! You guys are all so talented. :D

    Battle for Dream Island by Cary and Michael Huang
    © Jacknjellify 2021
  • Runtime : 4:36
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  • jacknjellify
    jacknjellify   1 months ago

    Thanks so much to the creators of this song! You guys are all so talented. :D Written and performed by Griffin Weber: Instrumental by Teemu P. "Cepukka": Video editing by Michael Huang:

  • Titanic Gamer
    Titanic Gamer   4 minuts ago

    Sixty-four people playing games and talkingBlackhole threatens all of them‘til a blue hand stops themTheir name is FourWith X in towCan we trust them?I don’t know!They said“Don’t you wanna battle for a prize?You could win a BFDI!”Eight teams of eight are madeGet a basket and you’ll be safe!Elimination time, its cake at stakePencil’s out and taken awayWhere’d she go?Their jaws are slackFour brings dead contestants backLet’s prevent deathStarting nowI can’t be-leaf who just got out!Swing and swingJust likе thatTaco’s gone?Oh, now she’s back!Let’s draw Four!I bеt they’d love itForks are flying right above usRocky, please tell me thats cakeOne by one they’re declared safeLiy’s out, thats four so farPaper airplanes like shooting starsFour times zero equals zeroNow Donut’s the only host here, soAvoid the twinkle of contagionLet’s all get in Golfball’s spaceshipLoser lied and now they’re goneClose the connection and stop the bombNow the Earth is on the MoonWe don’t tolerate cheating, Free FoodX is in Fries, pull them outX is the host this episode’s aboutBring Four backThe games a messAnd now we’ll see inside the E.X.I.TOne contestant will rejoinDon’t touch that door, you’ve been warnedLeafy rejoins the gameGet to the top of that huge staircaseFigure out who isn’t whoThey say they are, or else you’re doomedTeam Ice Cube lost and Spongy’s madBut first, get X’s treasure, fast!Let’s get digging, what’d we find?Holy gosh! a B.F.D.ILava’s coming, excavateAvoid Golfball avoid our fateHey! It’s Golfball’s factory[Eight Names Said at once] is finally U.F.EFirey and Leafy feudGet a happy thought to raise your moodThe lava’s drained, the land is burntWho’s that barreling towards the Earth?Two shows up, they’re cool as heckThey split the show, fourteen are leftNow let’s see what’s going onIn the rest of this BFB marathontape rewindsBFBs, BFDIsFour has now doubled the prize!The show is back on trackFour needs them to get X backHave Cots, Have NotsHelp grow those cropsAloe vera, points to spare andTaco’s gone no time to mourn herCourts in session, hey your FournorFirey stole the diaryAnd blamed Leafy, conspiringTo make her pay for what she didBut they make up by the end of itThe Newbie Alliance formsBlocky and Woody join forcesFlower’s sweaters save the dayWhen Purple Face makes his escapePurple Face hosts the eliminationFour finds out and kind of hates himWe’ve hit the merge, so throw a partyStop using these to say you’re sorry!The Newbie Alliance adds in TeardropThe namesake is really holding upGet the totem from the templeFlower wins using a pebbleFinal five— no final sixNow Profily’s eliminatedWhere are these folks coming from?Get in the bus before more come!Everyone’s in the AllianceDoesn’t make sense, but they can try itGelatin’s locked in with LeafyTeardrop wins immunity, andHey, did someone hear that sound?It’s nothing to worry aboutThe Announcer’s taking his show back‘Cause of everything Four and X lackFour says they’ll always be aroundSinks in the dirt, becomes the groundThe merge is temporarilyDisbanded for a temporary teamDo all the challenges againWith help from former contestantsFlower wins immunityTo the final two, who will that be?It’s Gelatin, who makes it throughTaco’s got snooping to doSomethings up with The AnnouncerEveryone around her doubts her‘Til the budgets been depletedSoon the show will be deletedUnless they come up with the moneyPurple Face, this isn’t funny!The animation looks undone nowFlower, fork over the funds nowThe show is saved but Four’s not backWait, what is that giant crack?The final 2’s determinedAnd both of them have earned itBut only one can win the shooooow!The viewers have decidedOn who should win the prizesStay tuned for the final episode!

  • Rin Wiebers
    Rin Wiebers   20 hours ago

    wow i found a somg i like so its time to memorize all the lyrics to impress my friends

  • Lemon Demon
    Lemon Demon   1 days ago

    "Taco's gone? Oh, now she's back. Let's draw Four! I bet they'd love it." Has turned into my favorite line in this song.

  • Flushed
    Flushed   1 days ago

    Jacknjellify,can you make a song about BFDI and BFDIA

  • Najma K
    Najma K   1 days ago

    I wand more jacknjellify video's

  • joy howard
    joy howard   2 days ago

    2:40 you have an interesting definition of “kind of”

  • Amelia Linville
    Amelia Linville   2 days ago

    I wish I was in his object show he is one of my favorite hosts.😃

  • Unity Playz
    Unity Playz   2 days ago

    You know....when this show started I always stayed tuned until the end but until now I'm still watching bfb not for fun I'm watching it to think it's not finished yet.....

  • Joseph Rose
    Joseph Rose   3 days ago

    This makes me nostalgic I have been here since the beginning and have seen the evolution of the channel

  • Shante Duverney
    Shante Duverney   3 days ago

    Make another episode of the BFB of the episode that they are deleted one other of those of the BF be the new BFD I mean will come up with a theme character and they remembered everything even the crap I hope you read the episode good luck tehee😁

  • Pure Fun
    Pure Fun   3 days ago

    The wow why not earth collide with the moon even if earth is on the moon

  • James Herald
    James Herald   4 days ago

    What is your ideas for a possible bfb 30 part of the song?

  • K
    K   4 days ago

    Bfdi is buried forest deciduously insalated