First Take | Stephen A.: GOAT Tom Brady made Bill Belichick look foolish with his 10th Super Bowl

  • Published on: 25 January 2021
  • First Take | Stephen A.: GOAT Tom Brady made Bill Belichick look foolish with his 10th Super Bowl
  • Runtime : 8:2
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  • Rohin
    Rohin   1 weeks ago

    Stopped the video short cuz I realized I was listening to people TALK about people taking ACTION.

  • Thomas Reiner
    Thomas Reiner   1 weeks ago

    You are a big mouth mob, bill was and is nothing, now proved only thing matters is call Tom Brady.

  • anrie
    anrie   1 weeks ago

    The goat , the boat, the whoops

  • sa〽isfit210
    sa〽isfit210   2 weeks ago

    Stay focused❓..... Uhhh Max was focused..... He stayed on topic. Brady never beat Eli let's not forget to mention that Eli and the NY Giant's were considered Major Underdogs son..... Ya Heard Meh #realtalk 💯..... Even though I despised and never🚫was a fan Big 🆙 to The 🏈🐐 🔥Tom Brady🔥👏💪

  • Sequr 20
    Sequr 20   2 weeks ago

    Tom truly tested his love for the game when he left the Patriots. All this hogwash about Bellichick and Brady is foolishness. Tom and Bellichick may had their disagreements both are serious competitors and won Super Bowls. In the end Tom has great respect for Bellichick and vice versa. Any wuestions?

  • MusicforMe123
    MusicforMe123   2 weeks ago

    At first, they said Bill Parcells was one of the greatest coaches ever, then they changed it by saying it was actually Bill Belichick who made Parcells great and now it was not Bill Belichick but Tom Brady who made him great, tomorrow the greatest of all times might be Gisele Bundchen. You'll go nuts if you listen to the media.

  • Krystal R
    Krystal R   2 weeks ago

    I'm not a big football person..but I respect the game. I respect Tom Brady. He makes me interested in the game. He is the goat. Period.

  • Mark Eagles
    Mark Eagles   2 weeks ago

    Brady made you all look like chumps, good luck keeping your jobs.

  • Watch This
    Watch This   2 weeks ago

    @ 7:36 before Brady........ Belichick was 41w 55L as a Head Coach....let that sink in, updated to current stats 48w 64L without Brady BTW only one year as a Head coach was he above .500 without Brady.....(11-5 Head Coach 1994 Cleveland Browns)

  • NDNstrength
    NDNstrength   2 weeks ago

    Max is the worst commentator. He tries to be Steven A too much with his outrageous comments.

  • Xaniah Saelee19
    Xaniah Saelee19   2 weeks ago

    Bill ur done no brady no sb u better retire he he he

  • Xaniah Saelee19
    Xaniah Saelee19   2 weeks ago

    U guys talk to much just bow to the goat tb done closed all talk he is the best .

  • Pv Pwner
    Pv Pwner   2 weeks ago

    Yet he still thinks he has something to say...

  • qbanz
    qbanz   2 weeks ago

    Brady went to the buccaneers because of family in FL...not because of what the hell steven A is talking about

  • Jamaica Knight SR
    Jamaica Knight SR   2 weeks ago

    We all seen this coming Tom Brady is the GOAT 🐐. Bucs defense held the chiefs in check

  • Natividad Ayala
    Natividad Ayala   2 weeks ago

    I wanted to watch brady vs mahomes not mahomes vs reefs its obvious im not saying is no good but this superbowl final had more penalty calls than fifa on entire history

  • ricardo sierra
    ricardo sierra   2 weeks ago

    Who's here after the Super Bowl WIN!!!! 🖕🤪 YEAH!!!!

  • Roel Perez
    Roel Perez   2 weeks ago

    Max shut the fuck up lol Eli manning really lmao

  • Mike squier
    Mike squier   2 weeks ago

    Max you're the same person that said oh he's going off a cliff get your f**** s*** straight

  • Beatriz Hethcote
    Beatriz Hethcote   2 weeks ago

    The magnificent candle naively bounce because fowl rarely subtract amidst a energetic pig. longing, ordinary tennis

  • Alfredo Miclat
    Alfredo Miclat   2 weeks ago

    A lot of shit talking comparing Brady from Jordan to Williams and others. These announcers are donkeys or no brainers.

  • whiteboi nick
    whiteboi nick   2 weeks ago

    Kraft should have left Jupiter Florida alone and focused on keeping Brady 🤣

  • rnato kross
    rnato kross   2 weeks ago

    The patriot became a parites, en parites became a Legend

  • Atty Ryan Abrenica
    Atty Ryan Abrenica   2 weeks ago

    Kellerman just wanted to save himself from further embarassment.

  • Tuk
    Tuk   2 weeks ago

    (Insert Kevin Hart) who care what Steven A Smith says.

  • Dustin Cobb
    Dustin Cobb   2 weeks ago

    Sometimes I wonder if the sports guys are all dumb retarded morons or they just dont watch games. I mean it was obvious all the passes that got tipped by bradys wrs in new England that most of them weren't his fault or other catches dropped etc. We all knew the bucks were stacked and that's why brady went there. The best team wins period. Not the greatest player the best team.

  • Green Report
    Green Report   2 weeks ago

    VAn city Hall

  • John Chan
    John Chan   2 weeks ago

    Kellerman is a piece of sh!t. You should eat your own SH!t